Rove Responds to Conservative Criticism of His New PAC – After His Rollout Bombs (Video)

Karl Rove appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night to defend himself against conservative criticisms of his new PAC. Radio host Mark Levin went so far this week as to accuse Rove of needing a hard swift kick in the a$$.

Rove made it clear he still wants conservative candidates to back, he just wants ones who can actually win races. Rove also defended his previous support of Tea Party candidates in 2010 and 2012.
Via Hannity:

Let’s face it, Karl Rove is no genius in communications. After all, Rove and Team Bush sat silent as the liberal media destroyed the administration during their second term.

If Rove was a better communicator he would have reached out to conservative groups and not The New York Times to rollout his new PAC plans.
He didn’t. And now he’s getting pummeled by conservatives.

Ben Shapiro wrote more on the clash between true conservative and the Republican establishment.
Townhall reported:

Despite their 2012 losses, the establishment has decided that the problem in 2012 wasn’t their own incompetence — it was the dastardly Tea Party, which in its zealotry for conservatism, has ignored the need for victory.

And so the Karl Rove establishment leaked to the far-left New York Times that the “biggest donors in the Republican Party” were working with the leaders of Rove’s American Crossroads super PAC to “recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s effort to win control of the Senate.”

Why didn’t Rove and company tell the Times that they were interested in training conservative candidates in media fluency? Why didn’t they approach the Tea Party instead, and offer their get-out-the-vote services and electoral strategies?

Because, at root, there is a clash at the heart of today’s Republican Party. The Tea Party wants to change tactics. The establishment wants to discard principle.

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  • Mary Elizabeth Ellis

    Meanwhile, the Tea Party United group is going full Birther in Northern California. A good way to kill a brand.

  • Jeffery

    Rove is just another grifter picking up millions from the folks along the way. Part of that $10 sent to con-men like Rove goes into their pocket.

  • Rachelle

    Not a dime to Rove. Remember how he stabbed Christine O’Donnell in the back.

    He said everyone should get behind the winner of the primary up until Christine won it. Then he savaged her.

  • Sasja

    Here’s Mark Levin on Rove. It’s 27 minutes but worth your time. It requires no comment from yours truly.

  • Joel

    Hey, Rove, you dumb bu** hole, stick to dancing or whatever else might rock your boat and stay our of messing with The Tea Party …

  • RedBeard

    Dear Karl:

    With all due respect, it’s time for you to sit down and shut up. Way past time. You have monkeywrenched quite enough. During your well-deserved retirement, perhaps you’ll have time to read the Constitution. Given enough time, you might even come to understand it.

    There is absolutely NO need for the Republican Party to operate as a slightly less liberal version of the execrable Democrat Party, as your “vision” seems to dictate. The Dems can provide quite enough statist and collectivist garbage, and don’t need your help, thank you very much.

    Now go.

  • dwdude

    narcissists like rove don’t suffer rejection well, just ask the guy in the white house. didn’t his prediction implode this last election. moderates are killing us…

  • wtd

    Fool me once (’08), shame on you. Fool me twice (’12), shame on me. Rove, just go away . . .far far away.

  • flyoverland

    Uh, er, hey Karl. I think it is Sarah Steelman. Not sure who Deb Steelman is.

  • rove is like the democrat, only interested in their own position and power.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Progs in both parties should be tried for economic terrorism along with their buddies on Wall Street and the pump media.

  • Highlander

    “The Tea Party wants to change tactics. The establishment wants to discard principle.”

    No, the Tea Party wants to get RID of the RINOS/establishment Republicans, and the GOP wants to protect their cushy jobs and keep selling the American people down the river. Period.

    What part of Taxed Enough Already don’t these people understand? They pandered to us long enough to rake in the campaign dollars, then promptly caved on all their promises to the American people just like they’ve been doing for the last five decades. Choosing Mitt Romney to run against Obama, when he’d already lost one bid for the Presidency was the last straw ….

    We’re sick of this nonsense, and the way I see it, the GOP has two choices. Embrace the Tea Party and its principles, clean up their own house, and start WINNING elections, or keep demeaning us and acting like RINOS, and LOSE forever. It’s that simple …

  • cavt

    Agree with Levin on Rove–
    Easy to pick between the two who is the most conservative/constitutional

  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    I won’t watch or listen to Hannity because I don’t want to hear anything about Rove. It is a waste of my time.

  • Rove’s theory is correct. In reality it doesn’t work as well as he wants it to. The bottom line is conservatives can win local and statewide elections because they reflect the surrounding demographics. BUT, to win over the “moderate” vote (which I do not believe is as large as people who charge a fee to find it for you claim- i.e. Rove) you have to not be a Todd Akin. Rove and others will use the outliers like Akin to push forward their theory. Truth is the “establishment” candidates often lose just as badly. They just aren’t front page material.

    What is moderate? A man/woman who checks with the MSM and the political winds before taking a stand. That means they can be persuaded to cave- like Scott in Florida and Kasich in Ohio.

    I think because of demographic and economic shifts the days of the moderate are over. That means nobody will want to pay people like Rove to find them. Rove is trying to remain relevant after his talent is no longer needed. Sort of a buggy whip producer in a day and age of “obamaphone” and permanent unemployment voters.

    Obama wanted to drive us into our little compartments and set us against each other- just like Mao did- and he is winning.

    We are simply going to turn into “them vs us” with the “thems” being backed by full weight of big government just as HHS is doing with Obamacare. They tell us we need to quit squirming because it is going to happen.

    Amazing and more than just a little frightening.

  • owl

    My gosh…………….did I happen upon a Poop Scooper gathering?

    No thanks. I want to win. I usually agree with 98% of what Jim posts, Levin a favorite, and adore the Tea Party and most of their candidates. I hate this because I consider Rove to be one of the Poop Scoopers best success stories. Right up there next to Bush and Sarah Palin.

    Rather like Katrina and the economy. Obama is wonderful and sent to save the USA.

    Someone win and then tell me how much better John Roberts is vs a Harriet Miers. At times the smart out-smart themselves. This ongoing blame Bush and Rove for your problems is nuts. No, they did not give us Obama. They told you that illegal immigration had to be addressed. They told you that ss had to be addressed. No. No. We must have perfection. They passed the best health care bill ever with prescription drugs for OLD dying people who it seems some would like to leave out to die along with Obama. It should not be given to all income levels.

    We will never win on just the principles. Someone needs to at least appear to have a heart.

    Win and then preach the principles. Rove won twice. Obama won the Supremes and I can assure you, those dingbats will be standing on their principles and not allow one thing you believe in to happen.

    Illegal immigration? Forget it. It is a done deal and Obama owns them. It could have been Bush and then you would have had an opportunity to change and stop certain things. This party just gave the entire bunch amnesty.

    Then again, anyone that wanted to win would never have allowed Boehner to continue after 6 months on the job.

  • wow, fancy that! I always thought a political thought was based on a belief system, not a winning system. It was Karl Rove and his pals who insisted that Mitt Romney would be the GOP candidate when the voters begged for a more conservative candidate. (Don’t get me wrong, when faced with two choices, I voted for Mitt even though I wanted someone stronger and with more conservative ideas.) However, Rove himself says we lost the election based on all the conservatives that didn’t go to the polls. Why does he think they didn’t go?

    And look what happens when we elect milk toast! Our congress has done NOTHING but sling a few zingers at a Senate in violation of the law by not passing a budget. The GOP has gone along to get along. Nothing has been done about the govt’s over spending – the GOP agrees to kick the debt can down the road. The GOP is now going along with the impossible making illegals legal with the wave of a magic wand even though this will increase our debt and the ravaging affects of ObamaCare.

    Obama has lied to the American people over and over – our milk toast congress has done nothing. Why don’t they start impeachment proceedings for Fast & Furious, Benghazi and for the blatant lies to the American people about ObamaCare and a hundred other things?

  • Redwine

    Rove is one of those elite, establishment Republicans who are directly playing into the hands of the socialist Democrats who are out to divide and destroy the GOP. He and his well-funded cabal are intentionally trashing the Tea Party and dedicated conservatives. Levin was absolutely correct.

  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    And the difference between Rove and Sharpton is…?

  • Godzilla

    Rove talks about the past while the NY Slimes article was a mission statement about the future.

  • neverends

    Read the following:

    It’s going to be the Whigs all over again. The unfortunate thing is that this time there may not be a country leave to save…Obama and groupies will see to that. Thank goodness I am too old to really have to suffer too much. However, my kids will pay the price – just like everyone else that will have to live in the nightmare being created.

  • neverends

    Oh, oh,
    I meant to type country “left” to save.

  • GotFreedom

    “Because, at root, there is a clash at the heart of today’s Republican Party. The Tea Party wants to change tactics. The establishment wants to discard principle.”

    IMO, the Tea Party wants to get back to the Constitution, smaller govt et al while the “establishment” want to keep the status quo. . .big govt spending, Constitution, what Constitution. . .all the establishment cares about is winning so that they can control the purse strings. . .they don’t truly IMO, want to decrease spending any more than the Dems do.

  • CommieJuice

    Rove is lying! That was complete BS! I don’t read, watch and listen to this every day of my life to not remember what Rove and the establishment did in 2008, 2010 and 2012. His goal isn’t Conservatives unless he believes Bush and McCain were Conservatives. This is like 0bama calling his Socialist health care tax the affordable care act. What is affordable about it?

    Rove lost my total respect in the last few years and now he is lying right to Hannity’s face and ours. Rove wants his type of candidates running the GOP, the McCain, Boehner, Cantor, Scott Brown, Colon Powell type of Repubics running the GOP, with Republicans like them who needs Democrats? That’s why I am no longer a Republican. The civil war between the GOP traditionalist aka the Lincoln/Reagan Conservatives and the Repubic DNC lite aka the moderate/liberal/establishment.

    Bush Sr. was probably the real moderate, but ever since Bob Dole the GOP hasn’t nominated a non-liberal Republican. It’s only been the establishment Rinos – Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain and Romney. On a 10 point system judging their views on the most important issues none of them rate more than a 7. I need someone who I agreed with more than 70% of the time on all the important issues. That will not happen with Rove and his primary pac to rid the GOP of Tea Party/Conservative candidates.

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  • owl

    I agree with almost all of the principles of the Tea Party movement.

    That does not do me one iota of good because you must be in power to rule.

    I point my finger at our ELECTED voices and their pi** poor leadership. I have been pointing my finger there since about 2004. Look at Boehner’s leadership. Look at the how people like McCain swing between good guy and almost our enemy. Look at their votes and their voices.

    Our Congressional Leadership stinks. Boehner & Cantor stink. McCain loves Kerry and Hillary then sits there while Obama KILLS while he runs his mouth about torture. If ever there was proof of stinking leadership, it would have been the fiasco called Hillary’s Love-In.

    The real problem remains the same and it is not Rove, etc. It is MSM. It has always been MSM and it remains MSM. You hear them chirping about King Obama KILLING AMERICANS????

  • has rove ever addressed the effect of the thirty year colonization program on the inability of republicans to win national elections. a colonization that he and other republicans ignored in order to provide cheap labor to their business donors.

    legal immigrants have always been required to at least say they intended to follow our laws and support the beliefs of this country. the left(wayne rathke, andy stern, howard dean, tom hayden, bill ayers etc.) in the 1980’s decided they would bring enough people with their views to the united states illegally to make their views the majority opinion in the united states. now thanks to the complicity of the karl roves the opinions of conservatives are the opinions of the minority. i think that has more to do with republican party’s inability to win national elections then some candidate that is not in karl rove’s pocket.

  • bg


    go away Rove, follow your name..


  • Perfected democrat

    “Because, at root, there is a clash at the heart of today’s Republican Party. The Tea Party wants to change tactics. The establishment wants to discard principle.”

    Sometimes I just love Ben Shapiro’s way with words…

  • Morgan

    #31 February 6, 2013 at 1:02 pm
    owl commented:

    I agree with almost all of the principles of the Tea Party movement.

    That does not do me one iota of good because you must be in power to rule.

    Remind us who is in power. You sound like a Democrat. We are not ruled by a power, but led by Constitutionally elected leaders in a republic. The “power to rule” is taken by dictators.

  • Freddy

    Rove pushed Mitt Romney, and other ‘centrist candidates’, for years.

    Rove FAILED.

    While Rove needs to go away, somehow, Fox news and Hannity, are going to foist their friend back out on a daily basis. This seems very odd, and doomed to fail.

  • Morgan

    While Rove needs to go away, somehow, Fox news and Hannity, are going to foist their friend back out on a daily basis.
    Freddy, I noticed they now have Dennis Kucinich as a FOX regular. Game over for me.

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