Wyoming Lawmakers Propose Legislation to Protect Gun Owners From Federal Firearms Ban

Wyoming lawmakers are proposing legislation to protect gun owners from a federal firearm ban.
K2Radio reported:

Several Wyoming lawmakers are proposing legislation designed to protect gun-owners from any potential federal firearm ban. The “Firearms Protection Act” bill, introduced this week, would make any federal law banning semi-automatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state’s boundaries.

Anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban could face felony charges under the proposal. It also includes a provision allowing the Wyoming Attorney General’s office to defend any state resident against any federal firearm ban.

The proposed bill would make it a felony for federal agents to enforce a firearms ban within the state borders.

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  • mark1973


  • Highlander

    Beautiful! It’s time we started fighting back, and this is a great first step. I hope more states follow suit …

  • Highlander

    In fact, I’d take it a step further, and expand it to include the ENTIRE CONSTITUTION. Any attempt to enforce any unconstitutional federal law in this state ….

  • Oliver

    Obamacare outlaws government gun registration


  • Patty

    And every state in America needs to get on board. Obama can try to change a lot of things but our Constitution isn’t one of them. If he does then impeachment proceedings and if the Congress is too spineless then Americans will.


  • http://teachx3sblog.wordpress.com/ TeachX3

    Finally! It’s about time a State spoke up!

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  • Marcy

    Too bad I live in New York with the craziest governor I’ve ever seen. Last night he was screaming at the legislative body in Albany. Literally screaming some crazy ass speech about gun control. He wouldn’t stop. He was so scary I said, “We need a gun just to protect ourselves from Gov. Cuomo.”

  • Bill Schuster

    “Whatever it is, I’m against it.”
    ~Prof. Quincy Adams Wagstaff

  • Patty

    #2 January 10, 2013 at 12:22 pm
    Highlander commented:

    On much the time has come and went with Obama regulations, etc. We needed to stop Obama on a great many things. We may have failed but on gun control? Obama hasn’t a prayer. He is messing with the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. He has no power to change the Second Amendment no matter how powerful he thinks he is. Too many Americans will not let that happen. That is a promise.

    We still live in a nation that is free and our Constitution protects it people from the very people like Obama and others.

  • Frito

    I forsee a land rush to Wyoming!

  • Skandia Recluse

    In 1957 Eisenhower sent federal troops into Little Rock Arkansas, and federalized the Arkansas school system.

    In 1965 LBJ sent federal troops to Montgomery Alabama to enforce federal civil rights legislation.

    Does anyone think that Obama would not send federal troops into Wyoming to enforce federal gun safety legislation?

    Does anyone not think that Obama would welcome the opportunity to send federal troops anywhere to enforce his imperial edicts?

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    not understanding the excessive hype pertaining to gun laws by former pro,
    now anti, gun politicians , as a distraction however, it’s an excellent ploy..
    what better way to appear to be doing something that has already been
    done in order to do more in order to acquire more fire power so to speak..

    seems to me everything is a dog and pony show, they keep US
    busy with one thing, while doing other things behind our back..

    Federal Assault Weapons Ban

    [The Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB), or Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, was a subtitle of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, a federal law in the United States that included a prohibition on the manufacture for civilian use of certain semi-automatic firearms, so called “assault weapons”. The 10-year ban was passed by Congress on September 13, 1994, and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton the same day. The ban only applied to weapons manufactured after the date of the ban’s enactment.

    The Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired on September 13, 2004, as
    part of the law’s sunset provision. There have been multiple attempts
    to renew the ban, but no bill has reached the House floor for a vote.

    a False Assault on Assault Weapons

    [Machine Guns Still Illegal

    Contrary to what the ad clearly implies, any weapon that can fire 300 rounds per minute remains illegal for civilians to own without specific clearance by the US Department of Justice.

    In fact, machine guns have been tightly regulated since the passage of the National Firearms Act in 1934, in the wake of the gangster era. Legal ownership of a machine gun requires an extensive federal background check, fingerprinting, signed clearance from the chief of local law enforcement (such as a county sheriff), a $200 excise tax, and weeks of paperwork. That was true before the assault-weapon ban was enacted in 1994, and it remains true with the expiration of the ban at midnight Sept. 13, 2004.

    That’s made clear in a question-and-answer document posted Sept.
    13 on the Web site of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
    Explosives (ATF), explaining the effect of the expiration of the assault
    -weapon ban:

    ATF: All provisions of the National Firearms Act (NFA) relating to registration and transfer of machine guns . . . still apply.

    The fully automatic version of the AK47 — pictured and described
    in the ad — remains just as illegal as it was before the ban expired.


    But it is also a fact that Bush was publicly committed to sign
    an extension if Congress passed it, and it was Congress that
    failed to do so.]

    The Obamas of The World ‘Don’t Want to Save Lives’:
    The Ted Nugent Gun Interview You’ve Been Waiting For


  • Patty

    Liberals get something in their head and do just about anything from reporting addresses to destroying credibility and character of good men and women. This is from a playbook and it is all part of a Socialization of America. They will break laws to do it even if that Law is The Constitution of the UNITED STATES.

    And THIS IS THE TIME, we have been Biotched Slapped by the left for way too long. And if there ever was a time to STAND TOGETHER FOR OUR FREEDOMS THIS IS THE TIME and we won’t be swayed or detoured again. Maybes, mights, should haves aren’t going to fly this time it is time to act. Time to set these liberals straight. We are tired and we won’t take it anymore.

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  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Nice. Our Founders would have considered it treason=death but it’s a start.

  • Gregor

    I keep hearing so-called conservatives and other gun owners defending these proposed new laws with statements such as “nobody is going to take your guns” or “they aren’t talking about confiscating your guns”, suggesting that they will only outlaw the future sale and transfer of certain types of guns. They keep telling us that we’ll get to keep our currently owned guns, but might have to “register” them.

    There’s a problem with this absurd thinking by non-thinking zombies who claim to be on our side …


    The answer is … your guns will no longer be able to be transferred to your family members, or to anyone else, and your family members will then be required to turn them over to the government or face felony charges for possession of illegal weapons.

    These clowns know this. They know what they’re doing. They are playing you. They are conning you. People need to be pointing this out anytime some buffoon attempts to calm you down by telling you you’ll be able to keep your current guns.

    Additionally, this doesn’t take into account the fact that they’ll most likely make it illegal to buy, sell, or transfer magazines or ammo for those weapons. It also doesn’t take into account that they’re almost guaranteed to make it illegal to use these guns outside of the home, therefore, you’ll be allowed to keep possession of what amounts to a useless piece of metal.

    Maybe you can hang it on your wall and look at it all day long, but I doubt it, because you’ll be required to keep it locked up in a safe at all times.

  • RedBeard

    I’ve always loved visiting Wyoming. Now I want to live there. Well, if they can make it warmer, maybe……..

  • Tony

    Look, I hate this liberal attempt to use the current crisis to undermine Second Amendment rights. But, please look to the Supremacy Clause at Art. VI in the body of the Constitution. Wyoming’s attempt to make it felony for Federal Agents to enforce laws, with which it disagrees, is Unconstitutional. If they could, California and Colorado would make it a felony for DEA to try to enforce the Federal Contraband statutes that outlaw distribution of marijuana.

    Other aspects of the statute might have merit. Financial support in opposition to Federal enforcement might be useful. We are in a lot of difficulty here. The Democrats think they can obliterate their opposition during the lame duck administration of an arrogant narcissist. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Ronald Schwartz

    It appears there WAS an armed guard at today’s school shooting in California.