This is what happens when you hold a Super Bowl in a former homeless shelter.
The lights went out the Super Dome tonight.
lights out

Just think of it as an ad from America’s energy producers.




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  1. ++

    testing 321..


  2. It’s JHARP . . . at it again.
    We really should stop and take note of how things have been going over the last few days at GP. .

    Somehow, JHARP got into the GP kitchen – I don’t know how, or why — but she’s here with a vengeance. And she’s causing a lot of you some discomfort (also, discomfiture):

    As soon as you see her droppings, there’s a natural reaction to stamp your feet, throw up your hands and start typing monologues meant to correct and resolve. That won’t work, you know.

    She is playing you, and of course she knows the game quite well, albeit a juvenile game. With Salon and Huffington as political pillars for her, you know Jen (Jin, Jan, Jo – whatever) is on a poorly charted course with limited depth (It’s like Woody Allen once said: “I learned just enough philosophy in college to screw myself up for the rest of my life”) — Same thing.

    My advice?
    Let Jen drop her droppings. And the rest of us can ignore her untidiness.
    Besides, Jen is a busy girl, and has other haunts to haunt besides GP.

    Now . . . . This football game ain’t over yet!

  3. well find out what really happened when Spike Lee makes his movie about the, “Chocolate City BLACKout- yeeeah”.

    but we can guess… Bush got his cronies to drive abandoned school buses into transformer stations devastating the 9th Ward which triggered starvation because all the food was taken by the white elites at the Rich Man’s Gam- then followed rapes and rioting in the French Quarter which frightened the wandering tourists who also couldn’t get in to see the Rich Man’s Game who then stormed the gates at the Superdome which then overflowed the bathrooms which then flooded the substation which then knocked out the lights.
    Remember, Bush don’t like black people.

    but then, James O’Keefe and Jason Mattera combine to make a rebuttal film explaining that this will happen at every Super Bowl game for the next 30 years because of Zero’s killing coal mines.

    I speculate, you decide

  4. #28 Ghost. . .brilliant analysis. . .laughing so hard I’m crying–thanks for the excellent perspective–you’re comment is more entertaining than the commercials!!!

  5. #28 Ghost — I do believe you are on to some things here. I’ll be watching for all of the usual suspects to make their appearances.

  6. ++

    Texas_Treeroach #27 February 3, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    thanks.. ;-)

    however, even if one other person learns something
    from the facts i post, it will be worth responding..

    as for the tit for tat name calling etc. distractions
    go, they’re jharp solo’s as far as i’m concerned.. :P


  7. #28 Ghost… fantastic! LOL

  8. #31 bg — agreed. Thanks for your post. In the last few days, I’ve seen several GP posters getting lathered up over nothing but the goading that seems to be designed for just that purpose.

    I thought it was worthwhile pointing it out, and (like you say) move ahead, ignoring the solo harp.

    How about this game ?!?

  9. America, the evolving third world country.

  10. #14 February 3, 2013 at 8:39 pm
    listingstarboard commented:

    anyone else getting a malware warning when trying to get on Breitbart?

    Yep and Drudge also

  11. “The new normal.” Renewable energy, get used to it.

  12. Лучше игнорировать троллей

    Couldn’t get on Breitbart but had no problem with Drudge.

  13. Jim,

    I see you won’t be publishing my comment. That’s a shame. I thought you stood up for free speech. I wasn’t disrespectful in any way. Just wanting to register my displease with you being awfully derisive of an action that can appen anywhere. Like it happened twice on Monday Night Football at Candlestick Park on Monday night football.

    I’m a conservative, I love Louisiana and New Orleans is my second home. I know it isn’t perfect but I felt like that was a cheap shot coming from someone whose site I visit daily. Guess I’m not welcomed here?

    David Eleuterius

  14. This just in, Ray Lewis acquitted of killing the lights…

  15. #12: Time to pay the utility bill.

  16. Well, for those of you who missed this…I mean, who watches commercials? Right? This one is better than great.

  17. #38 – Don’t think you’re being censored. There have been problems with the comments here for days.

    As far as Breitbart and Drudge are concerned, someone is playing games … either they hacked the site and uploaded some malware, or a bunch of jerks just made malware reports, which will often result in a temporary quarantine. I have to believe that this is a coordinated attack. The new Tea Party Community site was attacked this weekend too, with a denial of service assault, right in the middle of their national launch podcast.

    So much for our first amendment rights. I guess it’s OK to attack web sites and suppress free speech as long as liberals are doing it … right?

  18. #41 Sasja … is that a link to the Bud Clydesdale commercial? That one was my favorite :)

  19. Obviously Bush’s fault… wait.

  20. In case you haven’t heard about this site ….

    Facebook, without the censorship of Conservative speech….

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