Gun Expert: “Obama Shoots a Gun Like He Throws a Baseball” …(President Panzy Pants)

The White House released a photo of Barack Obama shooting a gun this morning.

bo gun
They don’t want you to Photoshop the picture.
Too late.

It’s obvious why they waited so long to released the photo.
Barack Obama shoots a gun like he throws a baseball.

An anonymous gun expert, who did not wish to be identified, had this to say about Obama’s shooting style.

“Either the recoil kicked his ass or he doesn’t know to lean into the shot when shooting. He shoots a gun like he throws a baseball. That’s a ported shot gun. (holes – venting – at the end of the barrel. Less recoil.) You port really high power firearms to reduce the kick when fired. It helps with control and is less punishing. The smoke coming out of the top of the barrel lessens the muzzle jump and recoil. It means he’s a panzy. And it still threw him back. It also means he never shoots a gun.”

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  • Look-Out

    Highly recommended missive from Rep. John Campbell…

    The Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy is one that will not, and should not, leave our collective memories for many years. My daily prayers include the families of these young victims. There is no disagreement that such violence is on the increase in our country. There is similarly no dispute that we must have a reasoned and serious debate about its causes and potential solutions.

    With this writing, I will enter that debate.

    With a few exceptions, the proposals to reduce such violence have been focused on increased gun control legislation. Some have also talked about increased mental health funding and reporting, while others have suggested armed guards in schools as a solution. I believe that these proposals all deal with the symptoms rather than the causes of such violence. Furthermore, I believe that most of these proposals are actually counterproductive in that they distract us from what perhaps are much more difficult and deep-seated issues that we are fearful of or simply unwilling to address.

    We won’t find solutions to our problems until we’re directed to look at what’s caused them. Campbell is on the right track and hopefully will find support for his efforts.

  • Anthony Durnsford

    jharp, you are a liar. “Obama bashing 24/7”? Provide me ten examples of my “Obama bashing.” You can’t, though, can you, liar? Because they don’t exist. Why do all leftwing cowards lie?

  • shadow

    Today’s ammo doesn’t smoke like that, leastwise my Remington 3″ goose loads don’t. he oughtta be more careful. might hurt someone.

    Yeah, he could accidently shoot a buddy in the face. It’s happened before to someone holding executive office.

  • John Paul Jones

    My guess that Obama’s weapon of choice for mass murder is are abortion and drones. Throw in a little Fast and Furious and Benghazi gun running and there is no question this guy is a psychopath Statist.

    Oh, and jharp? Your kool aid is a bit too potent.

  • Francesca

    Well. Ii have learned quite a bit about shooting from all you all. BTW, Sarah Palin shoots (hunts) to put meat on the table and help feed her family.

  • anti-bho

    as for the caveman, juice harp.
    you can suck obama’s improved cylinder shotgun’s muzzle for starters.

    mean motah skootah and uh bad go gettah,
    look at that caveman go.
    ally oop, oop, oop poop.

  • SD Tom

    You know, they attached that *WARNING: DO NOT PHOTOSHOP* ‘ToS’ to that photo in the hopes that everyone would do exactly that and photoshop that pic and pass it around.

    That is the absolute best and most expeditious way to get that photo out to the world and into the heads of everyone with access to the interwebs – including the gun control fence sitters.

    No matter how you photoshop it [unless you eliminate the obvious] – it still shows our America loathing Constitution shredding President Dingus wielding and firing a gun in a recreational setting which works directly to benefit their cause – and his ‘public image’.

    Other than that – I can’t wait to see the maelstrom of photoshops that are sure to ensue.


  • Joel

    Gee, am I allowed to turn the photo upside down?

  • Lincoln’s widow

    petty, petty,petty. This is why you guys keep losing elections.

  • Nanna

    This photo is so late coming out because it is a recent photo. Note the gray hair. It isn’t at the beginning of his term, as he was still dying his hair then, and it was very black, and usually longer. He did this photo op because he was taking heat over his lies about shooting.

    Just another lie.

  • Lincoln’s widow

  • CommieJuice

    I have a similar style rifle and I thought the same thing looking at the picture. Only a loser can look that feminine when shooting a rifle.

    It really makes you wonder how he was able to dress up battle gear with the Navy Seals and property shoot 0sama. After all, he did shoot him personally, right?

  • Lincoln’s widow

    “Sarah Palin shoots (hunts) to put meat on the table and help feed her family.”

    Hilarious codswallop! If Sarah Palin can afford to hire the helicopter to kill animals from the sky she can damn well afford to feed her brood farm raised beef.

    what ya ingnarent?

  • John Paul Jones

    Good choice for a name Lincolns widow. She was crazy, I guess that’s why you relate.

  • anti-bho

    dedicated to Ally Oop’s Sidekick, juice harp…….

    Alley Oop – The Hollywood Argyles – YouTube

  • anti-bho

    Alley Oop – The Hollywood Argyles – YouTube

  • anti-bho

    damned Vista double posting again,

  • Adi

    The neocoms are upset for braking the first commandment of Progressivism: Thou shall not make fun of thy Messiah.

  • Crazy

    Yup, this is a marksman..

  • Mike

    “panzy” ?!