Store Clerk Arrested After Whipping Customer’s Child 25 TIMES WITH A BELT at the Dollar Store (Video)

Child Receives Bargain Store Beatdown.
This weekend the local news in Georgia reported that an employee at a Dollar Store was arrested after she whipped a customer’s child.

Now there’s more on the story.
The child was whipped 25 times by the clerk after he threw a cookie at her.
Now the child is speaking out.

“No one should have that kind of torture. It really hurt.”
11 Alive reported:

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  • sha-doo-doo

    If he doesn’t throw things at stores anymore, will it be a lesson learned. Just askin’

  • FurryGuy

    Originally the reported projectile was a cookie jar, now it is just a cookie. While the response could be overly aggressive no matter what was thrown, a thrown cookie jar could do some serious damage to someone.

  • Rachelle

    Maybe if the kid’s mother had disciplined the kid a few times he wouldn’t enrage strangers by this behavior.

  • Pink Tie Republican

    Break out the Iranian finger taker machine.

  • mg4us

    Sue the parents for creating an unruly child. .

    Perhaps if kid was spanked by Mom or Day while they were growing up, they would know right from wrong.

    Perhaps a belt lashing is a bit too severe. . I would have smacked his hands like the old catholic nuns used to do and then made kid and parent clean up mess

    And if cookies all over the floor, stuff kids mouth with cookies (beats being washed with a bar of soap)

    Liberals love to defend the perpetrator.

  • Jack

    Did he throw any more cookies?

  • NeoKong

    I smell a lawsuit coming.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    This just proves how far behind the times the Iranians truly are. As you can see by the photo, the Iranians are just now entering the “disco” phase which the USA put behind us about 30 years ago!

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Wrong thread! Sorry.

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  • el polacko

    “beat on the brat. beat on the brat. beat on the brat with a baseball bat. oh yeah. oh yeah. oh oh.” – the ramones
    okay, maybe not with a bat (haha) but when i was a kid, way back in the dark ages, if a neighbor caught us doing something wrong, they spanked us and sent us home where we were likely to be spanked again. we learned that there were social standards that had to be met or else there would be punishment.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Lawsuit should be worth at least a few extra fifth’s for the dad.

  • Bigkahuna

    I think the little brat got what he deserved but if the clerk really wanted to punish him..they would have shown him a picture of Hillary and said if you keep throwing cookies I will beat you until you look like this!

    Or told called him Skeeter and tell him Obama shoots skeets. The daily limit on skeets is 9 I think . That’s all the bullets Obama allows

  • Nelle

    The clerk no doubt will pay for the loss of self-control leading to assault, and the child shouldn’t have been beaten to that extent even if we were still “back in the day”. In the long run she probably did the kid a favor, though. Now he knows what his parents may not be teaching him, that bad behavior may bring down consequences, even severe consequences.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The sales woman had no business hitting someone else’s child.

    If someone was to be beaten over this, seems to me the kid’s father would have been the appropriate one to go after…

  • DocRambo

    Personally, I would love to hear the clerk’s side of the story before judging what sounds like an over reaction on the clerk’s part. Does sound like a lawsuit in the making. Poor child is so overwhelmed by it all–probably scar him for life and keep him from running for President of the local Mensa chapter.

  • retired militaryq

    a. 25 whacks with a belt is too extreme
    b. Where was mom when the kid was doing this
    c. Where was mom when the kid was being spanked and why did she not try to put a stop to it.

    When I was young my mom would have whupped me prior to a store clerk doing so and if a store clerk had done so and my mom thought it was excessive there would have been a fight right there in the store.

    Unruly kids need to be disciiplined. Parents should be doing the disciplining. If they dont than it causes problems like this.

  • dmacleo

    there were a few times I deserved it that I got the belt, usually 2-3 max. the sound scared me worse, but there were so many more times I deserved it that I didn’t get it.
    my parents had a tough job with me.

  • jony101

    you call that a whipping is what my dad would say. I remember my dad took me to elementary school once and told the teacher if I gave her any problems to beat me. Luckily I only got a couple of beatings at school before I learn my lesson. But back then everyone got involved in the beatings to make sure youngsters stayed on the straight and narrow, the police never interfered because they rather parents took care of there little delinquents before they had too. It was accepted you misbehave you going to get a beating, nowadays everyone does drugs because they can, no consequences, no shame to the family.

  • Al

    Nobody has the right to hit someone else’s child, however the child and his so-called parent should have been thrown out of the store.

    Undisciplined children are a product of undisciplined parents.

    Where was the parent and why was the child allowed to behave this way?
    If the parent stood by and allowed her child to be hit 25 times, or was not with the child to intercept this alleged assault, then the parent should be charged for child endangerment.

    This illiterate brat deserved to be punished for his bad behavior – by his delinquent parents.

    Perhaps the memory of his warm posterior will be a lesson well learned, and will be the best investment he ever got at a Dollar Store.

  • cavt

    #17 My thoughts exactly. Where were the parents? If there at the beginning, they should have stopped their child. If there at the whipping, they should have stopped the clerk. Strange the story doesn’t discuss the parents.

  • Sasja

    In high school we would always have a few guys who just had to start the school year trying to cause trouble. A couple of visits to the vice principal’s office for a smack down with a very large paddle and for the most part, problem solved. Those who were just incorrigible would get into trouble with the law and then it was off to a juvenile facility.

  • Muddywood

    If my child was being “disciplined” with a BELT by some stranger, I would teach that stranger some self control with a little of my own “discipline”.

  • gene read

    I’ve said this before on this web site. Maybe you folks dont understand, I suffered from child abuse. My father used to make me stand in the backyard and throw things at me. All I had to defend myself was a small stick of wood with this thing branded on it. It said Louisville Slugger. In defense, I would try to hit it back at him, but somehow it went over the fence. This thing went on and on for years. The neighbors saw it too and they decided to join in on this torture. They did the same thing to their sons.. I went to the doctor for my yearly ck up, and told him about it, all he could say to me was this ” What they are doing to you is called baseball” is this ok for a parent to do this to a child?

  • jharp

    He should have shot her. You know, stand your ground laws and all.

    Or should she have shot him for assaulting her with a cookie jar?

    It’s so confusing with you gun nuts. Anyways clearly the best way to settle it would have been with guns, right?

  • Kate

    It is inexcusable how parents don’t watch their kids in public and don’t feel the need to discipline these little horrors at all. What kind of adults will they be? I don’t care to be around many kids any more due to their appalling behavior. She shouldn’t have hit the kid and found another way to handle the situation, but I don’t in the least bit feel sorry for the kid. Maybe he will think twice next time when he attempts to hurt another human. There is a thing called consequences.

  • Lime Lite

    I bet he’s never going to throw a cookie/cookie jar again. The clerk did his parents a favor. And kids lie – he’s lying in the tape.

  • jharp

    #31 February 4, 2013 at 5:36 pm
    Kate commented:

    “It is inexcusable how parents don’t watch their kids in public and don’t feel the need to discipline these little horrors at all.”

    There can be a lot of reasons for a kid to get out of your sight. It happens.

    It in no way justifies the clerks behaviour.

  • American Woman

    The comments on this thread are bizarre. Sorry, but the clerk has no right to physically discipline this child.

    She had the right to call him on his behavior and if he threw a cookie jar at her to call the police and press charges. If it wasn’t a cookie jar but a cookie he threw at her, she had the right to charge him for the cookie. If he wouldn’t pay, she had the right to call the police and press charges.

    Where was the parent of this little boy? He is too young to go shopping by himself. If his parent or guardian was not with him, the police again needed to be called.

    No one has the right to physically beat a child with a belt.

    Such behavior shows a lack of self control and serious mental problems. Don’t tell us what your neighbors did to you back in the day, because those days are happily gone forever. If you like living like that find a country practicing Sharia Law.

  • BarbaraS

    Who counted the whacks?

  • Patty

    Now there’s more on the story.

    EXCUSE ME? Really, journalism today, you watch the news and they report parts of it but then the most important part in lose or never mentioned.

    The boy was not being supervised by an adult with common sense, that is the real story.

    Running around the store acting out is one thing but I would say that the clerk should have said CONTROL YOUR SON OR LEAVE. Maybe this would have made the parents irate and more cookies jars would have been flying.

    POINT IS: get control over your children. Teach them to respect other people’s property.

    the picture of the little boy with puppy dog eyes, wow, he needs to parenting.

  • Sasja

    Maybe he’s been trained to create havoc in the store while his parents are busy shoplifting and that is why they were not around? They were at their vehicle loading up.

    Seriously, it seems there are too many children who do lack discipline. I have never understood why a parent would tell the child to do something but then follow-up with “Okay?” You know, “It’s time for bed, okay?” What, you’re asking the child’s permission? Just seemed a little weird to me.

  • Beau Zeau

    Sorry folks, animal trainers are taught not to beat animals, why would anyone beat a child?

  • Patty

    #37 February 4, 2013 at 7:42 pm
    Sasja commented:

    absolutely, wish I had thought of that. Because distraction works the majority of the time.

    not that I use it. 🙂

  • Darwin Akbar

    When I was young, if you got out of line at school, you got smacked by the Vice Principal, who then called your parents. Then, your parents would smack you for hurting the Vice Principal’s hand.
    That said, while the little brat deserved a smacking, the clerk had no right to do it, and the parent should have defended his/her right to punish his own child.

  • Joanne

    He threw a cookie. I don’t know if anyone here has been struck by a belt, but I got in between someone trying to give a child the belt, and holy moses, the sting was unbelievable. I swear if anyone was taking a belt to my child, I’d take the same belt and give that person triple.

    Everyone has got to admit, that a total stranger taking it upon themselves to use a belt on a child has some major anger management problems. For all those people thinking the child deserved it, I suggest you ask an adult to take their belt and strike you with it – then see how you will change your tune.

  • victoria in san diego

    maybe daddy planned on whipping the boy after he got that thing chewed off his face by the neighborhood rat.

  • Joanne

    Actually I wouldn’t tolerate anyone beating a child with a belt or even their hand in front of me in public. I wouldn’t be able to stand it. For Pete’s sake, he is just a little boy, even if he may have been disrespectful or whatever. I’d like to see the tape.

    If you gave someone the finger, and someone three times your weight took off their belt and beat you with it 25 times, what would you think? You deserved it? Nothing to see here. Give me a break.

  • bg


    putting such ideas in a child’s head.. 🙁

    this is torture (i turn the sound off, it was somehow easier to tolerate,
    and more affective messaging when IMAGINE played in the background)..


  • apodoca

    The undisciplined child who winds up in jail will be hosted there at taxpayer’s expense. Therefore, all taxpayers have a fiscal interest in the social behavior of all children. If the parents cannot and will not teach the child how to conduct itself, how to be respectful of others, how to be respectful of the property of others when it enters the community outside of the home, then the taxpayer has a right to bring order to the child via spanking. 25 whacks with a belt? A salutary lesson for the brat. As for the parents who would fight someone disciplining their barbarian, start saving money to pay for your child’s maintenance in the county, city, state, and federal prisons.

  • AuntieMadder

    It’s hard to reconcile the poor little angel in that photo with the little monster who giggles in stores as he runs up and down the aisles, knocking product of shelves, and throwing things at the store clerks. I didn’t like kids like that when I was one and, seeing some of them grow up to be big, adult-sized monsters, I don’t like them now, either.

    “No one should have that kind of torture. It really hurt.”

    No one should have to listen to this kid, either. No news station should have given him air time and no newspaper should give him page space. His telling his exaggerated version of the event while wearing his innocent little angel expression on his face is like an invitation to listeners to join him at his pity party, and too many will accept. Twenty-five whippings of a belt is overkill, that’s for sure and I won’t argue about the clerk having no right to strike the horrible little monster. But she did and it can’t be undone. Media attention and public sympathy for this kid will only reinforce his belief that he was within his rights and his behavior was acceptable. Without the attention and sympathy, he may just have learned a lesson from the incident.

    Disclaimer: I do not approve of store clerks spanking customers’ children nor do I approve of anyone, parent or otherwise, hitting a kid with a belt 25 times.

  • AuntieMadder

    #29 February 4, 2013 at 3:57 pm
    gene read commented:

    I’ve said this before on this web site. Maybe you folks dont understand, I suffered from child abuse. My father used to make me stand in the backyard and throw things at me. All I had to defend myself was a small stick of wood with this thing branded on it. It said Louisville Slugger. In defense, I would try to hit it back at him, but somehow it went over the fence. This thing went on and on for years. The neighbors saw it too and they decided to join in on this torture. They did the same thing to their sons.. I went to the doctor for my yearly ck up, and told him about it, all he could say to me was this ” What they are doing to you is called baseball” is this ok for a parent to do this to a child?

    You keep telling your story, gene read, so that others may learn from it. In the end, if it helps just one child…

  • AuntieMadder

    “I didn’t like kids like that when I was one…”

    Oops. That doesn’t read right. I was not a kid like that. What I meant to say is that I didn’t like kids like that when I was a kid myself, and I don’t like them now, either.

    If I’d behaved that way, I wouldn’t have lived to adulthood.

  • AuntieMadder

    What is it with GP posting news reports of incidents and/or altercations between two parties, neither of which having acted or reacted appropriately and, therefore, both being in the wrong? Is the admin performing an experiment or conducting a study to see how many readers will choose one of the two indefensible sides and then defend it vehemently anyway? Or maybe conducting a test to see how greatly the opinion(s) expressed by the first few well known GP reader/commentators influences that of the rest of the herd?

    There must be some good reason for having posted such unimportant, inconsequential “news”reports of late.

  • Candy

    It was a jar.

  • Candy

    Georgia and the South must have changed. Once I was five minutes late coming from school… Actually, I wasn’t late yet, I detoured to the playground I never got to go to. You know how it always seemed like your parents had special psychic powers or eyes in back of their heads? One of those pair of eyes was a friend of my grandmothers across the street from said playground.

    Long story short, she braided switches and whipped me all the way home… yes, in front of the kids, neighbors and everyone else. Note: I grew up old school, so no jeans until I bought a pair out of high school; No sneakers, only for PE; Dresses, knee socks, Mary Janes… even in hail, snow or rain. So the legs were stinging.

    Also, not only was the grapevine the speed of light, but your butt would be whipped numerous times before you got home and then you got to wait for pops. Talk about sweating it out. I still freak out at the sound of a clinking belt buckle… even my own.

    Only happened three times and I thank God for it. The playground; I was spotted walking with a high school boy (close neighbor participation, tag team beat down); I asked a ‘friend’ to watch my 400 boxes of Girl Scout cookies while our basketball team had an after-school game… someone cowed her and ran off with the boxes (how, I have no clue). First and last time I got smacked. That was a load of money my grandparents had to pay out and I never found out who took them… which was strange for a small town. That was decades ago and on a visit about 20 years ago, I saw my neighbor ‘friend’ and reminded her how she lied about even watching the cookies in front of all parties concerned. It was disgusting.

    Lord knows where I would be without that discipline; I have a whole lot of schoolmates that are no longer with us. Some of my siblings and two cousins required 24/7 punishment, bad seeds. It didn’t bother them, right back out to do the exact same thing. One cousin would get the belt and not a tear, grimace, mumbling explanation, nothing… just a glare. I could never understand that, (well the explanation I get, extra belt with the repeated explanation then the answer, LOL. My brothers never got that point.) My brothers also didn’t get that running and hiding under the bunk beds was not the best strategy… my mom was a master not only in the flying pumps and lazy susan frisbee technique, but also a fierce nunchuck style broom routine. But guess what, things didn’t turn out well with them… at all.

  • Candy

    #20 Gene Read re: baseball

    Are you my brother? ROFL

    You don’t want to know how we learned how to swim.

  • Sandy

    I’m glad the clerk was arrested. She had no right to beat someone else’s child. It was a cookie for heaven’s sake. She could have walked away and refused to serve these people or she could have had them tossed out of the store. Wonder if she has some mental issues. It would be interesting to interview her children.

  • Candy

    Okay. From this story:


    The boy’s mother and sister, who were also in the store, did not witness the spanking, according to the chief.

    — Okay, the father speaks as if he were there (IF he was close enough to say watch the vid/she hit him 25 times, how could that happen if he was there), has anyone actually seen an interview with the mother and sister yet?

    Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling said Logan was running around in the store and got into a confrontation with Bell, 39. Bell told investigators that Logan threw a cookie at her and that’s when she removed her belt, chased the boy down and *spanked him behind the counter*.

    — He chased him all the way behind the counter… do they actually mean the front/cashier counter? Where did the cookie come from, did he bring it in or was he opening stuff in the store?

    Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t bear it when my husband talked to the kids and made them cry, much less than whip them (Thank God we never had to, a look could break them down back then).

    How did this store clerk get to the boy first and whip him for that long? Somebody’s lying. It would have been dad taken to jail with the clerk for at least a push off or grab re: the kid.

  • Candy

    Oops, forgot the link:

    I think it’s strange in the video posted here at GWP, the kid’s more concerned about his birthday than whatever he did. Obviously, that was punishment enough re: the store. Did the parents get rid of some birthday plans or gifts due to his behavior or is this par for the course for this kid getting away with stuff?

  • Candy

    I wonder how close they live to the store?

    I pray this kid wasn’t sent to the store by himself.

    Someone let me know if a vid with the mom shows up.

  • averagemelon

    A store clerk never raises a finger to anyone in the store unless it’s self defense. I would never want anyone to have that kind of violent authority over anyone- especially a child.
    The proper behavior is to march the child outside and tell him plainly he can no longer enter the store or the police will be called and his parents will be accountable for the damages he has wrecked upon the business.
    If the parents are there, they need to be informed of their child’s behavior and his consequence. Hopeully, they will get offended or embarrassed and never return.

    I, too, was raised where smacking an unruly child was perfectly acceptable and encouraged by all adults. Some feel that fear may have its place in raising children but its consequential imprint on viewing authority figures and self esteem has long-term damage for too many. I raised four daughters without lfting a finger and although they could behandfuls a al children are, they turned out to be adults with high integrity and noble humans. They understand consequences better than most adults. Violence should always be treated as a last resort against personal harm.

  • Ken Rihanek

    Crazy, I wouldn’t ve grab another person’s child. On the other hand the child’s parent needs to learn how to decipline. We don’t let wild dogs loose in public and the same should apply to children.

  • Jerry C

    “It takes a village to raise a child.”-Hillary Clinton. What’s the problem?

  • BarbaraS

    What I don’t understand is, during this whipping of 25 whacks with a belt, when did the parents show up to stop it? The kid must have made a racket and it takes some time to give out 25 whacks. The dollar store is not that big and the parents should have come at first yell. Also, as I asked before, who counted the whacks…the clerk or the child? Sounds like the parents were MIA in more ways than one.

  • william williford

    I work in a 7-11 store And I see alot. Why is the whole story not told here? The clerk had no right to do this to a child, the clerk should have run the child an the stupid parent out of the store.