Vatican Recruits Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin to Promote Christian Values in Sports

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow were recently recruited by the Vatican to promote Christian values in sports. (LA Times photo)

The Vatican has recruited Christian athletes Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin to promote ethical values in the scandal-ridden world of sports.
Catholic News Service reported, via Free Republic:

In an effort to flex its moral muscle in the professional sports arena, the Vatican has invited top-tier Christian athletes Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin to help bring ethical values back to a scandal-ridden world of sports.

The Pontifical Council for Culture is planning to host an international conference on re-instilling values in sports this spring, inviting representatives from top world governing bodies like FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football), the International Cycling Union and the Italian National Olympic Committee.

Msgr. Melchor Sanchez de Toca Alameda, head of the council’s “Culture and Sport” section, told Catholic News Service Jan. 16 that pro sports “have become a commodity that is subordinate to the free market and, therefore, to profit.”

Instead of sports being an activity that builds important values, respects human dignity and helps shape the whole human person, “it has reduced people to merchandise,” he said.

U.S. cyclist Lance Armstrong’s admission to doping was just the tip of the iceberg, he said, since high-stakes commercial interests pressure almost every professional cyclist into the illegal practice. The world of cycling and soccer is “a world that is rotten,” he said.

“We want to work with the big sports bodies to give new value to sports” and the upcoming conference — titled “We Believe in Sports” — will be one way to get that initiative started, the monsignor said.

The council will also have Catholic and Christian athletes in attendance, to give witness to how the worlds of faith and sports can easily come together.

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  • Lim Lynn

    I hope no Jesuit in Vatican really did influence the choice to recruit Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow promoting Christian value in sports.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    too bad the Lutheran church did not think to do the same–

  • bg


    well that’s a 110% improvement over the ObaMessiah..


  • Lim Lynn

    I guess Traitor in Chief happy with Obamanation and high five with Pope while Jesuit watching over him like Big Brothers.
    UK too poor Tesco Beef became Horse meat.

  • I would tell those two to get a conceal and carry permit, because the Demoncrats, Libs, and Atheists are really going to be pissed….Also it is great to see pro athletes that actually care and have their priorities in order….

  • Lim Lynn

    Oh ya did anyone realize that something strange with both pictures showing Freemasonry hand signal pointing at the ceiling?

  • Patty

    Anyone who can promote good values would help the world, today. There are those who are more outspoken about their Christian values and then there are those who wish to keep it secret like it is something shameful.

    I’d like to see those enter the public arena speak up, also, it couldn’t hurt.

  • Annoyed In Illinois

    Who’s promoted by the media and sports morons: low-life cheaters such as Ray Lewis, Mark McGwire, Carmelo Anthony, and Lance Armstrong. I don’t care WHO promotes Lin or Tebow. They’re two Christian men who live wholesome – not perfect – lives on and off the athletic fields/courts.

    On the other hand, I DO wish my uber-liberal ELCA would promote guys like these two.

  • Matthew

    Is Tim Tebow still involved in sports?

    Could he not find any Catholics?

  • Lim Lynn
    Satanic Cults In Fashion In Rome says Priest
    Satanic Cult Rally For Forida Gov.? No! Just Another Hoax

  • Lady Mondegreen

    It’s things like this that sometimes make me embarrassed for my Church. As long as sports remain a way for stupid young men (there are exceptions of course, but not all that many) to get rich quickly, it will never be the place to look for values.

  • Ghost

    why not RGIII?
    LOVE! RGIII- this year’s Tebow but Leftys can’t touch him

    we may be seeing a slow-motion infiltration of a Lefty domain, and that seems like a good place to begin taking back our culture. never was a Redskin fan ’til this year