SHOCK VIDEO Shows Sexual Abuse and Forced Conversion of Christian Coptic Girl in Egypt

A Coptic Christian girl was kidnapped, stripped and abused by a group of Muslims in Egypt.
They wanted her to convert to Islam.
Via Free Copts:

The incident occurred in 2011.

The Muslim Issue has more on the attack, via Religion of Peace:

The video was received by a group calling itself “Free Copts”. It shows an incident in which a Coptic Christian girl was sexually abused in an attempt to Islamize her. She belonged to a large and wealthy family of Christian Copts living in Minia in upper Egypt. One of her Muslim neighbours induced her to go to his house. Upon arriving there she was surprised to find a group of young Muslim males. They forced her to go with them to a nearby house. They threatened to kill her if she made any noise or cried for help. They forcibly took her clothes from her and videoed her completely naked next to one of the young men. The plan was to blackmail her into marrying him by informing her and her family that the tape would be made public unless she did so. They also threatened her with the same fate as had befallen another girl not far away, a girl who had been raped by 8 Muslim men, murdered, and had her body dumped in a nearby graveyard. The police and the prosecuting authority let those 8 men go free.

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  • gsrider

    If there any decent democrats in America take heed, these are coming for you, your daughters and grandson daughters. Keep supporting the insanity hiding behind the banner of liberalism. This is the future of America and the world if you don’t come to your freakin senses.

  • OldSailor

    Islam, the cult of rape and murder.

  • Marsh626

    Robert Spencer doesn’t cause “Islamophobia”. Muslims do…

  • flyover

    THE war on women.

  • Mad Hatter

    jharp and lincolns window is no where to be found about this subject. They want to pick and choose what they belly ache about, but they never raise their voice about what these filthy cavemen do to women.

    That speaks volumes about their lack of character.


    Kinda puts the whole Abu Ghraib incident into perspective.

  • Jeffery

    This was a another despicable act by religious fanatics who view members of other religions as subhuman, and women as chattel.

    Do these pigs represent all in their religion?

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