Breaking: MARK SANFORD WINS South Carolina Special Election Over Liberal Colbert Busch

Special Election – U.S. House of Representatives District 1
The election between former Governor Mark Sanford and criminal Elizabeth Colbert Busch was held today.
colbert sanford

Note that Colbert Busch is listed twice on the ballot.
South Carolina election results: 4% reporting

Mark Sanford (REP) 48.19% 9,181
Elizabeth Colbert Busch (DEM) 47.24% 9,001
Elizabeth Colbert Busch (WFM) 3.80% 724
Eugene Platt (GRN) 0.49% 93
WRITE-IN (NON) 0.28% 53

UPDATE: With 33% reporting Mark Sanford leads.
The Politico reported:

1st District 33.8% Reporting
M. Sanford GOP 51.4% 25,789
E. Colbert Busch Dem 48.2% 24,179
E. Platt Grn 0.5% 228

UPDATE: Sanford builds lead with 42% reporting.

1st District 42.0% Reporting
M. Sanford GOP 53.7% 34,295
E. Colbert Busch Dem 45.8% 29,252
E. Platt Grn 0.5% 307

UPDATE: Sanford Builds Lead with 54% reporting.

1st District 54.3% Reporting
M. Sanford GOP 54.5% 43,134
E. Colbert Busch Dem 45.0% 35,553
E. Platt Grn 0.5% 390

UPDATE: With 71% reporting Sanford leads 54% to 46%.

1st District 71.3% Reporting
M. Sanford GOP 54.0% 55,080
E. Colbert Busch Dem 45.5% 46,460
E. Platt Grn 0.5% 463

UPDATE: Politico calls the race for Mark Sanford.
Liberal heads explode.

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