This is the kind of filth the left is peddling today at American universities.
//”>Nehandra Imara of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party addressed the 2014 Law & Disorder Conference at Portland State University in May. Imara, a professor from Merritt College in Oakland Hills, California. During her speech Nehandra railed against the evil and racist system of capitalism.
Via Laughing at Liberals:

“Capitalism is an evil system. It is built on an unjust racist, classist, sexist system… It is militaristic terrorism on steroids… Capitalism is the root of all evils. It is built on unjust, racist, classist system, based on 400 years of slavery.”

At the end of her toxic dishonest speech the room starts chanting, “Capitalism will fail! Capitalism is dead!”

** See the video at Progressives Today.

Nehandra Imara




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