Arab Spring Fail: Tunisians Want Their Dictator Back

arab spring

Obama’s Arab Spring has failed.

35% of Tunisians say they want their dictator back! The Arab Spring (aka Muslim Brotherhood revolution) began in Tunisia

As Tunisia gets ready to mark the three-year anniversary of the 2011 uprising, there has been a surge of nostalgia for the country’s former dictator, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, currently in exile in Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, according to a survey carried out by the polling agency 3C Etudes and published on January 6, a significant portion of the Tunisian population, roughly 35 percent, regret Ben Ali’s departure.

Turns out they don’t like the moderate Jihadis who’ve taken over.

There is also a part of the population that is frightened of Islamism. If these people detest the former authoritarian regime, they also feel that Islamism is a catastrophe. Certain political elites would be delighted to see what happened in Egypt happen in Tunisia: Islamists going to prison.

They wanted jobs and freedom, not the Sharia.
Tunisia used to be the most moderate Islamic state. Not anymore.
Oh well.

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