The Obama Administration blew $100,000 on a video game featuring a black female alien sent to earth to battle global warming.
The Examiner reported:

A new video game featuring a black alien female superhero delivered to Earth to fight global warming is about to hit the market thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Obama administration.

The National Endowment for the Arts is funding the Spelman College of Atlanta, Ga.’s multi-episode game called “HERadventure.” In the grant announcement made last year, the NEA said the story “focuses on a young female superhero sent to Earth to save her own planet from devastation because of climate changes caused by social issues impacting women and girls.”

The game is set to debut on March 8 on International Women’s Day.

The college’s digital newspaper described the project this way: “What would happen if the societal issues affecting women put other planets at risk? Well, of course, HER, a black female superhero, would swoop in with a plan to save the universe. HER is central to HERadventure, a science fiction-based, multimedia platform project that interweaves virtual worlds, digital and social media to create a gaming and storytelling experience. HERadventure not only entertains but tackles social issues that permeate the daily reality of many women.”

While the grant was hit by a lawmaker when it was made, it just came to our attention when the watchdog site Speak With Authority called it wasteful.




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  1. Oh look! They’ve re-branded “Julia”!

  2. On for pity’s sake. Would you women out there get over yourselves. You are no more special than your male counterparts. No way. No how. In fact, I find most women extremely annoying. Especially the Fluke the Slut types.

  3. I’m confused once again! First Bill Clinton, Father of the Year! Who knew that Daddies were supposed to sneak around and prey on young women as an example to Daddies and Daughters everywhere. We used to call such men perverts not Mr. President!

    Now, they tell me that video games “…not only entertains but tackles social issues…”! I thought that video games were just fantasy and really did not effect the way we think or act. At least that is the spin when we are talking violent video games, right? But games about saving Mother Earth are about tackling social issues!

    Next thing you know, the guy who tricked all the women into voting for him will choose to get advice from a bunch of white guys!

  4. Modeled on Michelle Obama no less!

  5. #4, as the writer of Pravda article telling us to not give up our forearms said “These days, there are few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA…”

  6. FIREARMS, not forearms.

  7. Gotta love the hairdo……unless it’s part of a government brain-probe system.

  8. You must admit that Obama is playing the propaganda game brilliantly. He is promoting his Communist agenda everywhere, and especially to young people plus the ignorant, the illiterate, and the dependent.

    Obama has Stalinism and Maoism down pat. I would suggest Americans start reading some History and recognizing the signs of what may be in their future.

    Meanwhile, the resounding silence from Conservatives and the GOP is deafening.

  9. …proving once again that we’re really just G-d’s sitcom channel…
    look on the bright side though, they wasted only $100,000 on this boondoggle (seriously, this can’t be called an investment…). They were spending close to $1,000,000 to create a $75,000 job, so this is much less wasteful than their other stupid ideas. I suspect we should check the fine print though before congratulating them on their new found frugality…

  10. You can find it in the penny bin closest to you just one week after release.

  11. I mean it isnt like we arent $16T in debt We can afford stuff like this.

  12. NEA like most govt agencies now is worthless–the original purpose for it is long gone and they throwaway money like mad. Heck, it’s not their money so they don’t care. If we saw everything these depts–NEA, FDA, DOC, HUD, etc,etc,–put our money into……shudder to think–

  13. “.. climate changes caused by social issues impacting women and girls.”


    How do ‘social issues’ cause climate change? I thought it was caused by the nasty, evil oil companies, gas companies and manufacturing companes that exist only in the U.S..

  14. Impacting women and girls… this super hero destroys abortion clinics and Planned ParentHood?>

  15. “…a young female superhero sent to Earth to save her own planet from devastation because of climate changes caused by social issues impacting women and girls.”

    WTF does that even mean? What social issues change the climate? What climate changes only impact women and girls?

    This whole statement sounds like they just stuck a bunch of unrelated progressive-relevant words in a can and drew them out one by one to make the sentence.

  16. Eat another cupcake! You’re killing our sister planet!!!

  17. “HER discovers that the auras of Earth’s women are diminishing. Consequently, Earth and other parts of the universe are negatively impacted. HER enlists a corps of “superheroes in training” (HERadventure users) to take meaningful action and offer solutions to issues such as negative self-esteem, discrimination, eating disorders, and depression, which are causing women’s auras to suffer. “

  18. Perhaps she will do battle against terminal hot flashes and ozone caused toxic shock syndrome.

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