It’s fake.

Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman railed against Kwanzaa saying it was invented by racist radical and is kept alive today by radical liberals.
“Of course, almost no black people today care about Kwanza.”
Raw Story reported:

A Republican state Senator in Wisconsin is upset with everyone paying so much attention to Kwanza, a made-up holiday he claims, “almost no black people today care about.”

According to the Shorewood Patch, Sen. Glenn Grothman railed against the holiday in a December press release, saying it was invented by a racist radical in the 60s and is kept alive today by fanatical liberals who want to destroy America. African Americans, however, have almost no interest in the holiday themselves.

“Of course, almost no black people today care about Kwanza—just white left-wingers who try to shove this down black people’s throats in an effort to divide America,” he wrote.




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  1. Grandstanding.

    If no one cares about it – why bother to try making it an issue?


  2. What he said is true. Blacks who are Christian celebrate Christmas.

  3. “Of course, almost no black people today care about Kwanza.”

    That may be true, but he did himself and his party no favors by pointing it out.

    Why? Do a search for his photo.

  4. Well, SHIRLEY Q LIQUOR cares very much about Kwanzaa,

  5. Give it time.

    Christmas was created to co-opt the Winter solstice and convert pagans. It wasn’t celebrated until centuries after Jesus died.

  6. Blacque Jacques Shellacque: “That may be true, but he did himself and his party no favors by pointing it out.”

    In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (George Orwell).

    It is time for revolutionary acts by conservatives and Repubicans. It is time to start speaking the truth about what the left is doing to our country. Kwaanza is a bunch of BS that does nothing but erode the common culture and divide us as a people. I say bravo to Glenn Grothman.

  7. It is a completely fake holiday…if the people who made it up weren’t black it would be totally ignored.
    He is a brave man to point this out!

  8. What?

  9. I don’t know a single black person who even acknowledges, let alone celebrates, this made-up “holiday.” They laugh about it the same as everyone else does.

  10. “it was invented by a racist radical in the 60s”

    Whom was also a government informer.

  11. Kwanzaa has as much standing in this country as the Black National Anthem. They’re both made up by the Hate America Radicals that want to divide the Country.

  12. So, since Hoft and a plurality of the commenting populous here feel they are in league with “freeing the slaves’ ( as a previous post points out ) they now believe they have Carde Blanche in deciding whether or not “blacks” believe in this holiday?

    Please, continue to shove your feet into your ever gapping mouths…………..

  13. Even Africans in Africa do not recognize or celebrate Kwanza. .

    Kwanza like Ebonics is Black American Radicalism. . .

    And it is a FAIL!

    And why we are discussing Blacks in Amercia. .let’s compare them to Blacks in Muslim Turkey

  14. all true but is is taught to every school kid today in public school as a holdiay equal to any other

  15. The only people who I know who pay any attention at all to Kwanzaa are guilty feeling white people.

  16. Isn’t that the holiday that gives the free phones out?

  17. I don’t care! We have bigger fish to fry. I would have cared but seriously, I wish some would think before speak and when they do say something really essential to this nations needs. Try to go out among the people of your district and speak with intelligence and truth about the republican party.

    We need more people on our side, not less.

  18. Celebrate Festivus! White Kwanza.

  19. Kwaanza is a bunch of BS that does nothing but erode the common culture and divide us as a people.

    That may be true as well, but is it really wise to stir it up when there was no event that precipitated Sen Grothman’s outburst? Had there been looting, rioting, and shooting associated with Kwanzaa, then by all means, broach the subject and let’s have a debate on it. In the absence of such, Kwanzaa looks like just a benign observance, and the only thing that results from what Sen Grothman did is that the Democrat Party propaganda arm gets free ammunition with which to shoot Republicans. Is is wise to be giving them that?

    It bears repeating over and over: The media is NOT the Republican Party’s friend, nor will it ever be. The media is the worse than the enemy, because while they readily carry the water for the Democrat Party, they won’t openly admit it. Say what you will, but always think carefully beforehand about how the enemy will portray what you’ve said and decide if you’re willing and/or able to deal with the fallout if what you’ve said could be considered to be controversial.

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