Welcome to Egypt!

** Whack! **

The anti-Assad protesters were NOT HAPPY to see Ahmadinejad in Egypt.
One protester is seen whacking him with a shoe. The man was removed from the area while shouting: “You’re the one who ruined Syria,” and was later arrested.

Ahmadinejad was on his way to a mosque when he was confronted by the protesters.




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  1. What’s wrong with a granade?

  2. ++

    ! ! L :lol: L ! !


  3. That’s silly! Any moron knows that Obama and Hillary screwed up Syria!

  4. Ah finally an embarrassment for aquavelvajad and the goon ayatollahs who prop him up.

  5. You’ll hear nothing about this from the msm -Imadinnerjacket IS NOT BUSH!

    Still funny though! :)

  6. Where is the ol’ Shoebomber when ya need him?

  7. Hey, At least Bush had enough sense to duck.

  8. To bad it wasn’t a brick.

  9. justice served.

  10. Suuuuuuu-eet!
    Ah, ha, ha… The wascally Mossad was probably behind “shoe-tack” ;-] Ha, ha.

  11. May GOD protect the shoe thrower. If they find him they’ll kill him slowly.

  12. was 0bama there in the crowd planning to give ahmadinejad about 60 blowjobs? the shoe interference messed up his plan. *l*

  13. The order and decorum of these people is amazing.

  14. Do they make hollow point shoes?

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