Shooting in Denver – Three Dead Including At Least One Child

dead denver
There was a shooting in Denver this morning. Multiple people are dead, including at least two children. (News7)

Several people, including children, were wounded or killed in a shooting today in Denver.
KAKE reported:

Several people, including children, have been hurt or killed in a Wednesday morning shooting at East 49th Avenue and Pearl Street in Denver.

A child was seen being carried out of a home on a stretcher and loaded onto a waiting ambulance. The child was taken to Denver Health.

AIRTRACKER7 flew over the area around 7 a.m. and spotted heavy police presence centered on a small, flat-roofed duplex. A tricycle and a small toddler-sized basketball hoop can be seen in the back yard.

Denver Police tweeted that there were “multiple victims” in this shooting but did not say more.

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  • Leslie Brillstein


  • Ghost

    we’re going to keep getting these staged horrors until the Globalists get what they want-
    or, THE PEOPLE stick it to ’em

    DIVORCE! now, while we still can

  • Adirondack Patriot

    More children dead? It’s beyond words.

    Wondering if this will again be someone who was on psych meds, had access to legal firearms and everyone was too afraid to do anything about him/her?

    And why Colorado again? Columbine, Aurora and now Denver.

  • Joel


    And by the way …

    Gee, what’s going on in Crown Heights recently? Oh I remember. That doesn’t matter.

  • Lessie Gungrabberson

    Ban all assault weapons! I have no idea what an assault weapon is, but I know I want them all banned. Protect yourself with your obamaphone. Call the police. They’ll be there just in time to draw a chalk outline of your lifeless corpse, and then call the coroner so s/he can sign the death certificate.

  • F Amman

    The lefties are shoveling in tons of coals as they stoke up to even higher levels their Shrieking Shrillness Machine.

  • BonnieD

    So, Lib news will never report on their own Lib city of Chicago where more children are murdered there?????? wow, sad state of Libs affair… And the rest of the story here????

  • BonnieD

    Shirley Chambers, Chicago Mother Who Lost 4 Children To Gun Violence, Buries Her Youngest Son

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  • Joe

    I am beginning to believe liberal nut jobs are doing these shootings to prove a point and further the infringements on our rights.

  • Joe

    #7, Obama went to Minneapolis to discuss gun violence. Why didn’t he go to his adopted hometown of Chicago where it is a war zone?

  • Darth Chipmunk

    Another Colorado shooting… and the state just legalized marijuana. This is my shocked face.

  • L. E. Liesner

    Sounds like the media has got a bunch of people fired up, and there are no facts as of yet. Maybe we need to put a three day waiting period on the news so they can get the facts before reporting this stuff.

  • doctorbulldog

    When the Liberals shed actual tears over the wholesale slaughter of millions of innocent babies each year in the United States alone, then, maybe—just maybe—I’ll believe them when they say they want to ban guns to protect the children. Until such time, they are just a bunch of useful idiots being manipulated by the Progressive Communists in order to take over Our country.

  • Skandia Recluse

    Homes are dangerous for children and other living things. Obviously we need to get children out of these dangerous homes and into the safe environment of government housing.

  • Servo1969

    How many people were shot and killed in Chicago last week? In Detroit? In D.C.?

    No one cares. It would be racist to bring it up. It would also remind people how much gun violence there is in the cities where basically guns are already banned.

  • tj

    I wonder if ….

    * There is an increase due to media coverage of such killings?
    * If there is no increase in killings.. just an increase in media coverage (like sharks a few years back.. and hurricanes..)
    * There is an increase due to worsening of the root causes of these shootings?

  • Robodog7

    Between 3,200 and 4,000 babies are aborted each and every day in the U.S. This equals about 1,200,000 each year. They never make the news, but now that our Marxist president wants to take away our second ammendment rights we will hear about every child that dies due to gun violence. All deaths of children are heartbreaking, but don’t let them use these reports for political gaming to give up your rights. The second ammendment was written to PROTECT you from government tyrrany.

  • SeniorD

    Multiple shootings, where some if not all victims are children, in urban, African-American areas are ignored. Shootings in more affluent areas are a tragedy that becomes IMPORTANT. This way, the message gets out that weapons are Bad Things and only Government employees should possess them.

    Tell that to the gang bangers in Chicago, New York, D.C., L.A., etc.

  • Bigkahuna

    #11 Obama is afraid to go to war zones… Chicago is off limits .