WI State Senator: Kwanzaa Is a Phony Holiday that Most Blacks Don’t Even Care About

It’s fake.

Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman railed against Kwanzaa saying it was invented by racist radical and is kept alive today by radical liberals.
“Of course, almost no black people today care about Kwanza.”
Raw Story reported:

A Republican state Senator in Wisconsin is upset with everyone paying so much attention to Kwanza, a made-up holiday he claims, “almost no black people today care about.”

According to the Shorewood Patch, Sen. Glenn Grothman railed against the holiday in a December press release, saying it was invented by a racist radical in the 60s and is kept alive today by fanatical liberals who want to destroy America. African Americans, however, have almost no interest in the holiday themselves.

“Of course, almost no black people today care about Kwanza—just white left-wingers who try to shove this down black people’s throats in an effort to divide America,” he wrote.

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  • Stella Baskomb


    If no one cares about it – why bother to try making it an issue?


  • Hera

    What he said is true. Blacks who are Christian celebrate Christmas.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “Of course, almost no black people today care about Kwanza.”

    That may be true, but he did himself and his party no favors by pointing it out.

    Why? Do a search for his photo.

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  • Gloria Gilson

    Well, SHIRLEY Q LIQUOR cares very much about Kwanzaa,


  • Matthew

    Give it time.

    Christmas was created to co-opt the Winter solstice and convert pagans. It wasn’t celebrated until centuries after Jesus died.

  • Beef

    Blacque Jacques Shellacque: “That may be true, but he did himself and his party no favors by pointing it out.”

    In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (George Orwell).

    It is time for revolutionary acts by conservatives and Repubicans. It is time to start speaking the truth about what the left is doing to our country. Kwaanza is a bunch of BS that does nothing but erode the common culture and divide us as a people. I say bravo to Glenn Grothman.

  • cc

    It is a completely fake holiday…if the people who made it up weren’t black it would be totally ignored.
    He is a brave man to point this out!

  • Big Al


  • BlueStateRepub

    I don’t know a single black person who even acknowledges, let alone celebrates, this made-up “holiday.” They laugh about it the same as everyone else does.

  • USMC Thomas

    “it was invented by a racist radical in the 60s”

    Whom was also a government informer.

  • Mad Hatter

    Kwanzaa has as much standing in this country as the Black National Anthem. They’re both made up by the Hate America Radicals that want to divide the Country.

  • airon-later

    So, since Hoft and a plurality of the commenting populous here feel they are in league with “freeing the slaves’ ( as a previous post points out ) they now believe they have Carde Blanche in deciding whether or not “blacks” believe in this holiday?

    Please, continue to shove your feet into your ever gapping mouths…………..

  • mg4us

    Even Africans in Africa do not recognize or celebrate Kwanza. .

    Kwanza like Ebonics is Black American Radicalism. . .

    And it is a FAIL!

    And why we are discussing Blacks in Amercia. .let’s compare them to Blacks in Muslim Turkey

  • saveus

    all true but is is taught to every school kid today in public school as a holdiay equal to any other

  • Adrian

    The only people who I know who pay any attention at all to Kwanzaa are guilty feeling white people.

  • Chippy

    Isn’t that the holiday that gives the free phones out?

  • Patty

    I don’t care! We have bigger fish to fry. I would have cared but seriously, I wish some would think before speak and when they do say something really essential to this nations needs. Try to go out among the people of your district and speak with intelligence and truth about the republican party.

    We need more people on our side, not less.

  • Glenmore

    Celebrate Festivus! White Kwanza.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Kwaanza is a bunch of BS that does nothing but erode the common culture and divide us as a people.

    That may be true as well, but is it really wise to stir it up when there was no event that precipitated Sen Grothman’s outburst? Had there been looting, rioting, and shooting associated with Kwanzaa, then by all means, broach the subject and let’s have a debate on it. In the absence of such, Kwanzaa looks like just a benign observance, and the only thing that results from what Sen Grothman did is that the Democrat Party propaganda arm gets free ammunition with which to shoot Republicans. Is is wise to be giving them that?

    It bears repeating over and over: The media is NOT the Republican Party’s friend, nor will it ever be. The media is the worse than the enemy, because while they readily carry the water for the Democrat Party, they won’t openly admit it. Say what you will, but always think carefully beforehand about how the enemy will portray what you’ve said and decide if you’re willing and/or able to deal with the fallout if what you’ve said could be considered to be controversial.

  • grothmann will be battered from pillar to post in the media. does it really matter how many people celebrate it? in a free country you should be allowed to say what you want, but there are smart things to say and there are dumb things to say. this was dumb.

  • Campfollower

    This republican is absoultely right about the fake holiday. It was invented by a guy who also was charged in the murders of two of his fellow black separatists. Ann Coulter said the other day the only people who care about it are liberals and white school teachers who are shoving it down our kids’ throats.

    Truth is the way. Stop being afraid to tell the truth. The guy has more guts than all the Republicans who voted for the stupid cliff deal. Now, his motivations might be racist,I have no idea… but who cares…he’s telling the truth.

  • Patty

    PC gone wild. We live in a nation of many cultures and beliefs. My only wish is that Obama would respect the Catholic beliefs.

    Nativity scene under attack but worse is the flag. Kwanza gets attention one day and then there will be something else. This is so predictable in a day where every thought and word spoken by a public figure is dissected up one side and down the other.

    What happen to freedom in America, what happen to Common Sense and love thy brother as thy self. I may be going into the weeds but when someone has this much time then truthfully they are wasting their time and mine.

    Can’t do this, don’t drink that, don’t eat this, isn’t really getting to all of us.

    I want real leadership and the good old days but thanks to lack of true leadership that has gone by the wayside.

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  • valerie

    I started noodling around the web following links in the article above, and found a name, James Coleman, and something called Project 21. Here are a couple of recent articles.



    I’d never heard of them before, and yet they’ve been around for a while. In fact, they supported Prop 209 in California, which raised the graduation rate of minority students.


  • valerie

    And, guess what Project 21 was all about?


    Diversity should be achieved through non-discriminatory outreach efforts, not preferences or quotas for special groups, says the African-American leadership group Project 21. Project 21’s California members say that the California Civil Rights Initiative (Proposition 209) seeks to achieve this goal by prohibiting the state from using race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin to determine who should be favored or discriminated against by the state with respect to public employment, public education or public contracting.

    My Conservative friends, take heart. You have more friends than you know.

  • Patty

    #26 January 2, 2013 at 2:51 pm
    valerie commented:

    My Conservative friends, take heart. You have more friends than you know.
    God, and I am not using His name in vain. I certainly hope so.

  • The comments here are “fearful” to say the least. The comments sound like, “Ohhh, don’t say that it might make Negros mad and the media might start rile up the natives against White people like they did when Zimmerman shot Martin. Oh, was I suppose to stay quiet about that to? We sure don’t want to rile up the natives about so bogus replacement for White man’s seasonal celebration called Christmas. And yes it was created by racist Black during the Black riots and White hate times during the 60’s. He was tired of his people only having a White people’s customs to make theirs during the Christmas time of year, so he came up with Kwansa. It’s disgusting to sit in the auditorium of my childs elementary when they would put on their Christmas program and it was Kwansa instead of Christmas. I like to have come unglued, I couldn’t believe they were so damn PC that they didn’t have the guts to have Christmas as what was being celebrated.

    And no, Christmas is NOT some White man’s customs forced on Blacks like picking cotton was forced on Blacks. Was that what this guy had in mind when he came up with Kwansa? Who cares? It’s stupid and is a insult on Black people in that it is a racist statement and has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ or Santa Claus or anything.

    And the President of the New Black Panthers said it wasn’t possible for Black people to be racist? Well that’s a lie if they celebrate.

  • Dave (in MA)

    If Grothman gets thrown out of office he could always work as a Jim Hoft stunt double.

  • shadow

    paying so much attention to Kwanza, a made-up holiday he claims

    Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and I haven’t even gotten into the second tier, like Secretary’s Day and Bosses’ Day.

  • shadow

    He’s also the one who penned a law claiming that single parents are child abusers.

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  • Dawgonitt

    Fake Holiday for Fake Hyphenated American Pagans. And of course Guilty White Liberals.

  • bear

    Land area of Africa….11+ million square miles. Land area north America…. 9+ million square miles.

    Africa, the “home” of kwanza has numerous countries/cultures/religions, of which more than half are muslim.

    There is no “religion” of Africa. Kwanza is without definition, or “home” and is represented by no hierarchy, structures, history, writings or tradition.

    Show me the tribal, national and continental roots of this pagan and politically motivated fraud. It can’t be done.

  • conservative dude

    To all my white brothers out there, next year instead of sending Christmas cards, send kwanza cards. Everyone of my buddies called me back laughing and we actually had a conversation. I sent them out to about 10 of my good buddies.

  • Beef

    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented: It bears repeating over and over: The media is NOT the Republican Party’s friend, nor will it ever be


    You are quite right, so we should just stop worrying about the media portrays things. The media intimidation works when the truth is silenced. Start speaking the truth, and start speaking it loudly. Time is running out on reality.

  • labman57

    Gay marriage, ObamaCare, organized labor, tax hikes for the wealthiest citizens, greenhouse gas regulations, assault weapon legislation, religious freedom for Muslim Americans, and now Kwanzaa … each has been labeled by conservative extremists as a “left wing plot designed to destroy America”.

    So many plots, so little time.

  • Pharoahblack

    I’ve never seen so much racism coming forward in my life.These are the same people who are denying the truth about America’s pagan holidays, such as Easter, Valentines Day, and Christmas. You even have the audacity to praise Christopher Columbus, which is pathetic, because you know what kind of a man he was. Pick up a book and do the simple research for crying out loud. Granted for the sake of less arguing our holidays mean well, but I draw the line when you bash a holiday because you cannot relate to or appreciate what is to be black in US. The plight and destruction of our legacy and ancestry has been all but diminished to the point where we accept the term African-American, which is vague and insulting. As a black man I have a nation that my ancestors were ripped from. So yeah I’ll celebrate anything that helps my people bond for the better of the black community and to show this country’s greatest strength which is tolerance. To deny any people a right to appreciate who they are and what they are capable of, to better themselves personally, spiritually and morally so that they can become a positive catalyst for achievement and change to contribute to this country is sinful and disgusting. Those who bash Kwanzaa are forgetting what America is all about. This a nation of leaders, so imagine how we are looked upon throughout the world when we exhibit displays of stupidity, intolerance and ignorance. Never mind what you may think about the so called founder, you certainly have to accept what this holiday represents. Throughout the world those who are astute in world history know of Columbus. He is one of the biggest lies in history and we call him a hero. It’s an injustice and a slap in the face to the natives of these continents which we now call our own.

  • This Guy

    If you are going to celebrate Kwanzaa, what about Festivus? Festivus is a more meaningful holiday dont you think


  • Evelyn

    We have really turned the corner in America with the hatred towards black people and anything that concerns blacks. I think a lot of this hate talk is driven by the media. We were really making progress in this country until fools like Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Hannity and etc. started shooting their mouths off. America give us a break. My ancestors have fought in every war including the Revolutionary War. We are Americans and we deserve respect and inclusion just like everyone else. We celebrate Irish holidays with the wearing of the green, Jewish Holidays and many more. The richness of this country is in its diversity. Live and let live and stop the hate. It is ridiculous and raises your blood pressure for God’s sake.

  • GP Fan
  • # 40 Evelyn commented:

    We were really making progress in this country until [a] fools like Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Hannity and etc Preezy Skeezy, the racist commie rat bastard-in-chief, started shooting [his] mouths off.

    Defintiely needed a correction for accuracy.