Thanks to Democrats – US Now 100% Dependent on 19 Strategic Rare Metals & Minerals – 11 of Those From China

Thanks to Democrats, the United States is now 100% dependent on 19 strategic rare metals and minerals.
rare earth map
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Thanks to Democrats, the United States is now tied for last, with Papua New Guinea, in the time it takes to get a permit for a new rare metal or mineral mine. And, thanks to Democrats, the United States is now 100% dependent on 19 strategic rare metals and minerals, 11 of those are from China.
American Resources Policy Network Principal Daniel McGroarty wrote about this crisis in The Wall Street Journal today.

A century ago, plentiful elements like iron, lead, and copper fueled our Nation’s transition to an industrial economy. But today, many of the materials that characterize the industrial cutting-edge—such as rare earths, indium, and lithium—are not as naturally abundant or easy to access as their predecessors…

…Jobs and capital increasingly flow to countries that command the resources to power modern manufacturing, and American manufacturing is more dependent on metals and minerals access than ever before. Yet there is no country on the planet where it takes longer to get a permit for domestic mining. Among other consequences of this red tape, there are now 19 strategic metals and minerals for which the U.S. is currently 100% import-dependent—and for 11 of them a single country, China, is among the top three providers.

The American Resources Policy Network has more on the crisis.

Democrats, of course, are notoriously against mining efforts and even cheer the death of mining jobs. Its democrat policy that has allowed China to monopolize the rare earth metals market.

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  • Patty

    really sad to hear but not surprising.

    Obama’s priorities are all out of whack. What Obama does, we should be doing the opposite for growth and productivity. Global warming, immigration and gun control are for another day. These times we live in call for major priorities that will get American back to #1 and a pride that is so lacking in recent years.

  • ★FALCON★

    Well, thank God we have Beryllium – I was planning on brushing my teeth, removing a cyst on my dog, mixing some Mercury with vodka and Beryllium and changing the oil in my Cadillac tomorrow, so, I’m safe.

  • lynno

    envioterrorist,racist against humans.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    That’s our Emperor’s intention — yes?

  • Lim Lynn

    Isn’t it going to be too obvious Traitor in Chief doesn’t know about production of rare metal from metal ore.

  • dunce

    It is not just the relatively rare metals but many common ores are becoming more and more expensive to get. There is high grade ore and low grade ore, most of the high grade ore in this country was mined years ago and the remaining ore ,while plentiful, is much more expensive to process. Modern mining techniques use much less labor, but use massive amounts of energy to just get it concentrated and there are few efficiency improvements that are left to be made in the smelting and refining because of the limits of the laws of physics. These energy users can not be supplied by any combination of wind and solar. They are 24 hour, 7 day a week operations. The giant ore trucks that haul 200 plus tons burn diesel. The grinding mills have 3,000 horse power electric motors.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Governor Palin addressed this in 2010. From her FB post:

    “Although the Left chooses to mock the mantra of “drill, baby, drill,” and they ignorantly argue against the facts pertaining to the need for America to responsibly develop her domestic supply of natural resources, surely they can’t argue the national security implications of relying on foreign countries to extract supplies that America desperately needs for industry, jobs, and security. Some of the countries we’re now reliant upon and will soon be beholden to can easily use energy and mineral supplies as a weapon against us.”

    “The solution? Simply, please don’t elect politicians who cast votes that lock up our plentiful supplies. Please consider the case of China bending us over a barrel as it develops rare earth minerals while we ban mining.”

  • Lim Lynn
    Don’t forget most rare metals are had various kind of usage for instance Graphite pencils; Tantalum powder is used in capacitors; Cobalt catalyst H2O chemical reaction hydrogen fuel; Cobalt Tungsten wires for light bulb; Platinum Catalytic converter: car exhaust pipe and Wedding Ring.

  • Patty

    IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family

    Face it Obama is killing us figuratively but soon it could be literally!

    How can our nation survive with Obama laws, policies and radicalism.

    Worst of all no one delved into all the aspects and properties of Obama care.

    Wasn’t Pelosi, she never read the bill.

  • dwdude

    known this was coming for quite awhile…let’s give the chinese more economic leverage. it’s all according to obama’s anti colonialist plan to bring the u s down. wake up

  • Patty

    I know that anyone who has bought Gold in the past 10 years are going to be Okay.

    And Yes, many times Sarah said that we could get out of this mess by tapping into all the resources this nation possesses.

  • Patty


    Rev. Jesse Jackson wants to confiscate all Pensions in the U.S. that means everyone’s to eliminate Debt. This would equal 6 trillion dollars. He flew this in the 70’s, also.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Someone, somewhere in Washington may have wised up. Last summer, rare earth mining resumed in the Mountain Pass area of CA.

  • Lim Lynn

    There is estimate how many years remain the untapped rare metal taken from metal ore may last. Hope America has a large volume of rare metal since China may reduce their rare metal from their metal ore sooner or later.

  • American Woman

    The real story happened a few years back in Afghanistan, which is rich in natural resources. These resources were first discovered when the Russians were there, and the Russians did in fact create maps of the geological treasures.

    Moreover, later on Americans came across those maps and had them in their possession.

    Now, you would think that since our troops were fighting tha Taliban, America leaders would have spme how stacked a claim on those resources in some way, shape, or form, so that American companies could mine those resources. Making it a win/win for both Afghans and Americans.

    However, that didn’t happen.

    This is what happened:

  • shadow

    Thanks to Democrats, the US doesn’t look like this on a daily basis.

  • airon-later

    Damn all those consumers that want to buy electronics that require such metals and damn Democrats for allowing such minerals to be more abundant in China. What are “patriots” to do?!?!?!?!

    oh, this looks interesting…….

  • batman

    Just south of Sullivan is the Pea Ridge Iron mine. darned close to 13% rare earths. AS A BY-PRODUCT. Wouldn’t it figure that there would be some Mongolian based mining company interested in muscling-in on that operation? We know how “free” Mongolia is. Why would a Chinese company be interested in a “little ole iron mine” in Missouri? Well…think about it. Chinese mining is probably NOT at all the same as U.S. mining. Like most other Chinese manufacturing processes, Chinese mines are probably optimized to exploit the one, seen as limitless, resource they do have: People. Perhaps Al-ABC, Al-NBC and Al-CBS will investigate. Would the Chinese Army suffer an OSHA? One could guess that Chinese miners would NOT have a great life expectancy, especially when working with that rare-earth stuff. Probably separate it by hand. I’ll bet the United Mine Workers, despite all their government connections here, haven’t yet set up shop there yet, either. I’ll bet theres a lot of turn-over. Do you have any idea how many Chinese that 3,000 HP motors could idle? Pea Ridge could be open for a long time. Iron mine. The rare earths are in the tailings. What would worry the Chinese? Resumption of U.S. manufacturing. Gee…What would happen if the U.S. should stumble upon some form of cheap energy. Say, like oil and natural gas. Oh…Wait! We did! Bigger than the entire Middle East, in fact. Ah, but what are the odds of Manchurian candidate stop prevaricating the prevailing paradigm of peak-whatever. New planet-worship religion. If the price of energy in this country ever normalized by supply and demand, it would again be cheaper to transport the finished goods, instead of the excessive cost of 2 trips half way across the world: raw materials AND the finished goods. This would change many things, and that change would be for the better. Isn’t the economic definition of a 3rd world country: One that exports raw materials and imports finished goods? Today’s America is looking more and more like it did, when we were still British colonies, Only, the dynastic lords, governors, dukes and earls have been replaced by…….. dynastic lords, governors. etc. Oh-oh. Well: Look at Illinois! Er, Madiganistan.

  • Lim Lynn
    Psyace breakdown future events spell film done by Heliofant.

  • Limousine Barry

    I am proud to announce that my job killing spree in the energy sector has lead to higher gas prices and Energy Dependence on the Middle East. At least the Arabs are getting rich!

    Let me be clear, I am equally proud of my economic policies leading to America’s dependence on buying 19 strategic Rare Metals… mostly from China! At Harvard we call that a solid D minus!

    Sure, my Council on Jobs and Competitiveness has not even had one meeting in over a year – but at least each member got a Living Wage of $144,000.00 per year! Cronyism works!

    I am much better at killing jobs than making them. They don’t call me Helter Skelter Hatchet Man 0bama for nothing! I see a job and I cut it out with a steak knife! Ha-ha!

    My Limousine is spewing smoke and Charlie Rangel and Bill Ayers are in back seat. I want to do what I do best – Killing Jobs! And burning the Taxpayer’s money. I cannot answer any questions. I have a thirst for killing jobs! It must be satisfied! Good day.

  • BobM

    The American public is spoon fed only the mush that the mms wants to print and the propaganda Obama chooses to spread. While we ponder whether Beyounce was lip syncing our nation continues it’s downward spiral. We have severe problems that need real leadership. Who will stand in the breech and speak the truth? Who wants to hear the truth.

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  • even steven

    There is a huge rare earths deposit near Elk Creek, Nebraska. I wonder if it will ever be mined.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Thanks to Democrats, the US doesn’t look like this on a daily basis.

    That would have been rather unlikely to have happened here, Democrats or no Democrats. The public here, if faced with an intolerable situation would have exercised the avenues available to them to take care of the problem, and industry would have likely responded, possibly with a little government encouragement. The people in China don’t have much say in the matter, especially if the polluting industry is state-sponsored. They’ll just get visits from Commie henchmen, or worse, they’ll simply disappear courtesy of same.