Junk Scientists: Moscow Snowpocalypse Is Due to Global Warming

Snowpocalypse Moscow–
Russia is experiencing the heaviest snowfall in a century this winter. And, now they are expecting another 26 centimeters this week.

Of course, junk scientists blame the record 100 year snows on global warming.
The Moscow Times reported:

The heaviest snowfall in a century brought Moscow and the surrounding region to a near standstill and left hundreds of people without power, officials said Tuesday.

And with snowfall set to continue at least until the end of the week, the authorities are bracing for more chaos on the roads.

“There hasn’t been such a winter in 100 years,” Pyotr Biryukov, deputy mayor for residential issues, said Tuesday in comments carried by Interfax. “The snow this year has already reached one and a half times the climatic norm,” he said.

The capital has seen 216 centimeters of snow fall since the beginning of winter, Biryukov said.

Average snowfall in Moscow is 152 centimeters a year. Biryukov said the city saw 26 centimeters in the 24 hours preceding his Tuesday afternoon news conference and has seen 36 centimeters since the beginning of February…

…Scientists say such extreme weather is only likely to increase.

The weather we’ve seen in the past couple of days completely fits with the tendency that was identified a couple of years ago, that we are going to to see much stronger, intensive bursts of precipitation in the future,” said Alexei Kokorin, director of the climate and energy program at WWF Russia. “In the summer, we will probably see stronger bursts of rain.”

And, if there was no snow in Moscow this year, then that would be blamed on global warming, too.

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  • Joanne

    This spring they will have floods too – too much snow, too much water, too much crack!

  • Ghost

    let this be the supreme example out of many such examples to teach you for all time:

    facts, reason, logic, consistency, principle, objectivity present pain, future loss mean nothing, NOTHING! to people for whom feelings and agenda are all there is.
    “I don’t care, it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter…”

    this is who we’re dealing with, folks. give up on persuasion, all that matters for us is that we must defeat them. personally, I prefer abandoning them to sink in their own filth.

  • steve clark

    Hmmm, you offer ZERO evidence that the record snowfall is due to or not due to global warming. Nothing to see here, folks, move on.

    I am not on the side of the weather nazis, but I also am not on the side of empty stories lacking any sort of substantial argument or data to support its underlying assumptions. That is nothing more than propaganda. You can do better than that.

  • bg



    February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004

    Ronald Reagan Birthday Tribute


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  • Jeffery

    Fact #1: The Earth is warming.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Fact #2: There’s not a blessed thing anyone on the face of this planet can do to change the condition of the weather or the climate.

  • WillofLa

    Would someone please tell me how much snow they got? I have no idea how much 216 centimeters is. Is it feet, yards, what? All I know is, I guess, a centimeter is one hundreth of a meter? And I do remember that a “meter” is 39 inches instead of 36 for a yard that we use. I used to hate that my son would bring home all this stuff filling his head about measurement of things in millimeter’s, I do know what that is since I use it for scientific measurement. But when he would start saying things when he was helping me build something, “That looks like about 30 centimeters.” I’d say, “What?”, “How much?” “Would you speak English.” And I’d get him to translate what he was being taught in school. I told him don’t ever forget that America uses the Standard Measuring System, not metric. I don’t know anything in metric except metric wrenches and I cannot spot a wrench by sight for size like I can a wrench in Standard size. Like I know how big a half inch wrench looks like. I can show you that size with my fingers held up in the air in front of me. But a 15 millimeter? Forget it.

  • Jeffery


    Your ‘fact’ is inaccurate, hence, not a fact.

    Fact#1 depends on the actual fact#2 which is “The Earth is warming due to greenhouse gas accumulaton in the atmosphere.”

    The contention that humans cannot affect climate is inaccurate.

  • WillofLa

    Global warming my butt. It’s called WINTER IN FRICKING RUSSIA, OKAY!! Who cares about how much snow they got. Yeah, it messes up traffic and transportation of merchandise, but other than that, the article didn’t say anything about it being painfully cold. I can remember many years ago when Russia had a really bad Winter when it was really, really cold, like 50 to 60 degress below zero. People all over the place were found frozen stiff sitting on park benches, in their cars, buried under the snow with their feet sticking out like they just passed out and fell into the snow bank and froze to death. Probably drunk.

  • Sasja

    Fact #3. Jeffrey is an idiot.

  • Flintstone F.

    Jeffrey fact 1 is wrong. The planet stopped warming a decade ago.

    My post never showed up. But let me repeat: Man will never see the climate change. To do so, one would have to live for ten or twenty thousand years. Man will never see the magnetic north become the magnetic south. It will always just be where it is when you’re alive although it’s changed thousands of times on an average of about once every 250,000 years. That’s an average and it’s not sudden and we are due for a change, but all we know is that the earth’s polarity is about 10% weaker than “normal.” The implications are nothing more than more cosmic radiation coming into our lives. Better get the spf 85 total sunblock if you are fair skinned.

    The Rocky Mountains are falling down. Who will be here to see it out and the subsequent rise of the 4th set of Rocky Mountains? Nobody.

    A hundred years ago they got the worst snow ever. A hundred years later it happens again. Well what happens next year when they don’t get the record snow? Global warming? Cooling? Nope, it’s just weather.

    CO2 is not a pollutant and does not drive temperature. For at least 40 million years the temperature relative to now was high while CO2 was low. For at least 40 million years the temperature was cool relative to today and the CO2 was high. For at least 40 million years the temperature was high relative to today and the CO2 was high. For at least 40 million years the temperature was cool relative to today and the CO2 was low.

    We live in a CO2 deficient period. 35 ppm vs 7,000 ppm and both climates were easily survivable to humans had they been around 400 million years ago. Land/water distribution was different but the climate was just fine.

  • Flintstone F.


    You don’t have any idea of what you’re talking about.

  • shadow

    An increase in snowfall. Who could have predicted that.

    Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Downpours, Heavy Snowfalls, and Flooding
    An increase in global temperatures will lead to an intensification of the hydrological cycle. This is because an increase in surface air temperature causes an increase in evaporation and generally higher levels of water vapor in the atmosphere. In addition, a warmer atmosphere is capable of holding more water vapor. The excess water vapor will in turn lead to more frequent heavy precipitation when atmospheric instability is sufficient to trigger precipitation events. Intense precipitation can result in flooding, soil erosion, landslides, and damage to structures and crops.

    Last Revised: 11/10/03


  • Jeffery


    I couldn’t understand you, you must have something in your mouth.


    I actually know quite a lot about what I’m talking about. Your contention that the Earth stopped warming is not true. In fact, last year was the warmest on record. The rest of your comment is irrelevant nonsense.

    Fact 1 is still true. The Earth is warming. Do you disagree? It’s been my experience that climate change deniers love to tap dance around the most basic of facts and start talking about 100,000,000 years ago.

    Unless you have discovered a new science of physics, CO2 remains a greenhouse gas.

  • Jeffery


    We are already changing the climate and on our current trajectory the mean global temperature could be 7F higher by 2100. Do you really believe mankind will not be around then? For me, I worry about my grandkids, great grandkids, great great grandkids. Don’t they deserve better?

  • shadow

    #8 WillofLa

    There 2.54 cm in an inch, or 25.4 mm. So your 216 cm of snow is 85 inches, or 7 feet.

    As for you wrenches, 1/2 inch is just a little over 12 mm, and 19 mm is almost exactly 3/4 inch.

  • bigkahuna

    You people dont understand…. Global cooling brought us global warming….Global warming brought us climate change ( since they got tired of changing their minds and faking evidence)

    You see…

    Lack of rain =climate change ( we need to tax things)
    More rain= climate change (we need to tax things)
    tornados= climate change (we need to tax things)
    hurricanes= climate change (we need to tax things)
    Snow storms= climate change (we need to tax things)
    Warm days= climate change (we need to tax things)
    Cold days= climate change (we need to tax things)

    You dummies dont realize we never had such rain, snow, heat, cold, wind, hurricane, tornados before…They were always just nice things and nobody was ever hurt or property damaged before glaobal cooling, warming, CLIMATE CHANGE.

    We need to tax things, do 50 more studies, fund hundreds of scientists to prove/fake evidence of climate change so we can keep telling you what you can drive, smoke, eat, drink, fly, and otherwise do.

    Dont worry they will tell you when you need to know something and when to bend over and pay up.

  • bigkahuna

    Oh and I forgot to mention… Its for the children, kittens, puppies and old people that if you disagree you are a mean, racist, bigot and hater of children, kittens, puppies and old people.

  • Jeffery


    (Review Fact#1): The Earth is warming (and Fact#2) due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

    These are simple and well understood.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Now Jeffery, don’t drive angry.

  • Sasja

    Jeffrey ist immer noch ein Idiot.

  • Flintstone F.


    You’re absolutely right. Have a nice day.

  • midusdew

    wait a second Jeffery

    fact you have no data.

    so you are factless

  • Ajax

    This, coming from a guy who has no problem linking to Pravda when it suits him.
    You’re a joke, Gift.

  • jorgen

    And the even bigger snowfall 100 years ago was due to global warming

  • Paul Renick

    There are a few things that make me suspect about “global warming.”. One, it has been admitted to by the authors, that data was falsified and omitted in the seminal paper on global warming. They even omitted the mini ice age the US endured in Geo. Washington’s day.

    Two, the sample size is ridiculously small. You can draw no valid conclusions looking at the past couple of hundred years.

    Three, and admittedly unscientific, the video of the polar bear swimming between ice floes actually shows normal polar bear behavior. It is not indicative of a loss of habitat that the Left would have you believe.

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  • JoyO

    The sole purpose of Climate Warming is to allow global control over people by the political and environmentalist elites. I thought the data from the University of East Anglia would put an end to all of the Climate Warming lies. But, it didn’t agree with the NYT ideology so they refused to cover it for six months and then they covered it as a break-end — not with the kindness they displayed for Wikileaks (two quite similar events). This is similar to the way they are covering up the story about the Benghazi killings. The Benghazi hurts their cause; therefore, it cannot be covered or must be covered in a way to misinform its readers.

  • mundus civilitas

    “It’s the irony of all ironies that Baghdad Karl will be spending tens of millions to extract the irrational and hyperventilating far right from his party, when his major donors spent millions manufacturing and coalescing these dark planeteers into a group. These people are unreformed Birchers, glory days of the wild westerners, Keep your hands off’n my Medicare but that nice Mr. Ryan can take it for tax breaks for the billionaire needy and greedy idolaters. These people are the ones that generated and perpetuated the whole birther nonsense at the behest and sponsorship by the billionaire rope a dopeneers that yanked their strings and fed their hysteria to the media they own as being legitimate, while all along laughing at how willingly they were duped into betraying everybody in America so they could dodge taxes and pay their fair share of the cost of civilization. The dinosaur riding ancestors were roped in by paid political activist pastors who needed nothing more than a photo of the POTUS and a color chart to point out the problem. Billionaires as in 2 brothers and a certain Mr.Armey bused them around the nation to town halls to convince people with preexisting health issues that they’d be better off six feet under because record profits should not be squandered on people’s wellbeing but should be safely stored in offshore bank accounts. They had them baying for blood of the working poor for having the audacity to work 2 jobs and still be eligible for food stamps, because the same billionaires for the sake of ever more money decided to pay part time and minimum without benefits as they deserved it for being poor and not being prepared to cheat, lie and claw their way to the top without any conscience or even worse to not have the dignity to be born into the already wealthy and connected gene pool. They spent millions stirring up the irrational anger, they spent billions on buying an election, Think tanks spent countless hours on writing the propaganda to match the groupthink of all of the party elements and reinforce them and oh sweet karma, now that they brought the party to the brink of ruination they will spend millions more getting rid of them. “The stupid party”? Yes indeed governor Jindal that you are. ”

  • stuart

    Gosh Mundus, thats an awful lot of words dedicated to no end whatsoever. You could have simply said that those of us with whom you disagree “suck”. It would have saved the rest of us so much time.

  • Charlie

    What am I missing here? There are lots of places that get a hell of a lot more than 7 feet of snow regularly, and there are a hell of a lot of places where -40 degrees is quite common at this time of the year. Is this getting so much press to prove the “global warming” theory. People who live in some parts of Alaska and Minnesota and North Dakota must be laughing their asses off at this.

  • paul52

    Jeff-troll, what caused all the Ice Ages? Were you there? Do you have accurate climate data from the Middle Ages, Roman Empire, ancient Greece, year 5000 B.C.? Did Al Gore fart in your general direction? How much CO2 did the dinosaurs generate? Is the CO2 or CO level dangerously high in Mom’s basement? Is our sun 100% consistent in its output of energy, always? Can big volcanic eruptions affect the Earth’s climate? Is your kool-ade sweet enuff?

  • Tee Dub

    A theory that predicts everything, predicts nothing.

  • the warmer it gets the more it snows. look out miami!

  • fact#1… the earth alternately warms and cools in roughly fifteen to twenty year peroids.

    fact#2…this normal weather pattern was taken and used by marxists(like jeffyboy)to try to impose a one-world communist government of the people of planet earth.

    fact#3…this weather pattern has been happenning since long before the invention of the internal combustion engine.

    beside all the hot air that man-made global warming is suppose to be causing should go out of the man-made hole in the ozone layer anyway.

  • WillofLa

    Yes, all the “man made global warming” detractor’s are correct. It’s just weather.

    It’s called a “dynamic atmosphere”. That means that the atmosphere changes constantly and is never stable enough to foretell where or what it’s going to be from one minute to the next. That’s the reason why when Gore said we’d have jungle growing in Canada in ten years, then when ten years went by and the weather was just like it is now, all he had to say when asked about it, “There is a concensis and the discussion is over.”. Okay, so what about all these predictions that ALL the global warming advocates predicted ten years ago haven’t even come close to coming true? That’s why they no longer call it “man made global warming”, but changed that to “climate change”, but with the same discriptions they were using when they called it “man made”. Now, the supporters of “climate change” say that anyone who disagrees with them should be arrested and executed for being a threat to everyone in the world.

    Every time we debunk “man made global warming”, or “climate change” or whatever they call it, really it’s just weather, and we dismantle their argument on every point, and even those in the media start making reports that possibly the argument on their side needs to have another look at it, we believe that the whole thing is over. Then some time passes and we think that finally one of their “crisis” is over, I’ll be damned here it comes again. Somebody brings up some remote thing and their whole effort takes off again with full force like nothing was ever done to defame the thing.

    Liberals will never give up on this argument because it’s a scientific argument that never has concensis from scientists, and they know it. That’s why they can continue with the argument whenever they need a distraction to get our attention off of some screw up they’ve caused.

  • Tee Dub


    Liberals will never give it up because a) It makes man the pre-eminent power over God, and b) It’s a great excuse to redistribute the world’s wealth (which was always the intent of the IPCC from the get go).

  • WillofLa

    I can remember when my son was in junior high school and his science teacher gave the class an assignment to write a report about “man made global warming”. I helped him write it according to the truth about it. When he turned it in the teacher gave him a “C” on it and said that there were inaccuracies in his report, and made notes about which parts he disagreed with. Oh boy, that’s all I needed. I wrote back to him with proof that his remarks were incorrect and was nothing but liberal disinformation and was his part of promoting the environmentalist propaganda about something that didn’t exist. I took my son’s report and made copies from websites that were from the U.S. Senate’s report that “man made global warming” was a lie and was nothing but a scam. Then I sent copies of the IPCC where it stated that all the scientists who had signed onto the original report about global warming had withdrawn their agreements and wrote opinions in the contrary about global warming and in their opinion it was all a scam to try to gain control of developed countries energy resources on bogus information.

    Ohhhh, he didn’t like what I sent him, but he couldn’t come back with any arguement about what I sent him, he basically just dropped it.

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • WillofLa

    The funniest part was my son’s science teacher was making arguements about the polar bears running out of ice. In my comments to him I referred to the fact that scientists had found that polar bears were capable of swimming a 100 miles in open sea hunting for food. And what was that about polar bears running out of ice? That’s what I asked him to respond to. He had no responce.

  • WillofLa

    Can anyone tell me why it is that liberals just believe this garbage about the climate in the face of scientific fact? Why is it that they have no question about the outlandish claims the left makes about something as complicated as the climate? How can a intellegent human being just take as fact something that with any degree of the power of reasoning would not let a person just take these lies as truth? I just can’t fathom how someone can be that “trusting”, I guess that would be the word to identify what they are doing. The left puts this stuff out that most people don’t know that much about, but that’s no excuse. The internet is just slap full of information about how our climate works, but yet the stuff the left puts out about can’t be found in any reference that is based on scientific factual evidence.

    Are the left just totally ignorant? What is their problem? It’s like the economy. They just can’t understand that when you let people have more of their money, people are going to spend more of it which in turn gives the government more money from the sales taxes the people end up paying on more of their spending. It’s dumb simple. Why can’t they get it? Or is it since it didn’t come from the left it can’t be true? It’s, we’re trying to fool them with facts and figures liberals don’t agree with?

    What is it about these people? What’s the matter with them? They ALL can’t be mentally ill, can they?