In August 2011 Barack Obama said he would not rest until every American had a job who wanted one.
Then he went on vacation.

Fast forward to February 2013…
Barack Obama told Democrats he’s going to focus on jobs this year in his State of the Union Address.
The UPI reported:

U.S. President Barack Obama told House Democrats Thursday his State of the Union address will focus on job creation, education and energy independence.

Speaking at the House Democratic Issues Conference in Leesburg, Va., the president repeated a theme from his 2012 re-election campaign, that “our economy succeeds and our economy grows when everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is getting a fair shake and everybody is playing by the same rules.”

“Because I believe that is a growth agenda — not just an equity agenda, not just a fairness agenda — that is a growth agenda,” he said.

“And that means that what you’ll hear from me next week, I’m going to be talking about making sure that we’re focused on job creation here in the United States of America,” Obama said.

Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.



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  1. Even Jugears can’t believe his owns words anymore.
    I will not watch or listen to this incompetent fool again. It’s a promise I made myself when he stole this election. I can’t even look at the TV when I have him on mute. He and his lard ass wife are destroying this country as they splurge on anything they want for them and their friends.

  2. I wonder if there will be a guvmint subsidy for a new roof? We’ll just wait to replace it in case we can leech the taxpayer (just kidding). See, the good news is there could be a couple of new jobs with this edict.

  3. OT

    This was today’s news and it was the same news in Nov. 2012

    U.S. Oil Output to Overtake Saudi Arabia’s by 2020 – Bloomberg

  4. Really Obama, wish the media would cover this:

    Boomtown charity buys homeless one-way ticket out

    Hundreds of job seekers arriving in the oil boomtown of Williston, N.D., are being sent back to where they came from after ending up homeless.

    Thanks to an influx of people and money to the area, the Williston Salvation Army has seen its charitable donations more than double to $358,000 in the past two years. And it’s using some of this money to relocate people who can’t afford to stick around.

    The organization buys gas vouchers, one-way bus and train tickets, or puts money toward flights for about 20 people per month. Last year, it helped more than 200 people leave.

    read more

  5. but he has been focused like a laser beam on jobs for four years.

  6. de-job vu

  7. OT

    Obama says his agenda will put Pelosi back in charge

    Read more:

    OH, DEAR, AND SHE SAID: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way To Create Jobs

  8. Focused like a Laser to end the Coal Industry, Reduced Med Students going into the medical field to become doctors, Tax private business and then Obama care will cut the full time workers to part time.

    Solar, Solyndras, all bankrupt. Fewer employees because of his “affordable health car act.”

  9. OT

    Obama Appears Sleepy, Chews Nicorette at Prayer Breakfast

    President Obama appeared exceedingly sleepy at the annual National Prayer Breakfast today, looking like he was having trouble staying awake as others spoke and delivering his own remarks ponderously, with heavy eyelids and a tired visage.
    Screen shot of Obama at the prayer breakfast this morning.

    Screen shot of President Obama at the prayer breakfast this morning.×300.png

    Obama, who rarely holds a publicly announced event before 10:00 am and is known to be a nighthawk, was forced to show up at the breakfast at 7:55 am.

    While listening to the warmup speakers, the president’s eyes were frequently downcast, he appeared drawn, and he was chewing gum, presumably the Nicorette he is known to use to satisfy his nicotine addiction without smoking. He occasionally brushed a finger onto an eye, as if trying to remove morning crust or wetness. He sometimes seemed to miss his cues to laugh or smile

  10. L.barney #1

    Not a lie. Barry ‘focuses’ on jobs to find ways (regulations, preferential treatment of unions, diverting funds to cronies) to eliminate more jobs. After all Hussein bin Obama will never fundamentally transform America into his dreams of a centrally controlled and all powerful Islamarxist paradise for himself and those who obey him until he fundamentally impoverishes America. It’s about him and no one else.

  11. Then what is this all about?


    Weak January jobs report shows why Obama doesn’t want to talk about jobs anymore
    February 1, 2013

    I suppose that when things get bad, Obama has to use his same old propaganda and the word I am looking for is: Hypocrisy

  12. It’s about time. You guys need to step back from the criticism this time. I mean this is the first real chance he’s had to deal with the economy away from the crisis W created.

    Hear me out on this. It could work if you give it a chance. What we need is a Summer Of Recovery. Huh, Sound good? Summer Of Recovery (it feels better if you say it loud).

    And then we could have a focus on Infrastructure and shovel ready jobs. Think of all the other tools there are: Rakes, hoes, brooms. There are jobs just waiting for someone to do.

    Do your part: Break a window, throw your garbage on the ground and spray paint the word “peace” on windows of businesses you don’t own.

    If they bring a mop, you bring a bucket of mud.

  13. obama’s laser beam focus is certainly quite dull and ineffective after years of underuse

  14. When everyone talks about Obama’s “laser like focus on jobs”, what they mean is that he’s destroying them. That IS what a laser does when it’s focused on something, isn’t it?

    America must be reduced to rubble before it can be rebuilt into a Socialist panacea, and who would be more likely to succeed at doing that than someone like Obama, who has a deep seated hatred for Capitalism and the country in general? It’s hilarious … Obama told you idiots exactly what he was planning to do, and even after witnessing four years of blatant job destruction and wealth redistribution, you still don’t want to believe it…

    So, exactly what IS Obama going to have to do before you clowns wake up and realize what’s happening? He’s been using class warfare and racial division to systematically dismantle and rearrange America’s economy right under your noses and all you seem to be worried about are ridiculous little things like Benghazi. Meanwhile, your entire country is being snatched away from you.

    It seems it’s a very good time to be a progressive liberal, isn’t it?

  15. Maybe he’ll consider re-hiring the people on his ‘Jobs Council’ that he just recently laid-ff …. Admittedly , not much , but hey , at least it’s a start …. frank k.

  16. Sometimes I find this all hilarious. Sorry. I have reached a saturation point and Hussein should be fired now.

  17. Let me be clear, I will again focus on a jobs… that is killing jobs! Ha ha!

    If I can just discourage enough workers from the work force then my “Unemployment Statistics” will look better!

    You are probably thinking:

    “0bama’s economic policies are a huge failure!”

    “0bama has never had a honest job in his life. How can he be trusted to help the working class?”

    “0bama sucks!”

    All of that may be true. But, my cronies and I still live in luxury. We have our Limousines and big houses!

    Who cares if gas prices go through the roof? What difference does it make? It doesn’t hurt me!

    My limousine is spewing smog and I have a meeting with the Bureau of Engraving. I intend to bring back the $10,000 dollar bill. Instead of Salmon Chase on the front it will have Barky 0bama!

    That domination of bill should buy the average family one week’s worth of gas – if my projection of gas prices is correct! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  18. “Obama Says He Will Focus on Jobs This Year”

    Oh yeah, having just sacked his jobs council because “mission accomplished.”

    The reason why the thoroughly corrupt ruling class didn’t simply push forward a completely empty suit as president is because that would not be corrupt enough; no, they had to promote a formerly empty suit and drape it on Satan.

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