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The NFL will crown a new champion as the Ravens face the 49ers.

The Brother Bowl–
The first Super Bowl featuring brothers as head coaches offered a sentimental moment even before Sunday’s kickoff.

Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers’ coach, met briefly on the field during pregame warmups with his brother John, the Ravens’ coach. Jim offered a handshake as they finished their chat. That wasn’t enough for John, who shook his younger brother’s hand and promptly pulled him in for a hug.

UPDATE: Despite a courageous comeback by the 49ers, the Ravens won 34-31.




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  1. hubby left the room, hahahhahahah.

  2. MAN that was so awesome, JONES was GONE! :D

    We had chunk cheese, pizza puffs, boneless chicken in sauce, crackers & cheese dip and potato skins LOL yum and because I’m so full, ugh!

    She sang well and how she continuously dances around like that and can still stand, is beyond me LOL but yea, I’m not much of a fan.

    Power outage! wow… what a weird game.

  3. did beyonce blow a fuse?

  4. Fox News reporting that SF fans broke in to a transformer room and shorted out light system………

    tinfoil hat full on mode ;o)

    pitiful superbowl game and even the commercials suck!!

  5. This is seriously gonna put a damper on momentum…

  6. oooooh, yuuuuuum! that sounds great, especially the potato skins!
    made sf banana bread this morning (hubby is diabetic), and then some king ranch
    chicken, so that was gooey and good.

    hmmm, wonder if beyonce blew a fuse? hahahahaha.
    i’m with you…amazing how she can move like that, and i appreciate the talent, but not
    a fan…much too old.

  7. Fact: I have sang at as many inaugurations “live” as Beyonce Knows-less

  8. Shes not dancing she just shakes her fat hips while screaching idiotic lyrics… It was not good at all.

  9. Go RAVENS!!!

  10. did anyone think this sort of game would happen? just blows me away.

  11. #12 Lincoln’s Widow,

    Your ‘niners’ are looking good aren’t they :)

    It is unfortunate you cannot stand the truth.

  12. Ravens look great tonight! Weird power outage, doesn’t make NO look good at all…

  13. Breaking News… Power outage was caused by some guy at BW3’s in San Fran.

  14. OK, let’s GO Ravens!!

  15. Can you say “hackers”. . .”Anonymous” anyone??? Sure is suspicious!

  16. Wow..Super Bowl halftimes have gotten really long..
    Good nap though

  17. team San Francisco in the Super Bowl about to get blown out.
    if I am any one of 10,000 computer geniuses in Silicon Valley, AND, a 49ers fanatic I might think about hacking into the SuperDome’s power system- perhaps remove Ravens’ momentum, allow my team to regroup, alter the course of the game?! even if that fails I still get a kick out of it.

    why not?
    remember when Cal Tech students (who always compete with MIT for best prank) tapped into the scoreboard at the Rose Bowl during a Super Bowl game?

  18. #41 February 3, 2013 at 8:12 pm
    B.O. don’t know diddley squat commented:


  19. “it is unfortunate you cannot stand the truth.”

    Of course they are losing, you doofuss. Anyone with a brain can see that.

    So what’s your vacuous point again?

  20. I. don’t. believe. this.


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