My St. Louis friend Stacy Washington wrote the cover story this month at Townhall magazine “Minority Issue or Messaging?”

“Minority Issue or Messaging?,” by Stacy Washington:

Typically, economic factors forecast voting patterns; convention suggests that there must be overall improvements in the quality of life for blacks to justify a level of support merely 5 percent lower than the last election. In August of 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an unemployment rate of 14.1 percent within the black community—less than a percentage point below the 14.9 percent rate at the end of the Great Recession, and well above Bush-era rates, of 9 percent and under.

Furthermore, when looking at household wealth and homeownership, two hallmarks of the American Dream, the Census reports that blacks have fared poorly as well. Between 2005 and 2010, the gap in white and black household wealth widened: whites went from 15 times that of blacks’ to 22 times. CNN Money reports that in 2010, white median household net worth stood at $110,729 versus $4,995 for blacks. This enormous chasm of wealth disparity opened up during the Great Recession and has persisted under the leadership of President Obama. …

The GOP has tried running black candidates on the ticket, and while that’s important, it isn’t the answer. Nor is it enough to feature conservative black pundits on television and radio. Neither of these alone will convert blacks into Republican voters. What will work is illustrating how Republican policies will improve blacks’ lives and economic standing…

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  1. how do you reach out to people that want communism?

  2. Never gonna happen. If the economy and the lack of opportunities for Blacks to improve their lot were a factor, they would never vote dem. The left has succeeded in demonizing those of us on the right and it appears by their most esteemed preezy, they are not through. I remember a poll taken years back that revealed a vast majority of Blacks supported school choice. Fine. However, they voted, and continue to vote, for those who would deny them that choice. Nevermind that dems are not about to sit idly by and lose one of their most loyal voting blocs. Sorry, but that horse race is over and the GOP’s nag lost.

  3. It will never happen. Why? 1. The media demonizes the Right something fierce. To a bunch of low-info voters who watch nothing but the alphabet networks, we are not human, we deserve to die. They hear that 24/7 2. We’ve got no freebies for them. 3. These people still believe that the Left is for them even when faced with the statistic that 60% of the pregnancies are aborted in the black community thanks to the progressive Planned Parenthood. 4. In the Hispanic community, socialist heroes like Che are lionized and their murders are quietly omitted from their histories. 5. And then you have groups like Los Voces de La Frontera telling them they deserve to be treated like American Citizens even if they snuck over the fence…to the point where ‘illegal immigrants’ are now called ‘undocumented workers’. The level of fail is strong with them.

  4. The R-party participated in crony capitalism by going along with massive importation of cheap THIRD WORLD LABOR. Political campaigns were financed to allow non-enforcement to continue unabated for decades until finally the demographic shift kicked in and they realized that the anchor babies and their illegal parents needed the platform of taxpayer subsidies via govt. programs but they did not think it through long-term on how this would poison the well.This is what happens when greed takes over and long-term thinking skills are not applied. As the GOP grovels before anchor babies for votes the nation will continue its downward spiral. Go thank a homebuilder for this…..Now a right-winger without a home.

  5. WHY REPUBS must BAN USA’s and their biggest CANCER–IMMIGRATION

    This whole idea of pandering to blacks and 3rd world aliens will never work as Republicans will only lose by trying to become pseudo-democrats. The Republicans will only dig their own grave. Here is why.

    The Democratic party and the illegal ally un Obama won the election (assuming the machines were not fixed, which is also quite likely) because their voter base, the blacks and the Mexicans are multiplying. The Democrats brought in more Mexicans and other 3rd world aliens to invade this country to increase their voter base. Both of them are having almost 10 children each, while whites are having 0-1 children, if at all. Whites will soon be a minority.

    The stupid Republicans dug their own grave by letting Dems bring more 3rd world aliens, by supporting immigration, legal and illegal. Amnesty will be their final nail in the coffin of the Republican party.

    There are almost 50 million 3rd world foreign born people in this country and 90% of them will always vote for the American Jish Negro Party aka the Democratic Party. They will never vote for the Republican party. They are poor desperate people who hate Whites and will always vote for the Demogangsters.

    They do not care about jobs. They would rather stay home and get welfare and prey on white women.

    A state like California, the home of Reagan and Nixon, is now a 3rd world gutter, littered with aliens imported by the Demogangsters, who are even advertising food stamps in Mexico to encourage more alien invasion!!

    The Democratic party wants to purposefully import so many 3rd world aliens and encourage them to have more children to create bigger voter roles so as to permanently exceed the white majority, in order to create a permanent one party police state run by Demogangsters. The Dem party is run by Jish libbarbarians who want to destroy the White Christian majority, who they view as their greatest enemy.

    The stupid Republicans like Lindsay Graham are too retarded to see that supporting more 3rd world immigration is their death knell and is the cause of the present loss and it will only push them lower, not higher.

    The media, which is 90% controlled by Juice, is now brainwashing and trying to con the Republican party to take more of the poison that is killing it–to support MORE immigration.

    So the Republicans must ban immigration, declare alienism a crime against humanity and give $20,000 tax credit to every white who has a child and encourage whites to have 10 children each. Republican whites must have 20 children each to restore their balance of power and for their own survival.

    Otherwise, Whites and America (and the world) are finished.

    Please make a copy of this and send to your Republican reps, senators, and join numbersusa dot com, etc.

    Whites: Procreate or Perish.

  6. Don’t leave out the public school system which is a major factor in the indoctrination of the children towards acceptance of government control over the masses and mocks the concept of individual liberty.

  7. “What will work is illustrating how Republican policies will improve blacks’ lives and economic standing…”. My friend stepped out of her public housing long enough to vote early. Having been to Tea parties and having protested abortion, she went with ‘the black guy with the nice ass.’ I haven’t spoken to her since she told me. I don’t think I ever will.

  8. Minority Low info voters you must be joking. Townhall magazine publishing Hollywood it’s came out from the horse mouth anyway.

  9. Republicans will NEVER succeed in reaching out to minority voter blocks as long as they INSIST year after year on letting the corrupt Democrat Media Complex be their message bearer.

    Why on God’s green Earth do they let the most biased and unrepentant throne-sniffers on the Obama PR team (masquerading as journalists) moderate Republican primary debates!?!?!

    The GOP has no one but itself to blame. They’re not called the Stupid Party for nothing. They worked hard to earn that moniker.

  10. I think you all are ignoring the biggest stumbling block in the GOP gaining minority voters: they do not feel of you, and all of these comments so far would do nothing but cement that feeling. You keep saying things like “Blacks don’t get it” and you refer to them as “those people,” clearly making them a separate entity and not of you. They have no vested interest in your party, and by your speech, you seem keen on keeping it that way. Of course, instead of tackling that problem, you’d rather blame it on “their” laziness, or “their” greed, reaching for the handouts of the left.

  11. Yes…Its not about ” reaching out “…Its about paying out….LISTEN to the full interview between Alex Jones and the Obama phone lady….>

    Alex gets into the network system D organizers use to buy votes and we need to have a competing network ON THE STREET that PAYS activists in the community to talk a different talk than the black communist race pimp .

    Rs are NOT going to get minority votes by showing up at the local NAACP halls to give a speech….or poaching a couple black faces to prop up into top leadership slots .

    the Hannities of our side have to stop interviewing the same 3 black people year after year like Juan Williams and TALK to people like the Obamaphone lady.

    Stop berating the sad fact these TAKERS exist and approach the situation realizing these people are prisoners of FEAR…. if they don’t TAKE the chicken feed from Massa Bama…they have nothing and die on the street.

  12. But blacks ‘feel’ the KKK Democrats. The bottom line is that Democratic communities are sold out by their leaders. Leaders like President Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al ‘instigator of riots’ Sharpton. These leaders are supported by the media which enhances and repeats a story line.

    Leaders such as Allen West and Mia Love are making progress, but it is very slow. In 1980 I knew of a few conservative black men that spoke to me only on condition of anonymity, but today more and more blacks are touting the conservative ideals….not the GOP ideals.

    History has been warped and taught wrong.

    Media is a circus.

    People seeking immediate rewards in the form of beads and baubles while having their freedom taken

    No one is holding the Democrats accountable for their rhetoric. I mean if it were true the minority communities would be Utopian worlds instead of Detroit and New Orleans.

    A wild, free animal kept in captivity forgets how to live free. The same can be said for Americans.

    More info about Sandy Hook is it coincident or was it plan.

  14. I think it’s really much, much simpler than that. Republicans have to call every talking head that slanders them a liar.

    You can smile when you say “I find it very, very strange that this Obama supporter is calling Republicans racist, when the Republican party is the party that has all those great, successful minority governors dealing with the current fiscal crisis, and it makes rock stars out of its minority commentators. Further, the Republican party’s fiscal policies are designed to help everyone impartially to participate in the American dream. That’s a huge difference between them and the Democrats, who have all but destroyed the Black middle class.”

    You can even play this in the background:

    “Beware of the pat on the back, it just might hold you back.”

    H/T Undisputed Truth

  15. It’s a tough sell when we offer self-reliance, hard-work, and a sense of accomplishment – and the other side offers reward without effort and freedom from responsibility. The former requires thoughtful contemplation, the later only desire.

  16. “I think you all are ignoring the biggest stumbling block in the GOP gaining minority voters: they do not feel of you, and all of these comments so far would do nothing but cement that feeling. You keep saying things like “Blacks don’t get it” and you refer to them as “those people,” clearly making them a separate entity and not of you. They have no vested interest in your party, and by your speech, you seem keen on keeping it that way. Of course, instead of tackling that problem, you’d rather blame it on “their” laziness, or “their” greed, reaching for the handouts of the left”

    Too right. Any person of color that stumbled onto these fringe sites would run away like their ‘fro was on fire!

    Eh they don’t really want minorities in the repub party. They keep hoping all the brown people would just self-deport (fingers in ears, running around saying lalalalalalalala)

  17. Everyone knows the Democrat Party is the Screw Over Whitey Party. You’re not going to win over non-White voters unless you become more Democrat than the Democrats. Republicans dug their own grave (and ruined America) by going along with the Left’s mass non-White immigration schemes out of political correctness.

  18. Don´t reach out. Explain the Conservative viewpoints. Explain that every time Socialists are in charge, people become poorer – as they should be able to see now. Explain that Socialists have been in charge since the Dems won Congress in 2006.

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