Sorry Charlie… You’re career ended when people found out you were a big RINO.
Charlie Crist played the race card on “The Colbert Report” blaming his political troubles on racist Republicans.

CNS News reported:

Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor of Florida (now running for the position as a Democrat), was asked on “The Colbert Report” about his 2009 hug with President Barack Obama and Crist said the blowback he received for the hug was due to Obama being “not just a Democrat, [but] an African-American.”

Crist appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” to discuss his book, “The Party’s Over.” As the summary on Comedy Central states, Crist was there to explain “how the rise of the Tea Party drove him to become a Democrat.”

Stephen Colbert, the show’s host, quoted Crist’s book where he claims that his hug with Obama was a “simple gesture, ended my career as a viable Republican politician. It changed the rest of my life.”




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