A Republican?… Really?
Geraldo Rivera told Shepard Smith today on Studio B that he is strongly considering to run for the US Senate in New Jersey. Geraldo says he will run as a Republican. Then he went on to slam the “nativist wing” of the party and urged the GOP to be more inclusive.

“All of my elected heroes growing up were Republicans.”

Good for Geraldo.
He can’t be any worse than the Democrat socialist they have in office today.




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  1. Dazed and very confused! Pre senile dementia? Or just born that way.

  2. This is a liberal plot to make Republicans look stupid.

  3. Remember Jerry Springer was mayor of Cincinnati and was an also ran for governor of Ohio. Geraldo is a similar “has been”.

  4. oh god just when i thought i couldn’t have worse senators then menendez and lautenberg(aka the cadaver).

    dear gerry, there is a difference is being anti-immigration and being anti-colonization.

  5. He can be and is worse. He is a Democrat socialist, but he will use the GOP title. Don’t you see that when GOP sides with and lauds socialist ideals it hurts the chances of the GOP to enact conservative action?

  6. A Christie Republican!

  7. Um, no.

    Not just no, but haaaale no.

  8. Gerry Rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera) running for office as a Hamiltonian just means YARIC (Yet Another RINO in Congress). I wager he’ll vote for with the Communists more than Hamiltonians.

  9. Jerry has stipulated that he is a registered Republican for many years. IMHO he does so for cover. i.e. he is free to critisize all day long. He is no more a Republican in real life, than I’m a sea cow with opposing thumbs.

  10. Geralso is Republican like Colin Powell and Shepard Smith are Republicans.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA he couldn’t even find Al Capone’s Vault, what makes him think he can find Liberty, Honesty and the Constitutional American way?

  12. That’s all we need….another anxiety ridden, narcissist, prone to hysterics…….in our Government. Well New Jersey….you elect him….you deserve him.

  13. ++

    run, run, run, run………..

    oh wait, they have Franken, ergo,
    that just might even sides out. :roll:


  14. ++

    oooh, that reminds me:

    Ed Koch Died :-(


  15. He heard about the girls in Santo Domingo and wants in on some of that.

  16. bg,
    the first thing that came to mind was an image of al franken…in a diaper…holding
    a teddy bear…and wearing bunny ears!


  17. ++

    he’s right about the Bush immigration plan..

    btw, Bush was right, so was his plan..

    now just wait and see what Obama brings thee..

    i can assure it won’t be pretty, not to mention much more costly..


  18. ++

    not rainmom #17 February 1, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    ROTF :lol: MBO!!

    can you see them on the senate floor together, what a pair,
    and what a joke this country has turned into, trouble is, no
    one is laughing, and if they are, here’s a wee hint for them:

    expect when they least expect it..


  19. Geraldo is putting it out there hoping Chris Christie will appoint him to fill the pending vacancy by Menendez…..His womanizing of younger women makes him the ideal replacement.

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