Grassroots Leader Allen Roth: GOP Elites Have Failed to Defend Tea Party

Allen Roth, president of the foreign policy advocacy group Secure America Now, says the GOP has failed to defend the Tea Party from outrageous far left attacks. Roth also revealed that Secure America Now was targeted and audited by the IRS recently.

“I want to thank all the tea partiers who have not left the banner even though they’re under attack.”
allen roth


The Daily Caller reported:

“The tea party has been pushed into a corner and labeled as the greatest threat to the United States of America, which is the most ridiculous thing on earth.”

That’s the view of Allen Roth, president of the foreign policy advocacy group Secure America Now, which was targeted by the IRS in 2012. Roth’s group seeks to unify Democrats, Republicans and independents through shared ideals about American values and foreign policy positions.

“This labeling of the tea party as terrorist is not only outrageous, but it really shows where this administration is coming from,” Roth told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview.

According to Roth, the reason for this was simple: Groups that held views antithetical to the administration were considered “the enemy.”

“This administration and the left wing and the elites in this society have said, ‘We can and we will try to make them radioactive,’” he explained.

However, Roth believes that the tea party is not only under attack from the left, but it is also targeted by the wider GOP establishment. He argues that while Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachman may not be “everyone’s cup of tea,” the GOP has failed to defend the Tea Party, choosing bitter factional infighting over pursuing a united front against the Democrats.

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