NRA Chief LaPierre: You Can’t Trust This White House (Video)

Chief Executive of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, told Chris Wallace today on FOX News Sunday that you can’t trust this White House:

Chris Wallace: There’s no indication. There’s nothing anyone in this administration has said taht indicates they’re going to have a (gun) registry.

Wayne LaPierre: “And ‘ObamaCare’ wasn’t a tax until they needed it to be a tax. I don’t think you can trust these people.

Good point.

The Hill has more on LaPierre’s comments.

When pressed by host Chris Wallace on the fact that the White House has said nothing about a universal registry, LaPierre responded, “And ‘ObamaCare’ wasn’t a tax until they needed it to be a tax. I don’t think you can trust these people.

LaPierre was referring to the administration arguing the healthcare law amounts to a tax before the Supreme Court — an argument the high court agreed with in upholding the individual-mandate portion of the law as a valid use of taxing power.

On Sunday, LaPierre continued his efforts to stem momentum for new gun-control legislation in the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. He contended that a universal background check would not be workable, in part because of the lack of digitized mental health records and the fact that criminals would not seek out guns in that fashion.

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  • bg


    Durpadurp #65 February 3, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    re: [lying fascists]

    or as i like to put it..

    “what the fascist left have been aiming for is to “equate” good with evil..
    that’s the only way they can appease their conscience in the face of the
    harsh reality they are trying to escape from because it doesn’t fit in with
    their ideological utopian matrix.. if there is no good vs evil, then all is good
    even if [the] all is evil..” – bg


  • bg


    what’ the hell GP..

    where did all the posts go??

    ie: #103 February 3, 2013 at 1:28 pm bg


  • bg
  • Hiro Protagonist
  • bg


    Hiro Protagonist #79 February 3, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    so they had it before they didn’t??

    re: the man who almost single handedly
    stopped HillaryCare, go figure..

    that’s proof??

    but okay, what else don’t we have that the Prog-Dem_libs wound up
    giving US because the Republicans changed their minds?? and what
    does it change in relative to today, but even more importantly,
    what’s going to kick in up the ObamaCare road??


    Single Payer Option

    No Gov Mandates, No No No

    “Individual Mandate: Obama v. Obama”

    disclaimer: i believe the career elites on BOTH sides do NOT have OUR best
    interest at heart, ergo, back Obama in private whilst volunteering to be his
    “boy whipped” (so to speak) in public..

    bottom line:

    IT’S STILL A TAX.. /SC sarc/


  • bg


    Hiro Protagonist #79 February 3, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    btw, that folks be required to have health insurance is a great “concept”,
    however, mandating it, is not, ergo, one needs to be careful what they
    read about not too complicated issues, the more “words”, the more smoke
    and mirror are being used to smudge the “context”.. besides, that NYT
    piece is more of an opinionated riddle than a clean cut honest report so to


  • Wanda

    Gone to your doctor yet this year? Don’t be surprised if your doc asks you DO YOU HAVE GUN? This happened to a friend and he was really taken off guard. He hesitated and the nurse repeated the question and claimed his insurance company wanted to know. We suspect the nurse was lying. I asked him what business does your doctor or the health insurance company have in knowing whether or not you own a gun? I’m convinced you should never answer yes to the question, because this will be a permanent part of your health record and could be used against you at a later date, if the government determines you should lose your gun rights because of medication you’re on, or if you tell the doc you’re stressed out. Especially in light of Obama and fellow anti 2nd Amendment Democrats hatred for the right to keep and bear arms. We all know the healthcare system was designed to collaspe under Obamacare and it will result in a single payer government run “health care” system, where your records will be seen by politically motivated government workers who won’t give a DemocRATS behind about destroying your Constitutional rights. It should really irk people that the anti 2nd Amendment Democrats have recruited our doctors to snitch on us.

    So if you have a doctor’s appointment soon, be prepared to be asked if you own a gun.
    There are many in the medical field who worship Obama and hate guns. Even the government Center for Disease Control considers gun ownership a disease. So you see, everywhere you turn, our rights are under attack. You can’t even trust your own doctor anymore.

  • Jeannie

    Presumably we are expected to be served by the same people now in the TSA and hte DMV. Oh yes, they will certainly have no competency problems

  • Patty

    #82 Wanda

    So if you have a doctor’s appointment soon, be prepared to be asked if you own a gun.
    There are many in the medical field who worship Obama and hate guns. Even the government Center for Disease Control considers gun ownership a disease. So you see, everywhere you turn, our rights are under attack. You can’t even trust your own doctor anymore.


    None of their business. I won’t answer but by my not answering it may seem obvious that I do. But I really don’t give a flying leap.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Jim Carrey Says New Gun Owners’ Lives Not ‘Worth Protecting’

  • Patty

    Krugman: Bizarre NRA Thinks ‘We’re Living in a Mad Max Movie’

  • Robert

    @Jeffery (February 3, 2013 at 10:39 am): You might want to recheck your facts there guy. And firearm suicides aren’t part of the debate because just like criminals if they cant get their preferred tool they’ll find another tool to do what they want to with.

    And @Jharp: i’m not going to come over and stuff a sock in your mouth stopping your first amendment rights because the government will do that on their own after the compromise the 2nd amendment.

    Y’all really need to wake the heck up and see what’s really going on here. Several of them have said they don’t think any citizen should have firearms or that they’d push a bill to outright confiscate everything if they could get the votes for it. Go turn off the TV and do some research into history what’s happened every time a government’s done away with citizen’s firearms or created a national registry. It never was pretty.

  • patriot

    bg, I understand that the NRA has been pushing for a database of the mentally ill to check against, but that is not the same as what the Obama administration and the gun control lobby is pushing for…

    In an effort to eliminate the “gun show loophole” they are trying to make “private” transfers illegal and make every sale subject to the same laws licensed dealers are subject to. So, I ask you, how do you do that without forcing EVERY gun owner to declare and register their firearms? There would be absolutely no way to stop, track, or penalize improper private sales without tracking the serial numbers of every existing gun, right?

    They are also pushing for a database of ammo sales, presumably to develop a list of owners and calibers purchased to cross check against the lists of weapons people declare. I consider myself a rational person, and I’m usually not one to seize on conspiracy theories, but to me, the writing is on the wall here. Only a fool wouldn’t recognize the danger of giving the government a comprehensive list of every weapon owned by every citizen in America.

  • patriot

    And bg, I’d like to say I’m in favor of mental background checks, but once again, that opens a can of worms. First, if it’s going to work, it has to be done on ALL transfers, not just new purchases, so we’re right back to a national registry of all guns. Secondly, and most importantly, who sets and maintains the CRITERIA for a disqualifying “mental illness”, and exactly WHO gets to make the final decision on whether a citizen can safely own a gun? The potential for discrimination and persecution is terrifying, and once the law and the system is in place, we’re only one stoke of a executive order pen away from total confiscation.

    If we had any trust in this government whatsoever, we might be a little more flexible, but based on what they’ve tried to do already, it’s pretty obvious that Wayne LaPierre was right. This government has proven that it can’t be trusted to adhere to the Constitution, so I’m left with no choice but to fight everything they try to do when it comes to gun control. I support CRIMINAL control. If we didn’t have millions of firearms being misused by thugs and criminals every day, the number of gun deaths in America would be statistically insignificant, and we probably wouldn’t be having this debate.

  • Bigkahuna

    If they had tried illegal immigrant control as hard as they try for gun control…we wouldn’t have any illegal immigrants.

    Until they do so…shove your gun control up Obamas boney @ss

  • Bigkahuna

    Obama was against gay marriage, individual mandates, govt deficit spending, stealing from Medicare, lying to the American people about a fee vs a tax, higher taxes during hard times, raising taxes on people over $250k, for closing gitmo, for trials of terrorists in NY, healing the nation, stopping the rise of the seas…. Before he was against them.

    So not that I ever did trust him…. I never will either. He is a parasite that’s killing the host.

  • bg


    patriot #89 February 3, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    i understand what you’re saying, and whether
    or not i agree with you on other gun issues..

    i was addressing mental health related
    issues connected to mass murders..

    38 states already employ use of such data, one does not have to check
    every single gun owners mental health if a list of the mentally ill, violent,
    and/or, criminally insane people is available, not that that alone will cure
    what ails the problem of mental illness or mass gun murders, but i do see
    the mentally ill as being societal guinea pigs, especially those they put on
    drugs that can cause violence against oneself, as well as others, such as
    Lanza, but it certainly is something other than just a start..

    January 22, 2013

    Top psychiatrist: Meds behind school massacres

    [Psychotropic drugs “prescribed for school
    children cause violent behavior,” Healy stated.

    The drugs are widely used in the U.S. as antidepressants by doctors working in the mental health field and increasingly by primary care doctors, he noted.

    Healey insisted the problem today is that doctors working with schools to control the behavior of children are inclined to prescribe SSRI drugs without serious consideration of adverse consequences.

    “The pharmaceutical companies made these drugs with the idea of making money,” he said. “There’s a wide range of problems when it comes to looking at these drugs for children. Very few children have serious problems that warrant treatment with pills that have the risks SSRI drugs have.”]

    simple logic tells me: mass murderers + mentally ill
    + psychotropic drugs = one heck of a connection..


  • dusel1

    jharp’s demented comments:

    “Let’s hope the gun registry turns out exactly like the ObamaCare tax.”
    -Sure, pass the legislation so that we can find out what’s in it – more financial destruction to US, control of the sheeple, and more taxation.

    “In place and the law of the land.”
    -Barry (Obama) is an outlaw. He hasn’t followed the US Constitution since Jan 20, 2009.
    Chicago’s Liberal political rats have instituted many Second Amendment violations against law-abiding US citizens. For 2009, Chicago, which has one of the most rigorous gun control laws of the land, had 557 robberies per 100,000 population. I don’t think the robbers were using guns made from a gelatin dessert. How’s that gun control legislation working for you? Ever been to East St. Louis, IL, or St. Louis, MO? Drive through either city, but do not stop; you will get hi-jacked at the point of a firearm. You’d do well if you had one to defend yourself.

    “Best President since FDR.”
    FDR (Foolish Democrat Retard) could have prevented the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but chose to let it happen.

    You really need to remove the IV needle that has Barry’s Cruel Ade pumping throughout your veins.

    Then, you need to change jobs. Stop being Barry’s chamber pot servant. The pot does not always need to be licked clean.