A St. Louis man was in court today for stealing $504 dollars from a piggybank for “Women and Heroin.”

Man of the year – Baron Calmese Jr.

Baron Calmese Jr. said he blew the money on “a piece of ass and some heroin.”
FOX2 reported:

Baron Calmese Jr. was arrested in September after he alegedly raided his nephew’s piggy bank. He will be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that Calmese confessed to stealing $504 from his four year old nephew. The defendants sister said she recently because her son had been given money by a relative. She told Calmese that he could take $2 in quarters from the bank. He is accused of taking all of the money.

When officers asked what he did with the money, he said “Man, I bought a piece of ass and some heroin.”

Hat Tip Ed

More on Baron here.




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  1. Figures :-(

  2. Sounds like a Obama voter…. stealing money and getting ass and we get to pay for it!

  3. Typical Obama supporter. “$2??? I’s done goonna be takin’ me mo’ than that, bitch.”

  4. What’s wrong……you can’t use your food stamps for that?

  5. Couldn’t homie “hock” his Obama-fone?

  6. Yes, this seems exactly like the sort of late-breaking news that deserves the highest attention and doesn’t happen all the time. I wonder why this story in particular was chosen as a highlight…

  7. When officers asked what he did with the money, he said “Man, I bought a piece of ass and some heroin.”


    Hang on their brother, if the Alinsky left has their way, both will be legalized, and on display at a store near you.

    Until then, try Amsterdam.

  8. If Obama had a son …..

  9. To Holder’s People its a normal purchase with normal funds

  10. Great candidate for Emperor 0bama’s Secretary of Commerce. Or Edumuhcation. How about as new Attorney General?

  11. What does it cost in court expenses and tax payer money for this? More then 504 dollars.

  12. Rumor has it the woman was this person:


  13. It’s an indication of the condition of our society that he makes this statement as though everybody buys hookers and heroin.

  14. I can’t imagine why people think Republicans are racist.

  15. Democrats have no shame!!

  16. More Al gore profiting off of global warming and terrorists.


  17. Why all the negative waves? This guy would be great in Congress. Like Congress, he stole the money from the next generation. Unlike Congress, he had a plan for the money and can account for every penny. In my book, that’s a big improvement.

  18. No doubt he made his one allotted phone call from his Obama phone.

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