St. Louis County Police Chief: Obama’s Gun Control Actions Just a “Feel Good” Effort (Video)

St. Louis County Police Chief says Obama’s gun control actions are just a “feel good” effort.

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch told reporters Obama’s gun control actions are just a “feel good” effort that won’t make much of a difference.
KMOV reported:

The President signed 23 executive orders as part of a new, $500 million program. The proposal calls for four main changes: close background check loopholes, ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, make schools safer, and increase access to mental health services.

News 4 has talked to people on all sides of the issue, including St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch.

Chief Fitch says the 15-page proposal called “Now is the Time” is mostly a “feel good” effort to tackle a real problem. He doesn’t think a lot of the proposal will work in practice, but he is in favor of sweeping changes to background checks and mental health services.

However Fitch says he doesn’t think a ban on assault weapons or high-capacity magazines is the answer. He points to his own duty weapon and the 12-round clip that goes in it. The new proposal would limit that clip to 10 rounds.

“The weapons that we’ve seen are not machine guns, aren’t automatic weapons; they were just like a revolver or a pistol where we have to pull a round every time. Now what the argument is, is that he had a high-capacity magazine—more than 10 rounds—that you can get more bullets out faster. That’s true, but all you have to do is have more magazines,” Chief Fitch explained. “Just like the police carry multiple magazines, it takes me about a second and a half to reload a magazine, so really, if you restrict the magazine capacity, and say we have 10 bullets instead of 12 in a clip, really all the mass shooter has to do at that point is practice reloading skills.”…

…Sean Johnson, charged with a shooting at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts, is a good example. Known to have a history of mental illness, the student allegedly got his hands on an illegal weapon and shot his financial aid director in downtown St. Louis on Tuesday.

“Today we don’t have a place to take someone like that. Back in the day we had institutional locations where we could take people like that,” Chief Fitch said. “Today everybody like that is just main stream and hopefully stay on their medicine.”

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  • Lim Lynn

    Whether it’s feel good for Traitor in Chief. Main issue is it will effect Socialist Democrat Commie, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and other goons will turn America to Amerika Chicago Mafia style Mexican Drug Cartels filled with gangsters.

  • Beth

    Damned lying hypocrite. Saving children yeah right, we can tell you are sooo concerned about the children. Your entire political life, you’ve run with alacrity in every way you possibly could do, to promote the daily slaughter of the unborn.

    The Lord rebuke you.

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  • dwdude

    the media’s ignorance is astounding, especially since the don’t want to know the truth

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    That cop is obviously raaaaacist.

  • jb

    St. Louis county….. is St. Louis city in it … where the knockdown game is rampant and now citizens can’t defend themselves against the game’s mob participants?

  • Lim Lynn

    Oregon Sheriff Tim Mueller
    Crook County Sheriff Jim Hensley
    Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin
    Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning
    Minnesota, Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole
    GOD bless these Sheriffs who upheld their oath not to oppress American citizens. Please be safe my friends in America.
    In 1992, Hagel was CEO of Election Systems & Software, maker of computerized voting machines.

    On March 15, 1995, Hagel resigned as CEO but kept millions in stock options and declared that he was going to run for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska. Although he was a virtually unknown candidate; although he ran against a former governor, Ben Nelson, who was hugely popular; and although all the polls prior to the election indicated Ben Nelson would win the election, oddly Hagel won by a landslide with 83% of the vote.

    It later turned out that Hagel’s voting machines had been used in virtually all of the precincts.

    When Hagel ran for reelection in 2006, his previous landslide of 83% was eclipsed by an even wider margin.

    It turns out that Hagel’s former company, Election Systems & Software/Diebold now counts the votes in most elections.

    And it turns out Hagel’s voting machines have been embroiled in investigations of hacking and vote-switching that continue to this day.

    Did Barack Obama win the presidential elections the same way Hagel won his senatorial seat? And is this Secretary of Defense position payback for the favor?

    Americans should demand to see each and every vote cast for both Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama.

  • Lim Lynn
    Guns Owners Of America, Peaceful Protest Organized For Jan 19th In All 50 States At The Capital Building.

  • Jeff



    Both liberals and conservatives should be embarrassed believing these new laws will change anything. It’s 100% a ‘feel good effort.’

  • Stella Baskomb

    Well they certainly don’t make ME feel good.

  • bobdog

    The solution to gun violence is as simple as it is easy, although you’ll never get a liberal to even acknowledge it, let alone agree with it.

    If you’re prohibited from possessing a firearm and you get caught with one, you go to prison for 10 years, with no time off for good behavior. You do it all.

    Use a handgun in the commission of a felony, you go away for life without parole. Period.

    Kill somebody in the commission of a felony, you get a death sentence, without appeal. Period.

    Before you run off to Google the proper spelling of Neandertal, consider who’s doing all the killing, where it occurs, and what kind of guns are being used. It can take three years for a street punk to go to trial after he’s murdered somebody. Thanks to the ACLU and all the candy-assed lawyers we have in the criminal justice system, it’s so hard to get a conviction that DA’s usually get the creep to plead to a lesser charge. If he’s a first time offender, sometimes they walk. The price tag for murder in Illinois is about 5 years. And if they make parole, they disappear. And if they get convicted, it means street cred when they get out.

    Bottom line, gangbangers roll the dice, knowing that even if they get caught, they’ll be back on the street in five years, laughing.

    Put some serious penalties on crimes committed with a gun, and watch the crime rate fall. If you think that adding a bunch of feel good restrictions on the legal purchase of legal guns by legal buyers is going to change anything, you’re fooling yourself.

  • Multitude

    Two years ago, on Barack Obama’s watch, there was a school shooting in Omaha Nebraska at Millard South High School. The asst. principal was killed and others injured. The student shooter then turned the gun on himself when law enforcement showed up to confront him. Thankfully, a police car happened to be very close by when it started. Who knows how many more would have been killed. The only thing keeping it from being an incident with dozens of dead children was the luck that a squad car was near.

    But a lesson Barack Obama doesn’t want learned out of the Millard South shooting is this: Even if Barack dismantles the second amendment completely and confiscates all legally owned guns, and assuming Barack had super powers and successfully confiscated all the illegal guns too (including the thousands his AG Holder has dumped into Mexico that are finding their way back), all that magic wouldn’t have stopped the Omaha shooting.

    You see, the shooter stole his dad’s police Glock. His dad was an Omaha police officer. No magazine restrictions, no confiscations and bans, would have mattered. We’d have to seize all of law enforcement’s weapons too, and even then, we’d still have military bases with access to weapons. We’d have to ban them there too… rendering the nation defenseless. Can you imagine the next shooting, where one of Holder’s AK-47s sneaks into a classroom, with police unable to confront the shooters? What will they do? Yell over the megaphone that “If you kill more than 5 children, that’s a red line that will make us even angrier” like Obama’s disastrous failure of a foreign policy?

    Barack Obama: Give guns to narco-terrorists that come back and kill Americans and innocent Mexican children. Give guns to Bin Laden’s terrorists in Libya who come back and kill our ambassador and then spread them to Mali and Algeria to kill more innocents.

    Maybe the solution isn’t taking the guns away from the law abiding people, but instead taking them away from our President and his crooked administration.

  • Jeff

    Bobdog, if it’s so hard to get a conviction why would any lawyer let their client plea?

    Plea deals are an effective bargaining chip to avoid the time and expense of trials, and they have their upsides and downsides, but they’re not some last resort because of the oh-so-scary ACLU.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    The problem is that if it makes enough people feel good, they will support it and it will be very hard to undo. It has happened before on any number of issues.

  • Lim Lynn
    James Yeager got blame by Socialist Commie Democrat Traitor in Chief supporters for being racist. Oh well, they are 100% wrong.

  • Indiana

    Obama needs to feel good this….feel good that….we’re lucky he keeps both hands on the podium when he speaks. That’s all he’s good for.

  • JDR-Taq


    He can keep both hands on the podium because he has the entire press under the podium fellating him like it’s their last meal.

  • bg



    January 16, 2013

    Military are now polled to ensure that
    they will fire on Americans if ordered.

    November 27, 2012

    Will America Listen?

    [Before I address the psychological reasons on why the coming
    American genocide is almost upon us and it will receive the enthusiastic
    support from active duty military personnel, let’s examine the fiction set
    forth by a group known as Oath Keepers.]

    Question # 46

    [End Note

    Our civilian readers maybe wondering why the Combat Arms Survey
    was circulated so heavily within the Department of the Navy. The
    reason is simple; the Navy is not subject to USC Title 10 Posse
    Comitatus prohibitions against using federal military forces for
    domestic law enforcement. This includes the US Marine Corps.

    Just thought you would like to know.]

    January 8, 2013

    Will Our Military Fire Upon Us? Survey Says….

    [Next time you hear people say it is okay to give up our guns to make a
    safer America, or that it is ok that the TSA treats us as lesser beings than
    cattle, or even that it is a good thing for the DHS to train our police forces
    on how to control urban situations against “home grown terrorists”, remind
    them that they are the reason our freedoms are dissipating before our very
    eyes. Thank God in Heaven we still have our Vets and brave military men
    and women who want us to open our eyes and see what is going on in the
    ranks of our “protectors”.


    [Cooperation with Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies Act of 1981. This act enabled the Military to participate in the drug war. This cooperative alliance of military and civilian police efforts in the name of national security may have eroded the demarcation between civilian law enforcement and our military institution first established by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.”

    The results of another question, No. 45, posed by the survey indicates American soldiers are not eager to swear allegiance to the United Nations, although nearly one in four would do so. Question 45 states: “I would swear to the following code:’I am a United Nations fighting person. I serve in the forces which maintain world peace and every nation’s way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense’.” A total of 69.33 percent, or 208 Marines surveyed, indicated they disagreed, with 117, or 39 percent, indicating they strongly disagreed.

    On the other hand, 71 Marines, or 23.66 percent, indicated they would be willing to swear such allegiance to the UN, with 19, or 6.33 percent, indicating they were strongly in favor of doing so. “For thousands of years.” Cunningham notes in his thesis, “military organizations have required their soldiers to swear to some kind of code or allegiance. A code provides a standard for the soldiers to live up to and, in many cases, to die for. A code can be a powerful tool for establishing and sustaining unit cohesion. But what if the mission a solider is assigned to perform counters or confuses the code he has sworn to uphold? Question 45 was presented to determine if the solders would swear to such a code.” No one knows if the American personnel traveling in the helicopter shot down over Iraq [by “friendly fire”] in April 1994 would have sworn allegiance to such a code.

    Yet, Vice President Albert Gore stated that these Americans “died in the service of The United Nations.” “It is patently clear,” a retired high ranking Army Officer told The SPOTLIGHT,”that this survey raises some very serious issues, not the least of which is that U.S. servicemen are not being properly educated as to the limits of their service in the civilian sector. This is most dangerous, and, I should think the Congress has an obligation to the people to take a careful look at this, not to mention the people at the Pentagon.”]

    copacetic with all my crazy Obama being the chosen one with the task of transitioning US into the New One World Order since the first time ever heard his name.. :-(

    anyone know of a more recent survey?? thanks in advance..


  • bg


    re: #19 January 17, 2013 at 4:26 pm bg

    January 17, 2013

    Isn’t It Interesting?

    [I find it interesting because neither Obama nor his Justice Department,
    or for that matter neither his State Department nor Homeland Security,
    offered any more than fleeting and passing interest in getting to the
    bottom of Fast and Furious and the murders of Jaime Zapata and Brian
    Terry. And he has hardly been out front in uncovering why he permitted
    Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glenn Doherty, and Tyrone
    Woods to be murdered in Benghazi.


    Shouldn’t Obama be more interested in the thousands of true assault
    weapons his administration was responsible for placing in the hands
    of Mexican terrorist drug cartels? Shouldn’t he be more concerned
    about those weapons from Fast and Furious being smuggled back
    into this country and delivered to dangerous Latino gangs operating
    in our cities?

    Another question we might demand Obama answer is why he moved to
    have his office block the investigations into Fast and Furious. Shouldn’t
    we demand Obama explain why he along with Susan Rice and other
    government officials blatantly lie about what happened in Benghazi?


    People are blind, dumb and foolish if they, for one moment, believe this is
    about gun control; it is about people control and it is far easier for Obama’s
    government to do that if the people are unarmed.