Karl Rove was on The O’Reilly Factor tonight. The Republican operative told Bill that his American Crossroads will continue to release video exposing radical Ashley Judd before the senate race in Kentucky.

“This is just the opening story. This is just the opening ad. She has said a bunch of stuff that the people of Kentucky when they hear about it are not going to like. We’re going to lay it out in plenty of time for people to get a handle on it.”


Don’t forget her crazy Palin-bashing wolf slaughter ads.

Crossroads already released one video ad exposing the far left Hollywood darling.




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  1. ++

    speak for yourself ricochet Karl.. :mad:


  2. I smell fear. And glad to see conservatives putting their money with Karl 0 for 7 Rove again. Good thinking

    By the way Hillary leads every republican candidate in Kentucky according to PPP polls.

    She is that popular.

  3. Karl Rove: We’ll Expose and Destroy Nutty Ashley Judd Before Kentucky Senate Election

    Given his results in the last election, she has little to be worried about.


  4. Please, someone find the video of her flashing her crotch at the academy awards!!!! She was commando and she claimed the ‘kick pleat’ was too long. This was on live TV as I recall.

  5. Rove’s money would be well spent on mocking Democrat candidates, in their own words, rather than picking and choosing Republicans.

  6. #5 February 7, 2013 at 8:40 pm
    Maudie N Mandeville commented:

    “Rove’s money would be well spent on mocking Democrat candidates”

    Your mocking democrat candidates didn’t work. Romney lost. You lost Senate seats. And you lost House seats.

    But by all means continue. Bash and mock and offer no ideas nor do any actual governing.

    It’s working so well for you.

  7. Senator Unfunny, meet Senator Judd… do you recognize her with her clothes on?
    Senator Pocahontas meet Senator Judd… you two have so much in common, right?
    Senator Baldwin… uh, well, uh yes… a dinner date? this week? well, uh yes, uh sure.

    what’s happened to my country?
    I think Rome preserved the dignity of their Senate a lot longer than we have

  8. ++

    his real goal is to ruin the Rep Party,
    and imo, was Bush’s et tu brute.. :mad:


  9. OT

    If any of you missed Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast….


  10. #7, Nice try, but this is why your guy Obama “Won”, http://obamavoterfraud.blogspot.com/. Massive Voter Fraud. I think record Firearms and Ammo sales, are more ndicative of where this Country’s sentiment is.

  11. ++

    Sasja #10 February 7, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    thank you..


  12. Good to see jharp playing the same clown over and over. Keep that attitude douche. I love the dumbasscrats confidence. You do understand failed economies, higher taxes, endless deficits, higher healthcare costs , gun confiscation, divided nations, no more Obama the failure but his legacy of failure, idiot democrats and an extremely ugly Hillary the skank who hides from answering the 3 am phone call are a great résumé for dumbasscrats right? Not likely to get high black turnout for Hillary. Women don’t all love that old wrinkled skank who lies just as much as Obama. GOP still controls congress and senate has a big election coming and Obama will be gone. In one year they will stop blindly following the liberal turd leaders. Reid is a creep, liar and thief. Pelosi is a Botox filled whore, lost in the ranks, they are running scared on gun control from Obama except where libs are heavily voting for them. California will likely be bankrupt before 2016 as will other liberal cities and states. Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, are all close and full of criminals. Half the libs are looking stupid as GOP run states push ahead with their economies by decent margins. We took over many state and local offices in 2010 and cockiness from you turd burglars will aid our winning in 2016. Jessie Jr seat is up for grabs now and has a black honest republican running as opposed to dishonest scummy liberals. If Menendez goes down for being a child sexual predator and rapist, Christy names his replacement.

    I know you won’t debate anything and will give your fly by stupid response but that’s ok your a moron easily whipped like a stupid mule.

  13. ++

    Sasja #10 February 7, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    i heard a bit of the BUSH plan in his TAX
    solutions starting around the 21:00 mk…


  14. ++

    Sasja #10 February 7, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    wow, my eyes welled up and got goosebumps
    listening to his story about the War of 1812..


  15. #13 February 7, 2013 at 9:39 pm
    Bigkahuna commented:

    “an extremely ugly Hillary the skank… …Women don’t all love that old wrinkled skank”

    “Pelosi is a Botox filled whore”

    Please proceed Governor. Charm those women voters. Especially the elderly with the “old wrinkled skank” charge.

    It’s working so well for you.

    Are you trying to lose on purpose?

  16. reading comment on kitco investment site that the economy in it’s current state is toast by 2015…things that can’t go on forever won’t. who will obama blame when the gunfire in the streets is eliminating the takers.

  17. I do not like Ashley Judd. She is a major advocate of the murdering of the unborn.

  18. #2 February 7, 2013 at 8:20 pm
    jharp commented:

    “I smell”

    Yes, you do. We all do. We’re trolls.

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