Happy Finals, Wash U!
Fourteen Washington University students were bitten by Boo Boo the bear cub at the campus petting zoo.

The bear cub was brought to campus as part of a petting zoo to relieve stress for finals.
Now the kids need rabies shots.

Boo Boo
petting zoo
Boo Boo, the bear brought to Washington University’s campus on Sunday, faces euthanization to determine whether it posed a rabies risk to students. (Student-provided photo)

PETA issued a statement:

On Friday, People for the Ethical Treatment of Aniamls, better known as PETA, issued a statement:

“Bears such as Boo Boo are doomed from the start. Petting zoos are disaster zones for diseases, including rabies and E. coli, and also deprive wild animals of everything that is natural and important to them,” reads the PETA statement. “Petting-zoo operators and other animal exploiters sign death warrants for these animals and jeopardize the health of everyone involved.”

The owner of the Moscow Mills based petting zoo, Cindy Farmer, could not be reached for comment.

Boo Boo was reportedly euthanized.



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