Team Obama Killed 16 Year-Old Denver Kid in Yemeni Drone Strike

Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki was a 16-year-old American citizen from Denver.
Then he died in a drone strike.
kid drone

Today the Obama White House said drone strikes are “ethical” and “wise.”

Tell that to Abdulrahman’s family.
NBC News reported:

Of the scores of people dubbed terrorists and taken out by American military drone strikes, three men — all killed in the fall of 2011 — were U.S. citizens.

And their lives illustrate the complexity of the issue, recently brought to light amid a newly discovered government memo that provides the legal reasoning behind drone strikes on Americans.

Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan were killed by a missile strike in Yemen on Sept. 30, 2011, while al-Awlaki’s son, Abdulrahman, was killed in the country just weeks later.

Since the attacks, family members have called the deaths unjust and sued the U.S. government, calling the killings unconstitutional…

…The most controversial drone strike took place on Oct. 14, 2011, when 16-year-old Abdulrahman was killed by U.S. forces.

Family of the Denver-born teenager say he had no ties to terrorist organizations and was unjustly targeted because of his father.

Nassar al-Awlaki, grandfather of Abdulrahman and father to Anwar, said he tried to protect his grandson as Anwar al-Awlaki’s profile grew.

In December, Nassar al-Awlaki told CNN, “In Anwar it was expected because he was under targeted killing, but how in the world they will go and kill Abdulrahman. Small boy, U.S. citizen from Denver, Colorado.”

Of course, if George Bush would have drone bombed this kid the left would be calling for impeachment. But, because it was Obama who ordered the hit, the left is mostly silent. Their hypocrisy is only outdone by their dishonesty.

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  • MN Jim

    As much as I dislike obama, this news story lacks facts. For example, the kid was killked in a second drone strike, 2 weeks after his father was killed. Who was the target? Was he working with other terrorists? Was he the target, or just happened to be in the area? We see an old picture of him (like Trayvon Martin’s old picture), showing a typical teen kid. What was he doing in Yemen and who was the drone strike aimed at? Too many facts are missing to pass judgement.

  • Jeffery

    If the standard now allows assassinating citizens advocating the overthrow of the US government, perhaps some extremist bloggers need to worry!

    The hypocrisy on this issue is thick on the right and on the left. The right objects now because of Obama (whereas the right was silent on the treatment of Jose Padilla). The left has been silent because of Obama.

    The issue of the evolving national security state is serious regardless of who is President. Wiretaps, drone strikes, enemy combatants…

    The current controversy is about defining what ‘imminent’ means. If an American citizen carrying an AR-15 is walking into a grade school wouldn’t we agree that an agent of the state could execute him without a trial? If a citizen is in Yemen allegedly plotting terrorist strikes in the US is it constitutional to execute him without a trial?

  • DaMav

    Don’t want to die don’t hang out with terrorists. Doh.

    WTF is Gateway Pundit smoking when it puts up this kind of nonsense? Did you hire Cindy Sheehan or Medina Benjamin?

  • dabbobean

    Where is the outrage on the left for these cowboy type tactics?…..I would expect to see pictures of little Abdulrahman in his pee-wee jihadi uniform or riding a baby camel by now splashed all over the MSM.

    What hypocrites the left has exposed themselves to be…..everything is politics, all the time, on both sides.

  • shadow

    What was the kid doing in Yemen? Does it never occur to people to stay out of places we are targeting with drones?

    He didn’t just go there on vacation. He moved there back when he was seven.

  • archer52

    From my website:

    Some points I made:

    –I’m not really that worried about it as long as the strikes are against those who have chosen to fight our country. The trouble comes down to who identifies the bad guys? Is it only jihadists on foreign soil or can it be troubled veterans and civilians here? I mean, as Hillary put it, “what difference does it make?”–

    –And does that mean if the military can shoot you from a drone, why can’t they shoot you from a hovering helicopter manned with Special Forces soldiers? Again, Hillary’s point comes in handy here.–

    –Where this goes wrong is the intentional leeway built into the process. You could argue about anyone from a tactical commander to a person running a website the government finds offensive as a person of interest. Build a case from that and almost anyone could be a threat. Maybe not today, but if this slippery slope keeps being followed…

    –And you have to ask yourself what qualifications would the person (or persons) making this decision have before he/she is given this kind of ultimate power? And further, why is it important as we build our ability to spy on each other to use that technology to isolate and kill those who are not allies of whoever is in charge. I mean, if the President likes the Palestinians or Hezbollah (which have training camps in Mexico) then no “boom boom”. But if the next President sees the threat differently, do the terrorists training in Mexico have to start living underground?–

    This falls into the argument the Constitutional professor made when he said that we no longer need the Constitution because it is old and from a different era. Besides he felt that we were educated and intelligent and mature and civilized enough to make the proper decisions for the benefit of others.

    I wonder what that kid thinks about his opinion.

    Obviously, the professor is nuts, but there are many like him. Corruption of the heart and soul is unavoidable as people begin to believe their position in power is more important than principle (John Kasich in Ohio comes to mind) and their opinion is the only one that matters. If we no longer believe in a higher being or that at some point beyond our lives we’ll be held accountable then all that matters is the here and now and our immediate gratification.

    Those who believe such things are children, but they are also very dangerous spoiled children.

    Just saying…

  • shadow

    –And does that mean if the military can shoot you from a drone, why can’t they shoot you from a hovering helicopter manned with Special Forces soldiers?

    That is exactly what it is replacing. Same objective, lower risk.

    Special Forces Raid in Somalia Killed Terrorist With Al-Qaeda Links, U.S. Says
    By Karen DeYoung
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Helicopter-borne Special Forces troops attacked and killed a top al-Qaeda-linked suspect in a raid in southern Somalia early Monday, U.S. officials said.

  • Vaanns

    If you travel to Yemen, you’re likely up to no good.

    If you travel to Yemen to visit your dad, who is one of the world’s top terrorists and terrorist radicalizer, then you are definitely up to no good.

    The world is a better place with this kid gone. Think of the typical Palestinian kid getting dressed up in a suicide vest holding a plastic AK-47. Now think of that same kid with an al Qaeda mastermind for a dad…

  • Abelard

    Well, SOME on the left are upset by this…and upset that more leftists aren’t upset…

  • RKflorida

    I don’t get the comments here. All this story keeps saying is “From Colorado” but ignores the fact that he was in Yemen, he is only 16, he was associating with the kind of scum that are drone targets, etc. The drones don’t check for passports. The drones aren’t in Yemeni neighborhoods or school yards. The drones are one of the most effective weapons we have against terrorist leadership.

    My advice to Muslims living in the U.S. is to stay out of obvious target zones while “vacationing” abroad, stay away from the crap hole you came out of, find a better religion if you want to stay alive, visit the Grand Canyon before you spend a fortune sending your kids to that crap hole you came from, and lastly, stay out of our country period. You can’t be trusted.

  • shadow is a flaming hypocrite

    So, once again, I want to make it clear … I will support my Messiah’s war plan, no matter who he kills, or how he kills them, because he’s a special, wonderful man, and he’s leading us all to the promised land of progressive Socialism. There will be plenty of milk and honey for everyone, but I’ll be receiving an extra special large portion for myself since I’ve supported him and fawned over him like an immature school child with a crush since the day he was anointed.

    Of course, I have senselessly attacked each and every Republican President we’ve ever had, regardless of what they did or how they did it, even when they were doing it to save lives and protect the American people, because, well, because I’m a flaming hypocrite. Yes, I know there’s a special place in hell for people like me, but hey, who cares? I’m getting my milk and honey NOW aren’t I? I’ll deal with the consequences of my immoral, unpatriotic actions after I’m dead and gone. Plus, I don’t really believe in all that religious mumbo jumbo anyway, so all you right wingers can just jam it …

    That is all …


  • Flintstone F.

    I think we are worried here because of who is in the White House. He’s a hypocrite who will say and do anything to get what he wants. Obamacare wasn’t a tax until it needed to be to win in court. They lied to us and killed our constitution on March 20, 2010 and got Roberts to defile the grave site just before it was put into the ground.

    Slippery slope indeed. Obama and his posse have made it quite clear who the enemy is. It’s just a matter of time before someone like him redefines the terms of his power by exploiting another “crisis.”

    Bush was wholly justified under article II to have wiretaps. The entirety of the Patriot Act was worrisome for people on both sides of the aisle. But the relevant distinction is that we had a president who loved this country and it’s founding vs someone who disagrees with the founding and the constitution. We survived Bush, not so sure about Obama.

    Got the link shadow. Nice. Well at least we have similar taste in music. Go see Buckethead if you ever get the chance.

  • Hera

    Why would anyone care about the death of the son of a terrorist? If the son died a martyr he will go to heaven according to islam.So how is that a bad thing? His father is the same man who sent the underwear bomber to kill men, women and children on a plane.

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  • Dan

    I vote Republican, but I believe Obama was born in HI, he loves this country, and he does what he does because he truly believes it will help this country.

    This has hit me right in the gut. A 16-year old boy killed because of his father’s connections?

    What was the imminent threat? Could we not arrest him when he tried to re-enter this country?

    While we were watching the second amendment, the first one got axed. Say something against this country, you are a terrorist and we will drop a bomb from an unmanned drone.

  • sreams

    “In Yemen? This kid was in Yemen visiting his terrorist dad?

    He and his family chose poorly.”

    Uh… his dad had already been dead for 2 weeks when he was targeted and killed, so what are you talking about?

  • sreams

    “What was he doing in Yemen?
    not baking cookies”
    Good point! I guess if you are in Yemen, you must be a “terrorist”. How convenient that they are all in one place! Let’s just nuke the whole country, right?

  • Katherine Lucas

    Mr. Scott, how does his ties with his father make it justifiable to kill an American without proof or evidence, and without a fair trial? If that’s the case anyone can be accused of having terrorist ties and then murdered because of an accusation.

    God help us all.