With Angels Watching Illinois Senator Mark Kirk Returns to Work (Video)

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) made a triumphant return to Congress today after a severe stroke and subsequent recovery a year ago.
Senators and Representatives, Republicans and Democrats welcomed Senator Kirk back to work.
Senator Kirk walked the 45 steps to return to the Senate.

Mark Kirk says he saw angels after his stroke.
World Net Daily reported:

For Mark Kirk, there was no white light, no tunnel.

What Illinois’ junior U.S. senator experienced was three angels standing at the foot of his bed.

“You want to come with us?” Kirk was asked.

“No,” he told them. “I’ll hold off.”

The Highland Park Republican, who plans to return to the Senate when Congress convenes Thursday, recounted the story in his first in-depth interview since he suffered a massive stroke nearly a year ago.

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  • bg


    Amen.. 🙂


  • Patty

    I saw Bret Baier tonight with tears in his eyes when reporting about this today. He said prior to this he has a story coming up next that is a real feel good story.

    And it certainly was.

    It is wonderful and this is why donations to the stroke victims will come pouring in, I just hope they continue for years to come.

    Here is the proof of their work. And of God’s.

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  • just-saying

    Not to be mean, but who’s been doing his job for the last year? Wouldn’t it have made sense that he give up his seat until able to totally and completely represent the people?
    Just saying…

  • Out of all this madness finally a story that gives you some hope…….

  • Patty

    #6 January 3, 2013 at 8:12 pm
    ponderon commented:

    Amen to that!!

  • Patty

    #5 January 3, 2013 at 8:12 pm
    just-saying commented:

    Who took over for Gabby Giffords? She later resigned.

  • donh

    ” Mark Kirk says he saw angels after his stroke”

    And the 3 angels spake unto captain Kirk to vote FOR raising taxes …Then Each angel spake but One Word and the word was …SPEND…SPEND….SPEND…then said the choir of angels….Stay among the damned and follow your Lord and Savior Obama …Help build his counterfeiting Kingdom on earth as it is in HELL. …Spread his faith of sacrificing the young for his glory and prepare his people to feast on their own flesh for all eternity…> http://youtu.be/PX6Y-TNE6uQ

  • King

    Mark Kirk supports an assault weapons ban. Too bad the angels didn’t take him.

  • thebronze

    I wonder if he saw enough angels to make him un-gay?

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  • OldSailor

    I am so disappointed in people like donh, King, Patty and “thebronze” who refuse to credit the man for the strength of spirit and moral courage TO NOT GIVE UP and even wish he had died. You guys would probably also wish he would die slowly and painfully of cancer.

    Am I ripping you for being haters? Yep, just like I do leftist haters. I don’t give a damn about a man’s politics when he is faced with something like this, this transends politics.

    Don’t like my point of view? Too f’ing bad. In my view you are cut from the same cloth as the leftists and democrat haters who wish conservatives, right wingers and republicans die or get cancer or …

  • Ray

    He also walked up the Sears,or I guess they call it now,Willis tower.

  • mark1973

    While i am glad kirk is doing well physically,i am not happy at all to see him back in the senate. #10,You Hit the Nail on the Head. The Main Reason Kirk came back now was to screw us over on the Assault Weapons Ban. That’s it. That’s why he came back.

    The Good thing is,the repubs with the next betrayal by selling our Republic out with the Assault Weapons Ban,will have Finally and once and for all have removed any last vestige of Conservatism and reason that we can effect change through the repub party. It will make it that much easier to ignore any of these unconstitutional edicts and Start a new Constitutionally Conservative Third Party to replace the repubs.

    The repub party has become a miror image of the dem party,just as the ‘Whig’ party who the repubs had replaced,had become in the 1850’s on the eve of the Civil War.

  • King

    OldSailor…. Mark Kirk would strip us of our guns and make us slaves to the government. He is an enemy of freedom and free men. I don’t wish him disease or pain. But one less fascistic gun grabber in the world isn’t exactly a tragedy. Gun confiscation will lead to civil war and the death of millions. Maybe your the one who isn’t showing compassion. People recover from illness all the time. Most of them don’t do it while collecting a paycheck and benefits from the taxpayer as a US Senator. So some mooch recovered from a stroke. Huzzah. Now he can get back to the tough work of stripping or rights and spending our money. The sooner you realize the leftists in both parties are the enemy the better off you’ll be. It’s us or them.

  • Buffalobob

    In keeping with his leftist prog philosophy did he mention that one of his angles was black?