27 Asians Destroy 3 White Boys After Celtics Game in Boston (Video)

It’s only white boys. Nothing to see here. Move on.
The Trenches has more on the beatdown.

From the video: OVA 30 Asians putting tha beat down on 3 drunk punk talking White boys after tha Celtics beat tha Heat

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  • jharp

    Yeah right.

    Just what was needed. Add guns to the mix.

    You people are out of your minds.

  • Gooks going to jail

  • Pink Tie Republican


  • bigkahuna

    At least they have minds to be out of Jharp. You on the other hand are poster child for a mind being a terible thing to waste. My guess is you are a crack head or a dope smoker… either way waste of sperm

  • Joey Silvera

    It take 30 Asians to beat 3 white guys. Punk ass gooks.

  • Annoyed In Illinois

    Perhaps these three deserved what they got. Who knows? Can’t blame the zipperheads and swamp rats if the poor excuses for white men were harassing their fishhead girlfriends. Keep in mind that Odumbo won a majority of the white male vote in but a few states and Massachusetts was one of them. Chances are that these pussies may be Odumbo blow boys. Besides, what kind of Caucasian goes to an NBA game these days? The Celtics of today hardly look like Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, and Bill Walton.

  • You know what stops 27 thugs? A gun with a 30-round magazine.

  • jharp

    #2, #3, #5, #6

    All vile racist bigoted posts.

    Give it up. It serves no one.

    And I can’t believe it but big kahuna’s post is the least vile.


    #2, #3, #5, #6
    I am guessing these are troll libs…but if they are conservatives please get your acts together.

  • Bigkahuna

    Aweeee jharp that’s sweet of you…. The issue is crime with me. I say the problem is liberals have allowed for too much of it and their policies breed it. Arrest or shoot those who deserve it. Stop taking away rights on law abiding citizens and go afte criminals and idiot liberal policies, welfare, foodstamps, obamacare, public school unions, gm bailouts, and pretty much everything else libs do. Stop electing the idiots to run anything more than a lemonade stand.

  • Pink Tie Republican

    I showed this video to my 100% Chinese wife, born and raised in the USA (Hawaii), and even she said “freakin’ faggot gooks” although her language was a little rougher. Even she hates immigrant Asian scum.

  • edc

    as an asian myself, I find it disturbing….don’t know what started it though. hearing all the name calling here though is twice as disturbing…maybe that’s why those white kids got their asses handed to them in the first place….I’ve had my share of both white and black people call me goof for no reason whatsoever….and yes, sometimes I had to drop some of them for a lesson.

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  • Earthmover

    Not a drop of blood anywhere! Kinda cute really. Could watch that video 200 times
    and still not sort out what happened. Now I’m hungry for Teriyaki, hmmm….

  • #8, just making an observation. Every last one of them are identifiable.

  • WillofLa

    You know this is just proof of how screwed up our education system has gotten over the time that liberalism and being PC has taken it over and has worked real hard on teaching our kids things that are backwards, upside down, and inside out just to keep from being called…..RACIST!!!!

    ASIA?? Back in my day when Geography was a requirement in order to graduate there was parts of the world that was noted as “Asia”. But if you were talking about some guys who were from Japan or China they were known as “Oriental” because they were from the “Orient” or Japan and China, Vietnam, etc., not Asia. If you want to say where these boys who did the beating you indicate the country they are from not the geographical REGION of the fricking planet they are from because that tells no one exactly where they are from just what part of the world their race is from.

    Ohhhh, I said the nasty word….”race”…didn’t I. You damn right, RACE. If they were Japanese you call them “Orientals” that way people know they are either from Japan or China. And if you want to get even more specific you can say they were either Japanese or Chinese. Uooooo, but then that might be….racist…wouldn’t it? But if you want to stay as far from what race they were you just use the word that would indicate that within some four to eight thousand mile range they might be from you say…ASIAN. Idiots!!!

    Now which part of “Asia” were they from, IndoChina? Southeast ASIA! The NEAR EAST or FAR EAST?? Which part of that HALF!!! of the world would they be from, you bunch of PC idiots???!!!

  • jharp

    #9 February 2, 2013 at 9:32 pm
    ALL_IS_LOST commented:

    #2, #3, #5, #6
    “I am guessing these are troll libs…”

    Kinda says it all that you have to guess.

    And you’re a regular here. Time for a reality check buddy.

  • dwdude

    #8 jharp

    does the j stand for jizz? your mother should have been a good liberal and aborted you.

  • DecentAmerican

    I don’t condone violence, but in this case, gotta say good for them for standing up for themselves against those racist liberal white dudes. Asians have been a model minority putting up with a lot of racist crap from the media, which exercises a huge double standard. Say a word from the imaginary liberal dog whistle code book against blacks and it’s “racist”….but liberal racist nut jobs like Jason Whitlock, Roland Martin, , Marion Berry, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart say crap all the time about Asians and no one blinks an eye.

    Oh, and jharp…..just do some research into what your Democrat friends did with forming the KKK, putting native Americans on reservations, refusing blacks in Alabama colleges, putting Japanese Americans in internment camps…..and then proclaim which is the racist party?

    Damn hypocrite.

  • BossHogg

    That’s just the way they are.They can’t fight one on one or three on three, it takes 27 of them to take care of business. Had they fought them three on three, they would have got beat down! But on the other hand it took 27 of them. What a joke, scared pussies!

  • jharp

    The bottom line is, I spend way too much time on this site trying to pretend that I have an IQ above 70. Since I have hours of kiddie porn to watch and a case of Vaseline, I’m outta here for the rest of the night.

  • WillofLa

    See, all this PC crap is anti-White anyway and is geared in order to marginalize White people as much as possible. All the education that kids are getting these days is all geared to eliminate the influence and contribution White people have had on the developement of mankind for the past thousand years. The use of words like “Asia” is one of these things that kids are taught these days. Once, a long time ago I was using the word “Oriental” on another news site and some commentor made the accusation that I was giving away my age in that the word “Oriental” was not used anymore. They laughed at me. Really? Well, to me they were showing their ignorance in that they weren’t able to use the word “Oriental” and didn’t know the use of the word “Orient” when discribing where a person was from because of several things discribing the boys language, nationality, race, whatever of the Japanese or Chinese people.

    But then if we use the correct term “Oriental” to discribe the boys were Japanese then that might shed a bad light on Japanese people, in that they might not like White people and were just looking for an opportunity to beat one up or something. But you see, the way liberals want to portray White people is, we’re the only one’s who go around beating people up, taking opportunity away from them, taking their jobs, their money, their neighborhoods away from them and leave them naked and poor in the middle of the street. Or some bull crap like that but as long as it’s White people who get beat up NOW, it doesn’t really matter who it is who is doing the beating so long as what kind of people they were who were doing the beating can be hidden behind some vage phrase like “Asian” boys, then it’s okay.

    Ohhh, but let it be White boys and the media would have their entire lineage lined out for us all to critisize and demonize, maginalize, isolate, and ignore. Kinda like Saul Alinsky said do to White people.

    See, Saul Alinsky hated White people to, badly. Even though he was White himself he’s like all liberals who critisize other Whites when they do something liberals don’t agree with, like take their next breath!!

  • bg


    uhm, who’s doing the racial profiling, us or them?? /s/


  • Durpadurp

    I used to hang out with a large group of Koreans in high school. This isn’t surprising in the least. This kind of crap would happen on a monthly basis. Not all of my friends were looking for a fight but the few that were always seemed to find one when the large group was together. It would always just snowball from that point.

  • Flintstone F.

    2, 3, 5, 6, 11.

    Not needed.

    I don’t care where anyone’s wife is from racial epithets are racial epithets. No true conservative is that ignorant.

    It’s rare to see that on this site and I don’t recognize your names. I’m suspicious.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    It’s JHARP . . .
    We really should stop and take note of how things have been going over the last few days at GP.

    Somehow, JHARP got in – I don’t know how, or why — but she’s here with a vengeance. However, she’s causing a lot of you some discomfort (also, discomfiture): As soon as you see her droppings, you stamp your feet, throw up your hands and start to scamper in monologues meant to correct and resolve. That won’t work, you know.

    She is playing you, and of course she knows the game quite well, albeit a juvenile game. With Salon and Huffington as political pillars for her, you know Jen is on a poorly charted course with limited depth (It’s like Woody Allen once said: “I learned just enough philosophy in college to screw myself up for the rest of my life”) — Same thing.

    My advice?
    Let Jen drop her droppings. And the rest of us can ignore her untidiness.
    Besides, Jen is a busy girl, and has other haunts to haunt besides GP.


    I don’t keep track of who posts what. You are right though, when it comes to hate no side has a monopoly. It is still my deep hope that real conservatives, Constitutional conservatives, embrace love and not hate. I hope that equality of God given rights of all men is understood.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Slight problem with that video and the article – it imparts no information whatsoever as to what led to the melee. Did those “Asians” just jump the three guys? Or were the three that got beat running their mouths in a manner that was asking for a beatdown?

    I can see a group of blacks, and possibly Latinos, spontaneously doing this sort of thing without any provocation, but my experience is that Asians are typically low-key about any ethnic hangups they may have.

  • Marsh626

    Yet more proof that diversity is not strength. Virtually all of the conflicts in the world are based on ethnic differences.

    And asians have some nerve ganging up on some apparently drunk White dudes with their hands up in the air.

    Asians were welcomed in here as immigrants. You don’t see asian countries welcoming in tens of millions of White immigrants.

    North American cities that were once nearly 100% White a couple decades ago are now asian majority or nearly so.

    When are we going to fix our immigration system? And by fix it, I mean copying the asians and severely restricting it?

    Probably never…

    White babies are already racial minorities in America now thanks to mass immigration. And Whites of all ages will be racial minorities in America in about 20 years. In most of our major cities, Whites are already swiftly becoming minorities.

    We’re committing racial demographic suicide and nobody on the Left or Right is daring to speak out against it.

    Can you imagine asians becoming racial minorities in China, South Korea, Japan, etc? Why is it that only White people have to celebrate diversity and just welcome becoming racial minorities in their own countries?

    Expect these types of racist attacks against Whites, or even between other racial groups in America, to just increase as the years go by as Whites become a smaller and smaller racial group and the other races feel the need to throw their weight around…

    The politicians who voted for the 1965 immigration act are all traitors to this once great nation…

  • WillofLa

    ALL violence in America today is the fault of soft on crime liberalism. Also to, Newtown is the fault of liberalism soft on the mentally ill’s rights. Both cases is all the softness on crime and mental illness is peaking and manifesting the failures of how liberal put “rights” onto people who don’t deserve those rights. Black gang bangers don’t deserve rights to walk the streets unmolested by the police. They deserve to be molested by the police until they understand that they have to give up their lives on crime and give up the myth of the “coolness” of being a “gangster”.

    Liberalism’s failure to deal with the mentally ill in the way they were being dealth with before liberals gave the mentally ill certain “rights” to not be locked up against their will was how 22 kids get murdered in school one day by a nut that a whole bunch of people knew was a volcano waiting to explode. Mr. Lanza’s mother and her family and probably very many of their friends knew he was about to blow up and knew from his social networking that he was dangerous. And the fat pig cop up there in Newtown puts the word out that any reporter who he finds out is enterviewing neightbors, teachers, other parents of kids, anyone and everyone, they will go to jail, that “this is a ongoing investigation and I will not have you people screw it up!” Well, Mr. big fat pig cop, you’re the one who is screwed up because you cannot violate the presses 1st Amendment rights to report the news…..got that??!! You cannot just take people’s 1st Amendment rights away just because you’ve got bogus practices, policies, and procedures that do nothing but go over the same nothing again and again making it look like you are carrying on an investigation into nothing, that’s your problem not the problem of the press. The people have a right to know what happened, where the father is, did the mom have the guns locked up and Lanza killed her in order to get the keys, who was the guy shot in the fathers apartment, and on and on. Ohhhh, but noo! I’m the law!! NO, THE CONSTITUTION IS THE LAW OVER YOU AND YOU WILL NOT VIOLATE THAT LAW OF THE PEOPLE!!!!

    Another sign of liberalism’s failure and that is we are living in a fascist police state and the law abiding are the criminals.

  • Dakota


  • Joel

    Let’s see a high capacity CZ pistol, for example, holds 26 + 1 in the chamber — sounds about right. Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with a Mossberg Cleanout either. Take this fellow for example … http://theobamafile.websitetoolbox.com/post/show_single_post?pid=1276697574&postcount=228

  • WillofLa

    Liberals are embarked on a vicious agenda to wipe out the means for White people to ever be the ones who set the rules anymore ever again. Liberals have removed the purpose of the nuclear family. Liberals have removed the purpose of Christianity that White people brought to this nation and established it as the religion of this nation. Liberals have removed the jobs in manufacturing and industry that White people built in order that more and more people of all races could have a better life for themselves, by forcing those jobs out of the country forever. Liberals have removed the political power that White people once had that was trying to remain as faithful to the Constitution as much as we could so that fairness and the liberty that our forefathers enumerated to us could keep this nation free. But liberals have removed that power from us and at the same time they tempted those on our own side to turn against those who supported them for so long, so that we would have NO ONE to rely on to do our will and turn the nation around and save the nation not just for American’s but for everyone around the world.

    If America goes down, liberals will not replace it with anything supposedly “better”. Is that like the education system they said was to racist and discreminating so they destroyed it and replaced it with…..what??

    It is not the intent to replace this nation with anything. Those who want it destroyed, want just that….they want it out of the way. And now that liberals have caused most everyone to hate White people, who will join with us to keep America from being destroyed? Anyone? Any Black people want to preserve what our forefathers created? NO. Do you know why? Because liberals have convinced Blacks that the Constitution was written JUST for White people, and no one else. Any Mexican people want to help us save what’s left of this once great nation? NO. And do you know why? Because liberals have convinced them that once upon a time this nation belonged to them, not White people. We won’t find anyone with the Mexican people who will help us throw off the grip of liberalism.

    No, I think White people won’t find any help from anyone, not even our own race and do you know why? Because liberals have converted half of us into being liberals just like them. A people who hate the very nation that our race built from a wilderness into the greatest nation on Earth, and a nation that gave more to more people than all civilizations from the dawn of man until the fall of Great Britain’s rule over the waves was once the great settlers of lands no man knew. America is living on borrowed time.

  • Patty

    So, I was in Boston last night, three of my friends were jumped by over thirty asian kids. I was a smokeshow on Boston and I’m in the video too! Is this not a hate crime? If this had been the other way around 27 whites vs. 3 asians racial equality groups would have been all over this. But it doesnt matter because theyre white? Like wtf!!!! My friends broke his hand and my other friend got six stitches. Thats all the damage 27 asians could do lol kinda funny, Jackie Chan they are not.

  • Sandy

    edc # 12 Not a problem that you had to drop someone calling you a name. That’s one on one. Seems that when 27 people attack 3 people its a CRIME. I guess they think there’s safety in numbers but only goons need travel in packs. Jail the punks.

  • Sandy

    This appeared to go on a long time. Where were the police? Enough horns were honking to wake the dead. Are officers of the law more worried about being policially correct then enforcing the law?

  • JDR-Taq

    Who am I kidding?

    Jharp is having fun, and will continue doing so until nobody here responds to it.

    Also, WillofLA, excellent comment @#17. I feel ya, bro.

  • JDR-Taq

    #27 TX Treeroach puts it best.

    Ignore this P.O.S. paid O.F.A. troll.

    But TX?

    It don’t matter, because Jim Hoft doesn’t give two shhts about the comments, anymore.

    Have you noticed that “trend” these last few, ah, months?

  • JDR-Taq

    My advice?
    Let Jen drop her droppings. And the rest of us can ignore her untidiness.
    Besides, Jen is a busy girl, and has other haunts to haunt besides GP.

    Paid by OFA.

    Meanwhile, in case TX or anyone else who gives a damn has noticed these last few days, it appears that TGP was hacked, right around when Twitter was hacked.


    So much going on.

  • CountyCop911

    Would not have happened to me. Armed 100% of the time and 20 of them would be laying on the pavement flopping around like fish out of water….

  • Lincoln’s widow

    “Liberals are embarked on a vicious agenda to wipe out the means for White people to ever be the ones who set the rules anymore ever again. Liberals”

    FF is coo-coo for cocoa puffs.

  • its obvious to me that the only solution to curbing this violence is an asian control law. everyone will have to turn in their asians to the nearest politican immediately.

  • Kathleen

    Really surprised by the comments by people who are supposed to be Conservatives. You all sound like ugly liberals.

  • markusl

    F**King SLOPES!!! I bet they bring a gun to next game. Toast some slopes……

  • USMC Thomas

    27 black women in high heels would have given a more punishing beat down. These 27 Asian women fight like they drive.

  • Stop Obama the communist

    Man and I thought Eric the racist Holder’s “people” were bad…at least with them it’s 5-10 blacks on one whitey. But 27?

  • Stop Obama the communist

    Seeing as how in most parts of the U.S. whites are now the minority, at what point do WE begin playing the race card? Isn’t it long overdue for our turn? Oh that’s right the commie lib media would still only report white on another race crime anyhow. If this isn’t a racial attack what is?

  • J

    Last year a similar crowd killed a U.S. soldier in this same location. In the past, the area known as chinatown in boston was controlled SOLELY by the chinese….the bpd didn’t even bother going in there. Now they seem to be sprawling over the borders of that district and are effecting the theater/business district. Not sure the bpd will do anything about that. In other minority (read black) areas, the bpd have installed microphones to enable hearing gun shots, added cameras to watch the action. Crime rate in those areas escalated but I assume the bpd were entertained.

  • All it proves is mob mentality isn’t limited to Hispanics and blacks. Back in my day, three would line up against three, the rest would watch.

    I can’t hear the insults, but if the whites did insult the Asian women, they deserved a smack. Unlike blacks who do it for fun and as a game, beatdowns by Asian after and insult is more acceptable.

    However, if they were real men, they would have squared off. You insult my girlfriend I don’t expect half the graduating class to do the work for me.

    Just saying..

    Our society is screwed.

  • Oh, and I think it is a bit humorous that the Asians who did the beatdown were all dressed in GQ clothes and shoes. It’s like getting beat by runway models!


  • and of course, the big difference. They beat down the guys and instead of robbing them like the blacks or doing a dance around the prone body they help the guy up? Make sure he’s okay?


  • rodguy911

    America=the giant melting pot,seems the fire is down a little bit right now.
    Solution= open borders: bring in more mexicons more terrorists gang members across an open border. That will fix things.

  • NeoKong

    Wow…they were all over them like rice on white.

  • DANEgerus

    What if 30 white guys beat up 3 asians? How would the media report that story?

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  • feduptoo

    Last year Merkle of Germany, and Cameron of the UK, both said, “multicultralism does not work.”

    It’s a different world, since immigrants came here in the past, now we see arrogant migrants that demand we change our laws for them…many of their supporters want to get into our political system just to do this.

    My husband and his company, (National Guard), went to clean up after Katrina, he said illegals were there, and they were wearing T-shirts that said, “We are here and there is nothing you can do about it.”

    We have Hispanic gangs, Asian gangs, Russian gangs, etc….if they can’t get what they want, they will just take it by force.

    Seems those that came here years ago, were investigated more thoroughly, and they wanted to assimilate and join in the melting pot. Well there is no melting pot now, it’s a bunch of groups, living separate, Little Cuba, Little Russia, and on and on.

    Think about it, this is one way to destroy a country!

  • USMC Thomas

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…your Chinese triad, Russian mafia, Mexican drug cartels, Nigerian welfare embezzlers.”

  • Catherine

    Wow and they were dressed so nice.

    yea when SHTF better have more than just a 6 shooter.

    because gangs will be gangs.


  • Joanne

    This race of Asians tend to carry and use knives. They are just a bunch of cowards, beating on three white guys. Three of them sure wouldn’t beat on three white guys, especially if they didn’t have knives to gain the upper hand. It sure seems Obama, if anything, has turned all races against whites – it is open season on whites these days.

  • Tricky Dick

    Bunch of cowards!

  • Joanne

    There must have been white women with the white guys, because there were white women yelling at the Asian men. Even the Asian women were helping out the white guys, so it was probably just some disgusting decision by a few to go after the white guys, and then most of them joined in.

    Ignore jharp – he is locked in his basement again and can’t get out. Mommy put a chair under the doorknob.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Thank God for the police.

  • Theasianconservative

    First of all, I am a card-carrying conservative Republican and I am also an American of Asian descent. I agree that those 30 guys are jerks and should go to jail for what they did. I also agree that since President Obama became president, he’s turning minorities against whites and whites against minorities.

    What bothers me are the comments here…”slants” “gooks” and so on. I am shocked that my fellow conservatives would say those kind of comments, and I’m somewhat disappointed. The left-wing liberals are going to win if we sink low to their level.