Widow of Decapitated Indian Soldier Asks Pakistan to Return Her Husband’s Head

Dharamvati Singh’s husband was murdered last week by Pakistani soldiers.
His body was mutilated and returned by the Pakistanis.
But they kept his head.

Grief: Dharamvati, pictured centre, the wife of beheaded Indian soldier Hemraj Singh is demanding the Indian government puts pressure on Pakistan to return her husband’s head. (Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail
reported, via Religion of Peace:

The widow of an Indian soldier decapitated by Pakistani forces during the recent border clashes in Kashmir is demanding the immediate return of her husband’s head.

Grieving Dharamvati Singh along with several members of her family today agreed to call off a hunger strike that had lasted for six-days following a visit by Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yada.

They are demanding the Indian government puts maximum pressure on Islamabad to return the head of Corporal Lans Naik Hemraj Singh whose brutal killing last week prompted a national outcry.

Army soldiers carry a coffin containing the body of a colleague who was allegedly killed by Pakistani soldiers, in Rajouri. (Indian Express)

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  • Lim Lynn

    It’s totally wrong to keep the Indian Soldier’s head as a trophy since the whole body isn’t together cremated the soul can’t rest in peace.

  • The whole world has gone mad……….evil has been unleach like we have not wittness before.

  • Frank


    This is another example of the barbarity of the criminal cult of Islam. Indians and Pakistanis are genetically one people, separated by religion.

    The websites below (with some Muslim contributors) quote the exact chapters and verses in the Koran which repeatedly tells its followers to loot, terrorize and kill people of other religions for no reason except their religion, and convert infidels by the sword. They also tell you the shocking truth about the robberies, violent, gangster life, pedophilia and mental problems of Islam’s founder (that led Aloys Sprenger, a noted historian to conclude that he was “psychopath”, which, orphans can become) as described IN THEIR OWN “RELIGIOUS” TEXTS:




    Muslims are brainwashed into suicidal violence by the booze-and-porn heaven promised in the Koran as a reward for killing infidels which they are conned into believing is the “word of Allah”. However many reputed Islamic scholars discovered that Koran, a disorganized text replete with grammatical errors, childish inconsistencies and obvious falsehoods was actually fabricated 200-300 years after Mohammad’s death by “multiple hands”, and is pulp fiction and obviously not the word of God:


    For more details on Koran’s authorship, including names of the various writers and poets involved in writing the Koran, see:


    These authors of the Koran copied and plagiarized ideas (such as monotheism, circumcision, hatred of idol-worship, prophets, day of judgment) and many other myths, customs (black robes for Rabbi/Mullah, beards, headdress), legends and fables from Jewish mythology (e.g. Torah), and from the Christian Bible which were the prevalent religions of the region, and then claimed a heavenly source (“revelation”) to cover up their plagiarism. Books by authors such as Gieger (“Judaism and Islam”), Tisdall (“Original Source of Koran”), Goldsack (“Origins of the Koran”) and by Charles Cutler Torrey (“The Jewish Foundation of Islam”) are available online and show the exact verses which are copied from their Jewish/Christian sources.

    A noted Islamic scholar, who compared the modern Koran to the older versions, found many inconsistencies between versions. For e.g., the 72 alleged virgins (hoori) promised to terrorists in heaven is a mistranslation of 72 raisins (hoor) from older versions, due to misplaced diatrical marks on these similar sounding words, as reported in the New York Times. See:


    These sites are a must-read to understand the deep, religious roots of Islamic terrorism which spans over a thousand years, and which has been spread through sheer terror and force and which led to slaughter of over a billion innocents in the Middle east, Africa, Sind, Kashmir, India, Chechnya, Indonesia, WTC, Philippines, etc., many 1000 times more than Mao, Pol-Pot, Stalin or any other tyrant ever in history. The Mullahs have been covering up the lies, forgeries and plagiarism from Jewish sources in the Koran and the shocking life and crimes of Islam’s founder. Giving visas or selling weapons or doing any business with these savages is like digging your own grave. The world must unite and eradicate this savage medieval satanic barbaric cult by educating Muslims (most of whose ancestors were forcibly converted into this criminal cult) for mankind to finally live in peace and harmony.

  • paul52

    Who says you can’t lose your head over Islam? Such peaceful people.

  • Ripped

    Lets see we have India and Pakistan who are both our allies and they both have nukes and they behave like this. But were worried about Iran getting a nuke?

    Am I missing something here?

  • Patty

    Dear God!

  • JDR-Taq

    #4 Frank

    That comment is save-worthy.

  • Lim Lynn

    I thought later the spirit of the dead man will give nightmare to the person who beheaded him and the story of flying head done by Sarawak head hunters in the past.

  • Patty


    Box Of Human Heads Found At Chicago Airport


    One good be her husband’s

  • just bob

    And tell me one more time why we are sending US tax dollar to these animals.

  • Ajay

    Lim Lynn , Your comments are insensitive.

  • Capsule for Brain

    It looks like this soldier was beheaded by Indians themselves. Never in the history of war with Pakistan any Upper Caste hindu has fought nor he was in the front of the battle. He only sends his lower & backward class hindu bretheren to the front line. This is the teachings of Manu Shastra which is the bible of Brahmins. And who Controls Indian Army ? Simple, Brahmins. So, by sending his lower & backward class men to fight in the battle, the brahmin is actually in need of war with pakistan. Why ? Bcoz, the corporate world run by the elite brahmins are loosing their power in India gradually to the rest of Indians. Especially the Brahminist parties like Congress & BJP are bound to face defeat in the upcoming elections as everywhere the regional parties are gaining hold & edge. These Aryan race(Brahmin) together with the Zionist are planning for a global war. The business, military, media, bollywood & the rest of satanic instruments are used as a trumpet to whip the passion and emotions of Indians to go ahead with the war. Remember, Once again no brahmin will die in this large scale conventional war. Millions of those who die will be Muslims, Lower Castes, Christians & others. Think, if you need a war.