Dollar Store Employee Arrested For Whipping Customer’s 8 Year-Old Child

When the child chucked the cookie jar at the employee it was all she could handle.belt spanking

An employee at a dollar store in Georgia was arrested after she whipped an 8 year-old boy who threw a cookie jar at her.
Online Athens reported:

A dollar store employee has been arrested for simple battery after whipping a customer’s child with a belt.

WMAZ-TV ( ) reports surveillance cameras inside a Wrightsville dollar store recorded an 8-year-old boy running around the store and eventually throwing a cookie jar at 39-year-old Emilia Graciela Bell.

Authorities say Bell took off her belt, chased the boy down and spanked him behind the counter.

The boy’s father called police and Bell was taken into custody. Police said she was free on bond Friday.

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  • joe bob

    she should sue the father for bringing his spoiled brat into the store.

  • RealMc

    Please take it to a jury trial I am sitting on…..she’d walk in a freaking HEARTBEAT.

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  • Sasja

    Using a belt was a little much. I received my share of much deserved spankings growing up, but never with anything but my dad’s hand. Parents today don’t seem interested in controlling their little brats. If either one of our sons behaved like that, they would have received a whoppin’ from me or their father and made to apologize to the employee and anyone else who witnessed such disgusting behavior. If the object thrown was damaged in any way, they would have had to pay for it out of their meager allowance.

  • bigkahuna

    While it was probably overboard to whip the kid…the parent should have thanked them not called police.

  • jharp

    #2 February 2, 2013 at 3:45 pm
    RealMc commented:

    “Please take it to a jury trial I am sitting on…..she’d walk in a freaking HEARTBEAT.”

    Got it. Assault and battery on an 8 year is now OK.

    What is wrong with you people? An 8 year for God’s sake. And how do you know the 8 year old even is in touch enough to know right from wrong?

    You do know that sometimes ill behaved children are not capable of knowing the difference, right?

  • AlphaDog

    She should have beat the dad with the belt.

  • zip

    Charge the parents for the kid ransacking the place and physical harm to the clerk. Isn’t ‘throwing’ something at someone an assault? Better the kid learn now.
    The parents are to blame for not ‘raising’ their kid to be respectful and courteous!
    A lower standard of carnal living.

  • GrammarDiva

    JHarp, you’re kidding, right? Or are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell.

    Unless the kid was mentally handicapped in any way, he should have known right from wrong. And if he didn’t, it’s the parent’s fault. I might not have spanked the kid, but I’d have gotten ahold of him and made sure he knew, and the parent, too.

    I got spanked when I was a kid. Not with a belt, but with my dad’s hand. He only had to do that once or twice and I figured out right from wrong VERY quickly.

  • dandy1

    Long time reader, first time poster. Jharp, you are an idiot, that is all.

  • Franklin Amman


    Your entertainment value today has been great.

    Pls keep it up. Public schooling has done wonders for you.


  • Granny

    I’m sorry. I don’t condone taking a belt to my own children (not a one of them is or was a mannerless juvenile delinquent), never mind somebody else’s child.

    I would never have allowed my child to run the store in the first place, but if I had done so I absolutely would have pressed charges against anyone who whipped my child. After I got done beating them myself.

    The Dollar Store employee should have simply asked the father to leave when the child first became out of control and called the police if he didn’t.

  • Smarty

    Maybe the dad needs to tell us about how well he was supervising his kid- or was he smoking crack outside of the store?

  • RealMc

    Thanks #9 February 2, 2013 at 4:15 pm GrammarDiva

    and for the readers here:

    Jharp is the “timeout” type no doubt. Can’t DARE let little Johnny have any kind of responsibility for his actions, after all, it’s not HIS fault he’s a little hellion, he’s just a product of the failure of society as a whole…….right…..yeah, right.

    Wait a few years, we’ll see the product of what I often refer to as “the time out generation”…..more “occupy” unwashed dregs no doubt.

    Whip his arse I say, and if it takes a belt, fine and it can most definitely be accomplished without being “Assault and battery on an 8 year old”. I know. I am the product of that “horrid” type of upbringing and so are my kids.

    And as “luck” would have it we are all productive, self sufficient, tax-paying, law-abiding members of our society today.

    And for the record, I ain’t had to have my arse whipped in a long time. I do understand there are consequences to ones actions and that responsibility lays with the one undertaking such actions………at least since I was 8. Kindergarten back in the day used to teach that.

    So, “jharp”, keep on harping and Have a Nice Day……and you damned straight she’d walk, in a New York minute!!!

  • wtd

    From the WMAZ link:

    “The boy’s mother and sister, who were also in the store, did not witness the spanking, according to the chief.”

    The child’s mother AND father were in the store and apparently permitted that child’s unruly behavior to proceed unabated.

  • Sasja

    At 8 years, a child should know right from wrong. If not, it’s the parents who are at fault.

  • Holger Awakens

    Breaking: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has announced legislation she will introduce on Monday that would ban the manufacture and sale of belts exceeding the length of 45 inches and exceeding a width of 2.5 inches. Feinstein was quoted as saying, “Belt violence will not go away on its own. We need to act.”

  • Sasja

    We also had time outs, but back then you had to stand facing the wall to think about why you received the spanking.

  • mrburns

    One of Jharp’s children appear before the court : Yes I drove that car all around the town and ran down the officer that tried to stop me, but it’s Ok because I didnt think that was wrong. Jharp will tell you that . And I just went poopy here on this big raised chair, and thats OK too because jharp never taught me about toilets and such . I am just a big happy 16 year old doing whatever I want, so screw you and dont you dare touch me or jharp will sue your ass. The jharp generation – subhuman and proud of it.

  • Chas

    The kid could grow up to be an OWSer throwing molotov cocktails at cops in the street, so Holder’s Just Us Department will file a civil rights suit against the store clerk.