The brains at MSNBC held a discussion tonight on whether or not it is disrespectful to call Obama, Obama?
Mediaite reported, via HotAir:

Maybe we should call him “Snuggle Buns” or “Sugar Daddy” instead?
Or is that racist?




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  1. Are these the same people that called Bush, Bush?

  2. Imam Obama ….Dear Leader….but now the demigod is quickly transforming his name into ….Lincoln

  3. I call him obama when I’m in a good mood. When I’m not in a good mood, it’s “that punk in the White House”.

  4. MSNBC wants to start calling Barack Hussein Obama our Great Leader, Emperor and Leader of Planet Earth?

  5. the commie press should be honest and refer to him as the God of All, Obama [pbuh].

  6. He should ALWAYS be referred to, and called, SAINT OBAMA!!!

  7. Well, they have already decreed that Hussein is racist and now Obama is disrespectful. I guess we’re left with Barack or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and maybe You-Know-Who.

  8. At PMSnbc they call him Boss. Hence the Obama knee pads they all wear.

  9. “Kenyan”

    There all fixed.

  10. They want to call him “Your Holiness” or “President-For-Life”, but they can’t yet.

    However, after 20 January around noon Eastern Time when he can become ‘more flexible’, then they can too.

    — — —

    Tool up.

    It’s coming.

  11. @Kenny Solomon
    I cam sense how bad it will turn out before Inauguration 2013 Jan 21 finishes a new tyrant and dictator being crown as Great Leader, Emperor and Leader of Planet Earth will come to fulfillment.

  12. And leave it up to Toure (what the heck kind of name is that) to refer to the race factor.

    Up yours, Toure, and up yours, Hussein, too.

  13. The demon, the diabolical one.

  14. #8 – Adi – how about “President Whats-his-face”?

  15. Obama doesn’t want to know what I call him.

  16. I call him *Illegal Userpent*. Everyone seems to agree.

    MSNBC should start there.

  17. Considering the lack of respect that most people with multiple neurons have for him consider it fortunate that we call him Obama.

  18. I rather call him the Mystery of Iniquity For you Information.

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