Ann Coulter Issues a Warning: Universal Background Checks Lead to Confiscation and Extermination (Video)

The final step of Nazi control in Austria was registration and confiscation of guns. (Fairly Civil)

Ann Coulter was on with Sean Hannity tonight to warn gun owners what lies ahead if Democrats have their way on gun control legislation. Ann made this very important point,

“Everything they’re telling you about what they could do about guns is a lie… For some reason Wayne LaPierre is not making this point so you’ll have to hear it from me. Universal background checks means universal registration. Universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination. That’s how it goes in history. Do not fall for universal background checks.”

You were warned.

The entire interview is here and is well worth your time.
Ann was on fire tonight.

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  • bg


    re: #12/#13/#16 February 5, 2013 bg

    Obama & Hitler (with stupid annoying background noise)

    Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism


    [“At a press conference on December 1… the possible Presidential contender said, ‘…the network that Saddleback has helped to create has as much reach as any institutional force in our culture and has probably a wider reach around the world than just about anything that’s going on right now…. I hope one of the things that comes out of this conference that Pastor Rick has emphasized again and again, is no single branch of our society is going do this alone. If government thinks they can do it by themselves they’re wrong. Churches have to recognize that they’ve got to be partners with the government. Business has an enormous role….]

    “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    ‘We are God’s partners in matters of life and death’

    ‘my individual salvation is not gonna come about
    without a collective salvation for the country’ ….

    “Today, the responsibility, which used to be laid at
    the door of God, is fastened on the shoulders of man.”

    bit more here (#28) & here (#12)..


  • Redwine

    Mark Levin has been saying these things for years – articulated with greater depth and knowledge.
    Read his “Liberty and Tyranny”.
    Then read “Ameritopia”.

    These are the 2 books everyone needs to read.

  • Mark Tipton

    What a sad freak.

  • bg


    re: Patty #7 February 5, 2013 at 12:15 am

    “litmus test”

    January 25, 2013

    Report: Washington Didn’t Even Tell
    Marine Gen. He Was Being Replaced

    [… General Mattis was travelling and in a meeting when an aide
    passed him a note telling him that the Pentagon had announced
    his replacement as head of Central Command. It was news to him
    — he hadn’t received a phone call or a heads-up from anyone at
    the Pentagon or the White House.]

    Will Our Military Fire Upon Us? Survey Says….

    [Next time you hear people say it is okay to give up our guns to
    make a safer America, or that it is ok that the TSA treats us as
    lesser beings than cattle, or even that it is a good thing for the
    DHS to train our police forces on how to control urban situations
    against “home grown terrorists”, remind them that they are the
    reason our freedoms are dissipating before our very eyes. Thank
    God in Heaven we still have our Vets and brave military men and
    women who want us to open our eyes and see what is going on
    in the ranks of our “protectors”.

    re: #12 February 5, 2013 at 12:38 am bg

    Jean-François Revel: How Democracies Perish

    [Even if we muster sufficient backbone to resist Islamic jihad, liberal
    Republicans and Democrats will be undermining our future from within
    by loading more free services onto an economy unable to fulfill even it
    existing commitments under Social Security and Medicare.

    Regarding that, Revel wrote: “..[What the quest for economic equality produces] is the growing role of government, the modern government of which democracy’s children ask everything and from which they consequently accept everything. …. Tocqueville the visionary predicted [in his 1833 “Democracy in America”] with stunning precision the coming ascension of the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient state the twentieth – century man knows so well: the state as protector, entrepreneur,educator; the physician – state, impresario – state, bookseller – state, helpful and predatory, tyrant and guardian, banker, father and jailer all at once….. Its power borders on the absolute partly because it is scarcely felt, having increased by imperceptible stages at the wish of its subjects, who turned to it instead of to each other. In those pages by Tocqueville we find the germ both of George Orwell’s “1984” and David Riesman’s “The Lonely Crowd.”]


  • Mark Tipton

    Obama better get busy building those extermination camps.

  • Darth Venomous

    Today’s headline:

    “Leslie Brillstein still a gun-grabbing coward”.

    (This is going to rival the old “Generalissimo Francisco Franco Still Dead” SNL schtick as a running joke. But then, so’s Brillstein.)

  • Spinning in CA

    Heres a question….I don’t know much about the background check. But I have heard that it delves into a persons mental state and past medical records for such. My question is that there is a new proposed guideline for labeling physical illnesses under mental health set to go into effect in the spring. I will include the link to the article. I haven’t heard much about it and am only aware of this because I have a chronic illness that while I do not have mental health issues if this had been in place during my diagnosis time I might have been sent to a psych and thus might have had it on my med records even though I don’t have mental health issues. This concerns me and I’m wondering if this goes through would it affect people’s background check when they go to purchase a firearm? If so, that’s another layer of alarming to me.

  • gene read

    I think Ann Coulter is right. She is also very pretty. She was wearing nice attire. Whoever at Fox who decided to keep up that Breaking News banner should be fired.

  • john graham

    I will agree to a “universal” background check…..WHEN Obamas records are unsealed……it is way past time to play….I’LL SHOW YOU MINE, IF YOU SHOW ME YOURS!!!!! And I want to see the origionals, not some photoshopped B S

  • Fuquay Steve

    Ann, now just as with abortion, maybe we should not be so outspoken and blend in with the crowd, after all we did lose the election and our values are not all that important, are they? Go away, your 15 minutes are up.

  • Monkey Wrench

    Ann Coulter, the 50 year old virgin who dresses like a slut. Who cares what she says?

  • jorgen

    #7 Patty What in the world is Obama thinking?

    He is thinking that Universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination.

  • Glenn47

    Janet Reno said in 1993
    Gun registration is a step
    Gun licensing is a step
    Complete confiscation is the goal.

  • Arch

    Policy of disarming the public began after the Second Punic War when Rome prohibited Carthage from defending itself. In 148 BC after the Third Punic War, the Carthaginians were exterminated.

    Gun registration has already led to confiscation in America. California registered “assault weapons” and confiscated them. NY State is registering all firearms. Banned weapons (assault weapons and magazines with more than 7 rounds) must be disposed of by March 2013 or they will be confiscated. The goal is to disarm the American people, making them subservient to the government.

    If you live in a red state write your state representatives and your governor demanding that firearm sales records not be turned over to the Federal authorities. The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits release of these records. If asked by your doctor if you have a firearm in your house, say no. (I used to keep my firearms in the trunk of my car until I lost them all in a tragic canoe accident last month.) If you have a concealed carry permit, you may answer that (like me) you carry a pocket knife.

    If you live in a blue state, move.

    Ammunition is in short supply so reload. Buy an old press on eBay; new ones cost more and are made in China. Used dies are also available online. RCBS is the best brand. Check out garage sales especially if someone died or is getting divorced. It may seem odd that someone like me who has no firearms would load 30-06, 243, 45 ACP, 10 MM, 40 cal, 9 MM, 380 ACP, and 38 special. Hey, it’s my hobby!

  • RedBeard

    Leslie, posting the same copy-and-paste irrelevancy twice does not make it any less irrelevant. By the way, are you able to form a complete sentence of your own, or is your skill limited by the availability of other people’s words? Typical mindless troll.

    As for Coulter, well, she finally got one right. Bravo. Now she can go back to drooling over pictures of Chris Cristie.

  • burt

    Obama is a communist. He has always been a communist. Nothing new.

  • Finncrisp

    Does anyone know if reports are true that Austrailia has taken away guns from it’s citizens? I saw a report that over 600,000 guns had been rounded up involuntarily.

  • anti-bho

    Nugent tells Piers Morgan to shut the hell up. Don’t miss the video

    Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: ‘You’re the Perfect Poster Boy to Stand Up for Things That Make No Sense’ | NewsBusters

  • ClinkinKY

    Ann is right most of the time. Even bought a couple of her books. But she’s been “dead to me” since her love affair with Chris Christie (following her relationship with Bill Maher, of course:)

  • ClinkinKY

    Ann is right most of the time. Even bought a couple of her books. But she is “irrelevant” to me since her love affair with Chris Christie (after her relationship with Bill Maher, of course:)
    Is that better mods?