Secular Egyptian Protesters Bash US Democrats in Tahrir: “Down With American Democratic Party, the Ally of Morsi”

The Egyptian liberals are very upset with Barack Obama and his Democrat Party for propping up the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi regime.
This sign was seen in Tahrir this week:

“Down with the American Democratic Party the ally of Morsi, down with Morsi the infiltrator of America”
tahrir protester
New in Tahrir: “Down with the American Democratic Party the ally of Morsi, down with Morsi the infiltrator of America.” (EvanCHill)

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  • Outrage Industries LLC.

    The Rage-O-Meter gives this story a 1 out of 5:

  • RedBeard

    Those Egyptians get it, but half the voters in America haven’t a friggin’ clue.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Barack can’t abandon the muslim brotherhood. After all, they poured millions into his campaign from various countries abroad to help get him elected and now he owes them.

  • Ella

    Now this is something we can all get behind! YAY!!!!!

  • shadow

    Barack can’t abandon the muslim brotherhood. After all, they poured millions into his campaign from various countries abroad to help get him elected and now he owes them.

    I think I’ll keep a tally of all the conspiracy theories put forth on this site, which makes you #1. Congrats.

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  • MAJMike

    Well, golly gosh!! Maybe the Muslim Brotherhood and I do have some common ground.

  • RedBeard

    Shadow, translated: “Stop talking about the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence with this White House! I can’t hear you. [sticks fingers in ears] LA-LA-LA-LA-LA.”

  • gsrider


  • Look-Out

    This, and many more, could feed that “conspiracy theory”…

    This past Thursday, TheBlaze teased a potential scandal surrounding President Obama’s donors. Now, we might know what that scandal is. According to a report by the conservative nonprofit Government Accountability Institute (GAI), and an explosive series of stories on and the Daily Caller, the Obama campaign website appears to be built with an uncharacteristic lack of security where foreign donations are concerned.

    Since 2009, White House Visitor Logs list the name Robert Roche at least 19 times, despite the fact Mr. Roche’s primary residence is in China.

    Mr. Roche, who is originally from Chicago, is a co-chair of the Technology Initiative for the Obama campaign.

    According to Acorn International’s prospectus, the success of Mr. Roche’s company hinges on maintaining access to state-run media and “preferential tax treatments and subsidies” doled out by the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

    That a powerful bundler owns the website is unsurprising, given that the site redirects to the fundraising page for the Obama campaign. However, the fact that it is Mr. Roche specifically may strike some as dangerous, especially given that Roche lives in a foreign country, and thus might find it easy to fundraise off of foreign business connections. Indeed, this concern is even more potent, given that 68% of the traffic to comes from foreign sources, according to the report.

    Nevertheless, these details could be considered less damning if the report didn’t also find a level of credit card security within the Obama fundraising apparatus that is below even industry standard. Why? Because unlike most web merchants, the Obama campaign does not require those making a donation to enter their CCV code – a 3-4 digit code that appears on the back of most credit cards, and that indicates the location of the cardholder.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Uh oh. jharpy’s going to be mmmmaaadddd!

  • Look-Out

    And how about that other “conspiracy theory” that Obama supporters were involved in VOTER FRAUD?

    Critics of voter ID and other laws cracking down on voter fraud claim they’re unnecessary because fraud is nonexistent. For instance, Brennan Center attorneys Michael Waldman and Justin Levitt claimed last year: “A person casting two votes risks jail time and a fine for minimal gain. Proven voter fraud, statistically, happens about as often as death by lightning strike.”

    Well, lightning is suddenly all over Cincinnati, Ohio. The Hamilton County Board of Elections is investigating 19 possible cases of alleged voter fraud that occurred when Ohio was a focal point of the 2012 presidential election. A total of 19 voters and nine witnesses are part of the probe.

    Democrat Melowese Richardson has been an official poll worker for the last quarter century and registered thousands of people to vote last year. She candidly admitted to Cincinnati’s Channel 9 this week that she voted twice in the last election.

    Her voteS, of course, were for Obama. Here’s more on this Obama supporter/election official from a report:

    “There’s absolutely no intent on my part to commit voter fraud,” said Richardson. . . .

    The board’s documents also state that Richardson was allegedly disruptive and hid things from other poll workers on Election Day after another female worker reported she was intimidated by Richardson. . . .

    During the investigation it was also discovered that her granddaughter, India Richardson, who was a first time voter in the 2012 election, cast two ballots in November.

    But, NO WORRIES! Barry won FAIR and SQUARE!

  • GotFreedom

    These protestors are only half right. . .yes, the Dems are in cahoots with Morsi, but so are these Republican Senators. . .

    . . .”but as Beltway supporters of America-hating Islamists like to say, “What difference does it make?” Still, just in case it makes any difference to you, here are the Republican senators who shamefully voted to provide Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government with F-16s and Abrams tanks: Alexander, Ayotte, Barasso, Blunt, Burr, Chambliss, Coburn, Cochran, Collins, Corker, Enzi, Flake, Graham, Hatch, Hoeven, Inhofe, Isakson, Johanns, Johnson, Kirk, McCain, McConnell, Murkowski, Portman, Toomey, and Wicker.”

  • Look-Out

    Look who’s getting the excess military weaponry!

    Billions of your tax dollars have been spent on excess stuff the U.S. military has to give away.

    Weapons of war are ending up in Chicago and the suburbs, far away from any battlefield.

    Since June 2012 Illinois officials have tried to block release of information we’ve requested concerning high powered automatic weapons, armored battlefield vehicles and combat helicopters.

    Much, much more at link:

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  • Look-Out

    RE #14…Georgia’s getting a good bit of the “excess” too —

    The Journal-Constitution cites several local residents who are quite concerned by this military buildup.

    “What are we headed to?” Asked Candace Garrett Daly, a Cobb County resident. “Whatever it is seems to be already in motion at a breakneck speed. The police are preparing for an enemy. My question is, ‘Who is the enemy?’”

  • Hades Theatre

    Food stockpiles are running dangerouly low in Wegypt and common sense is nearly gone. Good news, R’s are not a scorned enemy in some quarters

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Looks like the guy in the suit is flipping someone the bird, British style, off to his right.

  • BurrmaShave

    And note: The Egyptian SECULARIST cannot stand Democrats. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

  • dunce

    I have to give them credit for knowing who their real enemy is. Egypt is in much more danger from our democrats than they are from the Israelis. If they leave the Israelis alone the Israelis will not attack them. Our democrats will never leave them alone, no matter what they do.

  • bg


    shadow #5 February 8, 2013 at 8:10 am

    theory these sci-cho:

    April 15, 2009

    Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists

    [Abdul-Malik also makes no bones about discussing how the election of President Obama is a step forward in the project of Islamization and the long term goal of Islamist domination which falls right in lock-step with that of the Muslim Brotherhood as revealed in their manifesto.


    “…even under the pressures that you and I know about, the deen of
    Islam is growing because people see even within all of this struggle it is
    better to be a Muslim under these conditions than to be a kaffir under
    any conditions… before Allah closes our eyes for the last time you will
    see Islam move from being the second largest religion in America-that’s
    where we are now- to being the first religion in America.”

    December of 2009

    Clare Lopez

    [Islamist-allied operatives appointed by Obama are undermining U.S. security policy – explains counter-Intelligence expert, Prof. Clare Lopez. Aimed at co-opting Americas foreign policy in the Middle East, a network including well-known American diplomats, congressional representatives, figures from academia and the think tank world – with ties to the clerical regime in Tehran – is directing the Obama Administration’s policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East.]

    August 11, 2011

    Tarek Fatah

    [Today, in the White House, there are three members of the Muslim Brotherhood that influence Obama’s policy. One is Rashad Hassan of Indian origin, who is the American ambassador to the 52-nation organization of Islamic countries. Dahlia Mujahid who writes his speech, who comes from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Just day before yesterday, another woman, an academic, was appointed in that circle. This is happening while we sit silent, and I say that as a liberal democrat, as someone who worked and campaigned for Barrack Obama.]

    September 22, 2013

    Muslim Brotherhood ‘infiltrated’ U.S. gov’t

    January 3, 2013

    Egyptian Magazine Claims Muslim Brotherhood
    Has Infiltrated The Obama Administration ……

    there’s much more where they came from..


  • bg


    re: #26 February 8, 2013 at 5:33 pm bg

    June 24, 2010

    Hillary & Abedin & Mursi

    [When it was learned that Saleha was a member of this extremely
    nefarious group, Walid was able to uncover mountains of evidence
    from news sources – in Arabic – that implicated Huma’s mother as
    being part of a plot reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Today,
    much of these connections have vanished.]

    gee, that kind of “disappeared stuff” never happens here.. 🙄


  • bg


    re: #27 February 8, 2013 at 5:53 pm bg

    June 24, 2010 = 2012


  • thestorm

    Sad that the obummer supporters in America choose to accept facts about their master. Only when his civil police are gunning them down in the streets will they see the light. It will happen. They will have no defense because they don’t like guns.