Good Grief… Juan Williams Blames Neighboring States For Inner-City Gun Violence (Video)

Spoken like a true liberal.
Tonight on Special Report Juan Williams blamed the extreme gun violence in cities across the country with strict gun laws on neighboring states. They don’t have strict enough gun laws!

It’s the neighboring states fault!

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  • Parrot Crap


  • Bigkahuna

    Are those neighboring states named Bush?

    Pathetic liberals simply can’t accept blame or responsibility for anything.

  • Bigkahuna

    You would think these tools would be embarrassed but they never are.

  • Bronson

    I almost pity this clown

    Just kidding

  • Practical Jane

    Good Ole` Juan… You can always count on him.
    An ever loyal resident of the Lefty Plantation.

    BTW: You know FOXNEWS is a joke, right?

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    But why don’t those same states with all the guns that are shipping them into Chitcago have MORE murders and violent crime than Chitcago? And why ship them into Chitcago in the first place if they could just sell them to murderers closer to home? What makes Chitcago the destination of choice (assuming it’s true)? Could it be ‘their’ culture? No one is forcing ‘them’ to murder each other. What is it about Chitcago, Detroit, Compton, New Orleans, Wash DC, St Louis, etc?

    And if they apply the same gun laws as Chitcago and even confiscate all the guns, according to Juan’s logic, they’ll just get the guns from some place else…like gun controlled Mexico. And Juan can’t argue about the ‘sealed border’ now, can he?

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  • Practical Jane

    Turn OFF the TV.
    Starve the beast that sold Obama to America.

  • Patty

    I see NO resolution to the gun control. And yes, Obama is correct on one thing. Call and Write your representative in Congress and tell them Obama’s Background Check won’t matter to the Criminal and Kuddos to Tucker Carlson correct on every count.

    And Krauthammer, also, it would take 100 years to collect the guns from Americans.

    On a different topic: What is worst of all his that Obama has some horrible Ideas for the economy and one in particular, he has done NOTHING for the economy which in turn is placing America under a great National Security risk.

  • Patty

    It’s the Economy Stupid.

  • Indiana

    I understand Fox wanting to be “fair and balanced.” But, there’s nothing “fair nor balanced” about Juan Williams. He’s as disgusting as Tamera “what’s her name.” When I see either of them I change channels.

  • MYates

    I be doin’ my part fo’ the liberal revolution.

    Go Che,

  • Ragspierre

    Yah. Iowa and Wishconsin are BIG hotbeds of arms smuggling.

    ‘Course, rural Illinois (which is everything outside of Chicago, really) is a very peaceful, safe place to live.

    And people out there HAVE guns…

  • cavt

    Juan seemed to mellow out after his NPR fiasco and became somewhat tolerable. That time has passed. He is back to standard Obamaite–it’s not us even if we do it, somebody else’s fault. Don’t believe your lyin eyes.

  • sha-doo-doo

    Yeah, it’s not the criminals fault. Pfffft! Oooops, forgot my persona. Criminals don’t know any better. They weren’t given unicorns, and probably don’t read well, so they prolly can’t read those confusing gun laws, or cigarette warnings, and…and…I lost my train of thought! Derp

  • Rachelle

    Why don’t the neighboring states where guns are easier to get have the same level of violence that Chicago does?

    Juan never seemed very bright.

  • Sean

    I live in Wisconsin and most of the convicts in our jails are from the south side of Chicago. Just saying.

  • Skandia Recluse

    re: lax gun regulations in neighboring states.

    That has been an argument used for several decades by both Chicago and NYC. It really is an amazing admission. It’s the reason why strict regulations in a local area don’t work; people simple go outside the area affected by the strict regulation.

    So if Indiana would just strengthen gun laws, there would be fewer people from Chicago buying guns in Indiana. Of course there would be more people from Chicago buying guns in Kentucky or Alabama, or Texas. So, we need stricter laws nation wide which will, of course solve the problem.

    Except that then people would simply buy guns in Mexico, or South America. Just like they used to buy Canadian whiskey during prohibition, just like they buy drugs in Mexico, just like immigrants cross the border with Mexico in violation of immigration regulations.

    Somehow, the liberals seem blind to the obvious. Doesn’t matter if it is pot, or guns, or cigarettes, or (in the old Soviet Union) blue jeans, or (in Colonial times) Jamaican rum or sugar or Tea. Prohibit something or add on high import taxes, and you create an underground economy. The liberals think that they can suppress that underground economy, given enough force. Yet those same liberals all declare the war on drugs to be a failure.

    Sadly, even conservatives believe that we could win the war on drugs if we would just enforce the law. Unfortunately, the only laws we can enforce are the laws people are willing to obey.

    So let us pass more laws that more people will disobey. Let us celebrate our president when he chooses which law to obey and which to ignore. That would be fair, would it not?

  • mark1973

    I believe this is part of a definitive strategy on the part of the left This story in today’s Boston Globe, reflects that deliberate strategy of blaming more Conservative border states, for the rise in Firearms crimes. Not the fact that the more restrictive Firearms laws in liberal States like Massachusett’s and Illinois for instance, alway’s lead to more crime.

  • Patty


    High-school freshman suspended for having a picture of a gun

    Read more: