During his press conference today on fiscal issues and the upcoming sequester, Barack Obama lashed out at a cameraman in the Briefing Room,

“What’s up cameraman? Come on guys. You’re breaking my flow all the time.”

The rest of the lapdog media loved it.

“Come on Guys! You’re Breaking My Flow!”




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  1. Just rewind your teleprompter you commie fhuck.

  2. What a sniveling punk.

  3. Blocked TOTUS! Must be re-educated so JEF is not interrupted!

  4. Must be that time of the month!

  5. He sounds so Presidential

    Just kidding

    We might as well have elected Snoop Dog as President

  6. Yep, further confirmation of why we s/h been willing to have picked our own cotton.

  7. Frail concentration is a side effect of smoking too much pot.

  8. Women have flow — every 28 days.

    Who would have guessed, Barack?

  9. #7

    Not needed. Thanks.

  10. I’m no fan of Obama, but he simply made a joke while he was talking. I didn’t think it was particularly funny, but it probably wasn’t intended to bring down the house in any case.

  11. Add “berate” to the list of words of which Jim does not know the definition.

  12. I’m sorry, but you’ve thrown of the Emperor’s groove.

  13. Do things my way, or I’ll whine. This puke never stops!

  14. What a baby!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa, suck on your bottle Pharaoh.

  15. What Flow?

  16. Flow? His words and speeches are more of a jumble to me!

  17. Flow? How street ghetto.

  18. Poor baby–nobody likes him

  19. Ha! Ha! Yes! He lashed out, such blind rage!

    Oh wingnuts, once again you don’t like reality so you make it up.

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