It’s an Obama World… Miami Residents Freak Out After Military Choppers Fire Shots Over I-395 (Video)

This is very strange.
Machine gun fire was reported this week from military helicopters flying over Interstate 395 in downtown Miami.
WSVN reported:

Following reports of a military exercise occurring in Miami this week, KTRK-TV shot video of military-style helicopters roaming the skies in Houston, Texas. There have also been several reports of gunfire in the area.

In June of 2012
the Department of Defense started running military drills in the streets of St. Louis City. Local residents were warned to not be alarmed at the sight of U.S. Army tanks rolling through residential neighborhoods.

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  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    Bush took the fight to the terrorists. Obama stopped that and waits for them to come here. Thus, the need to train for terror attacks on the homeland.
    This is what the people voted for.

  • donh

    This is something that could cause a car accident on the highway. Treating the public like a sacrificial guinea pig.

  • onbe

    #9 NavySeal

    the other one did stick around to hear it .

  • onbe


    The other one did hang around to hear it.I would bet the other got word of it too.

  • Tcircle

    Let’s see…..We can use the military to protect the southern US border, but we can conduct drills – using simulated live fire from ground and air resources – in residential areas.

  • Tcircle

    Correction – it should be: We can not use the military…

  • DoctorDoo

    We’re all being set up in so many ways. Been asked by your doctor lately IF YOU OWN A GUN?
    It seems our Constitutional rights are under attack and even your family doctor is helping.
    If you answer yes to the gun question, it goes in your medical records where it can be used against you at a later date. Your HEALTH insurance company might raise your rates because you own a gun. Many eyes see your medical records, and it will be worse when we’re all forced into a single payer system in 15-20, like Obama said. The government will be able to take your gun away if you are using certain medications, or tell you doctor you feel stressed out, or whatever medical condition you may have. The Center for Disease Control basically considers guns a disease that needs to be CONtrolled. MANY in the health care field are anti gun. Obama’s “Homeland Security” with its billions of rounds of ammunition and now their interest in acquiring 7000 FULL AUTO assault weapons with 30 ROUND MAGS should be raising a lot of RED FLAGS with the American people. Interestingly enough Obama wants to ban civilians from owning SEMI AUTO rifles with anything larger than 10 rounds. So you see, the Obama regime has its fingers in all sorts of things working to destroy our freedom. You can’t even trust your family doctor any more. Next it will be your Pastor, your neighbors, even your own family members.

  • Multitude

    What else should Obama’s constituency of the top 0.1% do when the middle class discovers it has been sold into slavery? When the one-hundred-trillion in unfunded liabilities shows up due (with the middle class co-signed to pay it back), don’t you think they might get a little pissed and might feel like chopping off heads?

    There’s a reason Obama is cleaning house in the military and demanding top officials that have no qualms about shooting American citizens when told to. There’s a reason the drone program has targeted U.S. citizens overseas and ensured provisions to do the same domestically. Like another commenter above, it’s difficult not to sound “Alex Jones” when the Obama administration is doing what the conspiracy nuts would be accusing the government of perpetrating.

  • xkaydet65

    I’m old enough to remember the 50s and early 60s CD drills. They were nationwide and besides clearing the streets and seeking shelter you could hear, and as a kid not in compliance with authority, I could see interceptors climbing for altitude over NYC. Usually F94C Starfires, but later F102 Delta Darts. Thing of it is we were always forewarned. This stuff is spooky and brings to mind the ECOMMCON from Seven Days in May.

  • Militant Conservative

    I believe this is a high visibility distraction to get our focus off of the true tyranny.

    The military will not en masse attack its citizens/brothers and sisters.

    Obama is up to something else this is a ruse.

  • Truth Teller

    They can try to intimidate all they want. If “they” try anything on the American People, the first retaliation will be a round-up of politicians and media leaders. Don’t be afraid. Don’t back down.

  • Mr. Mexico

    Don’t forget your god, George W. Bush, was at the nexus of these plans to destroy the United States.

  • Chip Bennett

    I know what it is: these are just drills in preparation for dealing with the race riots that will ensue after Judge Nelson declares Zimmerman immune from criminal and civil action, under Florida’s self-defense statutes.

  • J

    Congress does not need to get you to register your firearms when you buy them. Through the healthcare law, the insurance companies will ask you if you own firearms. If you do, they can raise your rates and put a red flag in your health file. It is that simple now.

    The liberals will say, “Oh no. The govt. is not collecting your information. The health insurance companies are.”

  • Sasja

    I hope we all know to not tell our doctor we own firearms. I think this is a diabolical scheme to keep everyone on edge. Think how we are manipulated every day with one crisis or another. Feel stressed? Tell your doctor that and that you have guns, you are automatically listed as a potential threat to yourself, your family and your community. Feel stressed? Talk to God, not a doctor.

  • Injunjoe

    No wonder all the guns are sold out… Hate to see what’s coming…

  • Cactus

    I’ve never been asked if I own a gun… and I went to the doctor twice last week.

  • shadow

    Obama has had these “drills” going on in various cities all over the US since 2009..
    Not to sound too “Alex Jones” here, but honestly I think he came into his position planning to start a second civil war from the start.

    It’s worse than you think. Obama had these drills going on before he was even elected president.

    Who knew he had such power?

  • donh

    #27…I was talking with an old friend last Thursday, and he claimed to have been asked what guns he owned by his doctor. So this would have been like the day after the executive orders were signed…and already patients are getting the 3rd degree in exam rooms across the country…… My friend said he refused to answer and told his doctor that he thought the question was offensive….The doctor gave him an ugly face , and he believes the doctor made him pay for his lack of cooperation during the rectal exam.

  • dwdude

    obama has a new bunker under the white house driveway…homeland security declared early on in his first term that they will not respond to any terrorist attack using biological or nuclear weapons for a period of 72 hours after the initial attack. so if you’re severely injured, you will die while obama sips a latte in his bunker. check it