VA Democrat Who Brandished AK47 on House Floor Was Jailed and Disbarred in 1999


Democrat Joseph Morrissey, who brandished an AK47 on the Virginia House floor last week, was arrested for assault and jailed for contempt of court and was disbarred in 1999.
The Daily Caller reported:

A Virginia lawmaker who drew gasps from his colleagues when he brandished a borrowed AK-47 during an anti-gun speech Thursday was found guilty in 2002 of committing a vicious 1999 assault, was sanctioned for legal misconduct while prosecuting a rape case, spent six months in jail for contempt of a federal court, and saw his law license revoked in 2003.

Democratic Delegate Joseph Morrissey brought the rifle to the floor of the House of Delegates to demonstrate how easy it is to carry firearms in Virginia. Republican Delegate Todd Gilbert interrupted Morrissey’s speech to ask him to remove his finger from inside the gun’s trigger-guard — a basic gun-safety practice.

Read more here.

Morrissey ought to enjoy a long career in the Democratic party.

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  • Sam Stone

    THIS is exactly why I want all to pursue with their elected officials a new law. ALL those running for elective office must be subjected to a comprehensive criminal and MENTAL health background check. Any item in the background check that would disqualify an otherwise law abiding citizen from purchasing and owning a firearm would ALSO DISQUALIFY a person form elective office.

    I also propose a 25% income tax on ALL CAMPAIGN contributions TO THE RECEIVER of the donation. Taxed just as any income you and I would receive form working a side job or selling on ebay etc.

    Why should any citizen be subjected to a background check to exercise a RIGHT if the persons making laws that infringe on that right are NOT subject to the same background check?

    DEMAND this new law with your sitting legislooter.

  • Janet K.

    ~was found guilty in 2002 of committing a vicious 1999 assault,
    ~was sanctioned for legal misconduct while prosecuting a rape case,
    ~spent six months in jail for contempt of a federal court, and
    ~saw his law license revoked in 2003

    Obviously fully qualified to be a Democrat,

  • Amash

    Janet K. Said it best.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Sam Stone, you are spot on about background checks and campaign contributions, but I would also extend them to religious institutions, including my own beloved Church.

  • Truth Teller

    All I can think when I see the photo is “Damn! I sure would like to purchase the rifle from that fruitcake!”

  • Valerie

    OT, but not really.

    Here we are, supposedly deep into concern about the killing of the little children at Sandy Hook, and the Association of Teacher-Educators is going to have, as its keynote speaker, a person who advocated killing 25 Million Americans.

    What kind of babbling nonsense is this?

  • Daniel McAndrew

    Sam is absolutely right. Besides, I want to know who the guards were that allowed this nutjob to bring that weapon inside. They should be fired and jailed.

  • gwhh

    This guy shoudl move to chicago and run for mayor there. He fit right in!

  • cavt

    Janet K–right on. And you have the idiot Americans who elect continue to elect these people.

  • Freddie Sykes

    I would have thought that somebody convicted of a violent assault would not be allowed to carry firearms. Did he break a federal law by having the rifle in his possession or did his actions come under the Gregory Waiver?

  • dwdude

    obviously right out of the alan grayson school…nice ak though

  • Toa

    Gotta love that photo of a self-proclaimed “Gun Hazards Expert”… with his thumb in the trigger guard. What a stupe.

  • Highlander

    Just another perfect example of the fact that gun laws cannot prevent a-holes from getting a gun, or taking it somewhere that it doesn’t belong. It’s a good thing he wasn’t intent on shooting the place up ….

    It’s also a perfect example of the fact that, once we are stripped of OUR guns, they’ll still have theirs, and the rules won’t apply to them….

  • Sam Stone

    Howdy Daniel McAndrew, how the hell are ya? I have another cause……background checks for the elected.

    #12 dwdude named another who may not pass a mental health background check.

    What ever firearms purchasers or owners must ultimately be subject to, so should all running for office. No exceptions. Whatever would disqualify a firearm purchaser would as such disqualify anyone for elected office, Federal Sate or Local. And the 25% tax on all campaign contributions is desperate and needed.

  • stuart

    Sam Stone #2.
    Background checks for those running for office: Now there’s an Idea that might sound good but would be abused so quickly as to make your head spin. How long do you think it would be before anybody who espoused conservative ideas would be declared mentally incompetent. That was the same ploy that they used in the old Soviet Union. You see, Communism was so logical, so wonderful, so fair, and the epitome of social justice, that anyone who opposed it was by definition insane. I am sure that Obama considers those who don’t go along with his program to be either mentally unsound or evil, and will use whatever powers provided him to destroy them.

  • 11B3V

    So is he a previously convicted felon in possession of a weapon then? I’m sure David Gregory could recommend a good lawyer or DA.

  • Flintstone F.

    All I can say is #2 meet #13.

    But I’ll add, in regard to natural law, the very smart woman in blue is ducking and demonstrating the principle. We have an innate response to a threat. Fight or flight.

    The natural urge to pick something up and throw it at someone in anger, was demonstrated by Piers Morgan when he wadded up a piece of paper and threw it at Scotti, a female guest on his show along with “Tank Girl.”

    We have to be able to protect ourselves from non-thinking emotionally charged morons.

    He should be charged and jailed for what he did. He is the poster child for mandatory gun safety education in the public schools.

    Big picture: Obama is trying to kill my religion by destroying my country and attacking my means of protecting my family. God before country, country before family is what I believe and Obama is trying to take them away in the same order.

    Enemy of the state. Enemy of the people. He’s been sworn in, now Get The Fraud Out.

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  • Pegpond

    HA HA love it this idiot does not even know basic gun safety and yet wants Gun Control here’s a clue idiot gun control is what is practiced by a responsible gun owner who knows about the weapon they own not by some jerk who wants to wave it around like a toy.

  • CT

    They should have taken the AK47 and rectally inserted it in Morrissey for safe keeping.

  • Was he convicted of a felony?

    If so. Would he not be breaking the law by brandishing that firearm?

    My understanding is felons are not allowed to possess firearms. I know he didn’t own the firearm however he sure did possess it in that building.

  • Nick Shaw

    That’s an AK-47? Really?
    With his thumb on the trigger?
    Otherwise, I see the media in Virgina does a bang up job of investigating Dims running for the legislature. Like the LSM does on the national level.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #2 Sam Stone: And mandatory drug testing to run for election, with mandatory, random drug testing on those holding elected office.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #2 Sam Stone: Question(s): What would be done with whatever results are returned by a criminal background check?

    Would any past criminal convictions simply be posted/reported by the press/news media? That wouldn’t lose any libtard votes for Demonrats. That is, if the news media actually reported on the criminal backgrounds of those running as Demonrats. How could posting/reporting be enforced? Or could it be enforced?

    Rather than posting/reporting, or in addition to posting/reporting, would a felony conviction as well as any, or just certain, misdemeanor convictions result in automatic disqualification to run for elected office? Who would set the bar, deciding which convictions result in disqualification? And from what level of govt, state or federal?