The Taliban today celebrated news of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
The ustralian News reported:

THE Taliban have welcomed news from Washington that the US might withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan next year, saying the American public was pressing for an end to “this aimless war”.

The comment came ahead of a crucial meeting between President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the White House on Friday that is expected to focus on how many American soldiers will remain in Afghanistan.

The US and its NATO allies have long planned to withdraw their combat troops by the end of 2014, although it has been widely expected that Washington will leave a force to train, advise and assist the Afghan army and police.

But Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, told reporters on Tuesday that Obama would not rule out any ideas, including the so-called zero option – pulling out all the remaining 66,000 US troops…

…Taliban insurgents, however, seized on Rhodes’ comments as a sgn that the administration was under pressure from the American people to pull out completely from the nation’s longest war.

“We appreciate this step of the American public and all those societies who pressurise their government in the issue of Afghanistan as to bring this aimless war to an end and to evacuate all their troops,” the Taliban said in a statement on their website.

A screengrab from the Taliban website:

Here’s more from the Taliban statement today:

At present the American officials have raise the possibility of evacuating all their troops from Afghanistan, it demonstrates that just like the French people, the American people have also accurately perceived the ground realities. They drew the attention of the white house officials that the politics of might is not going to yield in the case of Afghanistan therefore they should adopt the politics of wisdom and logic. We appreciate this step of the American public and all those societies who pressurize their government in the issue of Afghanistan as to bring this aimless war to an end and to evacuate all their troops.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomes the withdrawal of all American forces from Afghanistan and considers it a crucial positive step forward in solving the issue of Afghanistan. Furthermore we regard it as a good luck for both nations for the reason that in this way the war will come to an end.

They’re obviously very excited.

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  • ★FALCON★

    We should leave immediately, and in-fact, we should have left the moment Obama was elected in 2008.

    No one wants their child to be the last one killed in a war Obama has conceded.

    We’ll be back in Afghanistan in the future because America has not yet dealt effectively nor sufficiently with the Taliban and al-Qaida.

    For now, there is no reason to spend any more blood and treasure with a Muslim usurping the White House.


  • greenfairie

    And that was all pretty much for nothin’. The way to wage war is to level the enemy’s territory, make them very sorry they messed with us, and throw them the bill on the way out. No nation building, no winning hearts or any of that. If you don’t want to play that way, then stay home.


  • Sam Stone

    Obama hands Egypt, Libya and now Afghanistan to his fellow jihadists and he is halfway to “fundamentally transforming the Unites States of America” into the 58th State in the 57 of the Organization of the Islamic Conference or also known as the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation. America will be the freshman member state.

  • dunce

    He will pull the troops out when he is tired of forcing them to get killed by their trainees and then claim that the money saved will be used as aid that does not increase costs. Aid to muslim countries is in fact jizya.

  • JDR-Taq

    LOL! ROTFLOL! Good God Almighty these people are stupid.

    We will always be at war with Eastasia.

    Has “1984” been translated into Arabic, Farsi, and the rest of Mordor’s languages?

    Ah, nevermind. Just like the West, many cannot read, and most who CAN read, cannot reason out anything as unbelievably complex as George Orwell, anyway.

    We’re never going to leave. Remember the Great Anti-War Movement of 2001-2008….?

    “Bring home the troops!”

    Even the blind and deaf have noticed a dearth of anti-war protests.

    Despite that Obama campaigned on, and TO, a “bring home the troops” platform.

    Bush, having complete Congressional and 57 or so nations in a fully cooperative coalition, was a War Criminal for Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Obama just started 3 new wars, WITH NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, has yet to extract our troops from “Bush’s War”, is killing innocents by the thousands with drones and a freakin’ X-BOX controller, is F*%KING ARMING AL-QUAIDA AND THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND MORE WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS AND ARMS, and has presided over three times as many U.S. Military deaths in 4 years as the War Criminal Bush did in 8.

    But he’s Hip, so It’s All Good™.


  • Oliver

    Somebody needs to start a petition demanding that Sandra Fluke be appointed as the next Ambassador to Afghanistan in 2014.

    Also – OT: tweet of the day:
    Ron Givens [email protected]

    You DO NOT have to pay union dues. You can have those funds directed to a charity you choose. Ask personnel dept for the form. Defund them!

  • bg
  • Snake Oil Baron

    America needs to stick with conquering dictators and overthrowing totalitarian states and then not be afraid to leave the survivors to fight it out without trying to restore order or rebuild. If a worse or equally bad regime comes to power, knock it down again. Let them figure out that they need not bother setting up a theocracy or commu-fascist state because it will just be destroyed with lots of death and destruction. The only problem is that it will have to wait until America recovers from its imminent collapse.

  • Thanks to King O they’ll party like its 1700 -putting people to death, stoning women, making them stay home and not work. forcing the burka on them shooting girls and or killing those who want an education-yes, its PAR TAY time Taliban style!

    Thanks again O voters!

  • lynno

    Oh wonderful,Isn’t the USA great,when will obama give them an office New York city. WE THE PEOPLE how much do we have to take from this administration,impeach.It is either time for civil attention to their agenda or impeach.(1776) (1975)

  • Stella Baskomb

    Why shouldn’t the Taliban be exxcited?

    They won.

  • JustJP

    Karzai will be the first one beheaded!

  • bg


    lynno #12 January 12, 2013 at 6:18 am

    oh they have one, believe it’s at some refurbished to the tune of over
    $2 billion US taxpayer dollars at some uber flagged complex located in
    Turtle Bay.. /s/


  • YourMaster

    so 0bama just completely surrenders to the taliban.
    sucky leader… you know I wouldn’t be surprised if a repeat of 9/11 happens
    at some point. …can put this in as a lil reminder of what 0bama should of done with the taliban when he had the chance.