The Taliban promised a prolonged war if the US decides to keep troops in Afghanistan after 2014.
Channel News Asia reported:

The Taliban on Saturday warned of a prolonged war in Afghanistan if any foreign troops stay after the end of 2014, as Kabul and Washington prepare to discuss the “residual” US security presence.

President Barack Obama and President Hamid Karzai will hold talks in the US next week on a long-term security pact between the two countries, with US troops remaining in Afghanistan at the top of the agenda.

“If America wants to leave a small or large number of its troops for whatever length of time then it means war and destruction will continue in the region for that same length,” the Taliban said in a statement.

“If Karzai and the Kabul regime agree with the presence of even a single American soldier then, just as presently, they shall also be responsible for all future hostilities, casualties and destruction.”

The latest media reports suggest the US Department of Defence has prepared plans that leave either 3,000, 6,000 or 9,000 troops in the country, focused on striking at Al-Qaeda militants.

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has said the slimmed-down force would focus on preventing Al-Qaeda, which was sheltered by the 1996-2001 Taliban government, from regaining a foothold in the war-shattered nation.

It’s almost as if they are waiting for the US to leave the country before they take over, huh?




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  1. Just drop a few moab’s on their leadership. Let them keep re electing scum.

  2. Yup, why don’t we just unleash HELL on these bastards and end this thing or, if we don’t have the stomach for that, get the hell out.

  3. I thought that Obama had personally killed every Taliban and Al Quaida operative

  4. Armed and supplied by our commander in chief, Imam Obama

  5. Our Troops could of fought, won, and returned home A LONG TIME AGO if only they would of been allowed to fight like they were trained!

    Let Karzai fight his own war…just like he likes to run his mouth!
    He doesn’t appreciate our Troop’s sacrifices…says he does not want them there…WELL TELL OBAMA THEN!


  6. what would Rome do?

  7. I think the examples of the aftermaths of World Wars I and II are pertinent, here. Fighting a war, winning, and leaving a power vacuum tends to result in — another war, as soon as the societies recover.

    Our current administration is full of foreign policy fools. Their fecklessness is going to cost us greatly.

  8. Prolonged war?

    It’s being ongoing for 1400 years now, with no end in sight. Muslims, low information individuals if anyone is, will follow the blood thirty instructions in their holy book of subduing the entire world for Islam.

    Just because you Muslims are crazy to believe what you do, don’t think that I am!

  9. Valerie…I would agree with you “IF’ we were talking about an upright government but since we know it already was totally corrupt…without starting to correct that problem…you will never fix the rest of it!

  10. So I suppose Mr Hoft thinks that we should remain in Afghanistan forever? We must leave that country at some point

  11. Every teabagger should be required to send a son or grandson, daughter or granddaughter to enlist immediately to take the places of the soldiers coming home in 2014. And they get to pay the $$$ of being there past 2014.

  12. lincoln’s widow is a prime example of low information foaming at the mouth.

    Obama was supposed to fix it. Instead he’s increased drone attacks and civilian and US soldier deaths, due to his schizophrenic policies. There are hundreds of gallons of innocent blood on Bobo’s hands (Benghazi and children at a birthday party in Mexico just to name a few). But that’s what you get with a pathological liar and communist for a president.

  13. The Taliban promised a prolonged war if the US decides to keep troops in Afghanistan after 2014.

    Seems to me it’s already been prolonged, and unnecessarily at that, courtesy of the U.S. civilian leadership. Our forces were there longer than they needed to be, and fought with more restraint than they needed to (by orders, of course), with the predicted result: the Taliban are still running around the countryside plying their trade, and they have a safe haven next door in Pakistan.

  14. If Obama keeps troops in Afghanistan after 2014, there will continue to be casualties. Obama, as commander-in-chief, has failed to achieve his primary duty, protection of forces. I doubt that he is concerned. He hates the military and everything about them.


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