It’s an Obama World… Miami Residents Freak Out After Military Choppers Fire Shots Over I-395 (Video)

This is very strange.
Machine gun fire was reported this week from military helicopters flying over Interstate 395 in downtown Miami.
WSVN reported:

Following reports of a military exercise occurring in Miami this week, KTRK-TV shot video of military-style helicopters roaming the skies in Houston, Texas. There have also been several reports of gunfire in the area.

In June of 2012
the Department of Defense started running military drills in the streets of St. Louis City. Local residents were warned to not be alarmed at the sight of U.S. Army tanks rolling through residential neighborhoods.

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  • maria

    training for military push????

  • Tabby

    Obama has had these “drills” going on in various cities all over the US since 2009..
    Not to sound too “Alex Jones” here, but honestly I think he came into his position planning to start a second civil war from the start. I mean it wasn’t long after he started his first term that the DHS report came out stating that the true threat is longer radical Muslims but “right wing extremists”, which went into detail profiling the ‘true terrorists’ that should be watched for.. These included constitutionalists, people that ‘believe the Bible literally’ (aka: every true Christian), Ron Paul supporters, etc. etc.
    Anyway here’s a recent article listing these ‘drills’ with links.

  • Redwine

    Don’t think for a second that this evil regime won’t commandeer the army (or at least those who would comply) to take control and subdue urban population centers. The Defense Dept. has been throwing out any top-ranking officers who challenge them (like the recent dismissal of the head of CENTCOM), and putting yes-men in their place.

  • Servo1969

    Why all these military drills in close proximity to civilians lately?

    1. To send a message? What message and to whom exactly?

    2. To get military personnel accustomed to operating in US cities?

    3. To provoke some kind of response? Again, what and from whom?

    4. Are they simulating gunfire with speakers? If not, are they just allowing their brass to fall on peoples’ property and in the highways? What, do military aircraft and vehicles now have little signs on the back saying “Not Responsible for Broken Windshields”?

    5. A simple lack of respect for the public? Drills like this used to be rare and the public was warned way ahead of time. They were also scheduled so as not to conflict with local traffic. Here lately? Rush hour traffic? Too bad. 911 systems jammed because nobody knows what’s happening? Tough. Deal with it, local authorities.

    6. Martial Law practice? Just in case, you know. Not really planning anything. Just covering all the bases.

    7. Are they just screwing with us?

  • Redwine

    The thing that tells me that these are not drills, but exercises in intimidating the population is that local police and fire rescue and the media have not been forewarned.

    The regime ramped up the use of the TSA Gestapo to intimidate and humiliate people as they go about their business of traveling by plane. Now they’re doing it from the air.

    This is tyranny.

  • onbe

    This is where it begins at the local level to bring sanity back.

    pass it around

  • RKae

    This helicopter-and-gunfire drill also happened in Harrisburg, PA, this last week.

  • NavySeal

    That’s the way it’s suppose to be!! Great clip, just wish the council member would have stuck around awhile longer to be reminded of the OATH he had to take… That my friend is a true liberal!!!!!

  • Practical Jane

    This is expressly prohibited by law.

  • Libtards Lie

    WTF is going on here.

    There should be an immediate congressional investigation.

    Why is this not front page new in every paper and on every station.

    I literally am stunned that this is occuring, but with this president and his ilk, I really think the worst is yet to come.

    What has happened to our country.

  • Conservative Ken

    Now we know why Obama wants to bring the Military home.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    I’m Retired Navy
    Drill ?
    Preparing ?
    For what ?

    You do these types of drills on station ,out of public view
    If you do them in public,it’s to send a message of intimidation
    This is a show of force..the brownshirts are coming
    Soon they’ll be goose stepping down Main st. USA
    The “Fuhrer in Chief” has set his’ve been warned

  • john graham

    I told my wife this was coming…..If marshal law is declared in this country….we need to understand that is has been declared on us……WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO????? stand back and watch, or come to the realization that this is WAR!!!!

  • J

    All of these drills going on around the country?? Checkpoints being set up everywhere…. NDAA bill which allows spying on americans and no due process if the state declares an american a terrorist?? The system is in place to declare gun owners domestic terrorists. I am convinced that the american people are being acclimated slowly and incrementally for a loss of their civil liberties as well as free speech, the second amendment, and the right to have due process by law. They say the drones will only be used in certain cases…. In the beginning it will, but incrementally, it will be normal procedure further down the road to use them everyone to spy and track everybody. The new enemy declared by DHS will be gun owners, constitutional lovers, and those who want to practice free speech peacefully. Under the NDAA and the patriot act, every thing we say on the internet is saved in a data base, while we are all considered guilty until proven innocent. Those who have not learned from the past are doomed to repeat it. America is rapidly turning into a facist police state where the corporations and govt. are merging. Textbook facism…….taxpayer money goes to private banks and corporations while big brother can force you to be quiet, smile, and keep you paying more and more. The ruling class in Washington just smiles at you and keeps the cocktail parties going.

  • Smarty

    This way when someone resists a gun grab, and he sends in the army, people will not realize that their precise historical location is right on the road, halfway between Lexington and Concord, with the Redcoats on the march.

    What was Lexington? Waco? Ruby Ridge? Cops disarming people at Katrina? We have 100’s of mini-Lexington events all over the US, but there will be more due to Obama’s Executive Orders.

    This is desensitization.

  • airon-later

    I do believe you guys have your tinfoil hats on a little too tight.

  • J

    Smarty nailed it on the head. Incrementalism is also known a creeping socialism or facism. They tell the people to keep moving along.. nothing to see here folks…. just keep moving forward. They desensitize the public by putting these drills and checkpoints right in your face little by little so that when the big clampdown occurs, you and I will be used to it. The globalization of America demands an erosion of its constitution so that the people will accept a UN constitution or some other body of law.
    I was dumbfounded when both parties voted for the NDAA bill. They are turning America into a battlefield where the new enemy is the american domestic terrorist. They will use these drones to track and watch law abiding citizens. They have software for cameras on cars that can drive near you and search you without a warrant via x ray. You are now guilty until proven innocent. All in the name of keeping you safe.
    “He that trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”

    I grieve because of what Americans will do to fellow Americans in order to escape the intimidation coming from the police state. Snooping, snitching, and over reacting to having a toy gun, hunting knife, or peaceful dissention will be the norm because of fear.

  • J

    Go back to sleep Airon-later. Say to yourself, “It can’t happen here.”

  • Killer

    TGo back to sleep Airon-later. Say to yourself, “It can’t happen here.”

    A good read by Sinclair Lewis, and it fits in with what this rogue administration is up to!!,