Ahmadinejad: I Want to Pray in Jerusalem… After “The Liberation”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told reporters today in Egypt that he wanted to pray in Jerusalem… after the liberation.
Ahmadinejad also said he wants to visit the Gaza Strip.
It was Ahmadinejad’s first trip to Egypt since the Arab Spring revolution.

The Daily Beast reported:

Ahmadinejad wants to go to Gaza, pray in Jerusalem ‘after liberation’ – Due to visit Egypt this week, Iran’s president expressed interest in visiting the Gaza Strip; he did not specify whose permission he would seek. (Agencies, Haaretz)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also told Egyptian reporters today that if Israel decides to attack Iran they will dread the consequences.

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  • “after the liberation,” you mean he wants to give jerusalem back to the jews.

  • which means…perhaps….he will be “praying” from hell.

    “Hell will believe itself to be in possession of the entire earth, but I shall reclaim it”
    St. Padre Pio’s prophecy on the 3 days of darkness

  • Finncrisp

    This guy is lost in space and hasn’t even been launched yet.

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  • Jerry C

    He’ll sit on the sidelines while Israel takes out Syria, Lebanon, Gaza & the West Bank fulfilling Psalm 83 & the Isaiah prophecy of Demascus being utterly destroyed.

    Israel will increase its possession of even more land and will feel secure.

    Later, once Russia joins the attack against Israel, he’ll be brave enough to join in the frey leading to the Ezekial 38-39 war to Armageddon. At Har Megeddon (Armageddon), he’ll have his a$$ handed to him.


  • Big Al

    I would like to see aquavelvajad pray from Jerusalem too…..from a jail cell!

  • SeniorD

    If he keeps talking like that, he’ll wake up to find himself very warm with 72 demons to comfort him. Remember, one needs to martyr oneself for the 72 virgins prize. He ain’t a martyr.


  • Charles Bigelow

    “Imadinnajacket” can pray from a 5X10 cell

  • bg


    February 5, 2013

    Obama’s defense nominee previously earned Iran’s blessing

    [After reportedly receiving support from Iran, Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s defense secretary nominee, has yet another endorsement to add to his resume, this one coming from the Communist Party USA.]

    a bit more of much more here & here & here..


  • bg



    February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004

    Ronald Reagan Birthday Tribute


  • YourMaster

    what ahmadinejad means by this, is…
    he wants to pray in jerusalem after all the arabs are liberated from ‘islam’
    …in other words he is secretly hoping Israel conquers all the arab states
    and makes them a part of israel and if not…

    this is what they mean by liberation… *lol*

  • P. Aaron

    He can pray for his life when the bombs start falling on him.