Call The Waaaambulance: Democrats Whine Over Welfare Reform And Question Religious Hypocrisy Of GOP

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Democrats are suddenly concerned about religion? This is the same Democrat party that voted to remove G-d from their platform. Democrats and Islamists boo’d an attempt to put G-d and Israel back into the platform after the removal act was exposed (and citizens complained).

Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) whines and argues that Republicans are religious hypocrites for decreasing SNAP funding.


Hat Tip to RightScoop and NationalReview:

Actually, it can be argued that the SNAP and other welfare programs are immoral because they steal from one person’s property (via taxes) and allocate to undeserving persons unknown in which the individual has no control over how the hard-earned dollars are allocated. Most of the time tax dollars are allocated to programs that the individual citizen finds “immoral”, like arming Islamists, or funding videos praising Islam, or funding another person’s abortion (regardless of the recipient’s ability to pay for their own health needs).

Charity is immoral when it is based on theft. Charity is only moral when it is provided on a voluntary and individual basis or through local church levels—in which the participants can verify the need of the recipient. And conversely, the recipient feels a sense of reciprocity to the individual or community. In other words, when the recipient is back on their feet, maybe they will want to give back to the community in a similar manner when they received help from personal community faces.

But Government has no face. Government is an abstract. Additionally, Government has no discretion as to who they steal from nor efficiency in who they allocate to—thus plenty of theft and fraud. Conversely, entitlement recipients feel no sense of reciprocity and only learn a “gimme, gimme” attitude for the inconvenience of filling out the proper forms. Which system is truly immoral?

A reasonable and common sense case can be argued that decreasing the SNAP program is absolutely a step in the right direction of morality with no evidence of hypocrisy. An even more moral system would be to eliminate welfare programs completely and put charity back in the hands of individuals and local churches and communities. Americans are the most generous and charitable. How dare this Democrat who kicked G-d out of her platform attempt to judge the morality of others.

The best explanation that simplified a complex concept is from Dinesh D’Souza debating Liberal Michael Shermer. ENJOY:

Full debate videos of Dinesh D’Souza and Michael Shermer on G-d and morality can be seen here and here if interested.



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