Lib-Think… MSNBC Staff Asks: Is it Disrespectful to Call Obama, Obama? (Video)

The brains at MSNBC held a discussion tonight on whether or not it is disrespectful to call Obama, Obama?
Mediaite reported, via HotAir:

Maybe we should call him “Snuggle Buns” or “Sugar Daddy” instead?
Or is that racist?

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  • Jim W

    Are these the same people that called Bush, Bush?

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  • donh

    Imam Obama ….Dear Leader….but now the demigod is quickly transforming his name into ….Lincoln

  • Ella

    I call him obama when I’m in a good mood. When I’m not in a good mood, it’s “that punk in the White House”.

  • Lim Lynn

    MSNBC wants to start calling Barack Hussein Obama our Great Leader, Emperor and Leader of Planet Earth?

  • John Cunningham

    the commie press should be honest and refer to him as the God of All, Obama [pbuh].

  • terrence

    He should ALWAYS be referred to, and called, SAINT OBAMA!!!

  • Adi

    Well, they have already decreed that Hussein is racist and now Obama is disrespectful. I guess we’re left with Barack or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and maybe You-Know-Who.

  • Bigkahuna

    At PMSnbc they call him Boss. Hence the Obama knee pads they all wear.

  • Economan


    There all fixed.

  • Kenny Solomon

    They want to call him “Your Holiness” or “President-For-Life”, but they can’t yet.

    However, after 20 January around noon Eastern Time when he can become ‘more flexible’, then they can too.

    — — —

    Tool up.

    It’s coming.

  • Lim Lynn

    @Kenny Solomon
    I cam sense how bad it will turn out before Inauguration 2013 Jan 21 finishes a new tyrant and dictator being crown as Great Leader, Emperor and Leader of Planet Earth will come to fulfillment.

  • Ella

    And leave it up to Toure (what the heck kind of name is that) to refer to the race factor.

    Up yours, Toure, and up yours, Hussein, too.

  • DecentAmerican

    The demon, the diabolical one.

  • Ella

    #8 – Adi – how about “President Whats-his-face”?

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  • disgusted

    Obama doesn’t want to know what I call him.

  • ★FALCON★

    I call him *Illegal Userpent*. Everyone seems to agree.

    MSNBC should start there.

  • IOpian

    Considering the lack of respect that most people with multiple neurons have for him consider it fortunate that we call him Obama.

  • Lim Lynn

    I rather call him the Mystery of Iniquity For you Information.