Snoop Dogg: I’d Love to Show My Kids How to Smoke Pot

Father of the Year

Snoop Dogg says he’d love to show his kids how to smoke pot.
BET reported:

Snoop Dogg wants to set a good example for his kids, sometimes in ways that is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

The rapper-turned-reggae star talks to GQ magazine about parenting, and how he hopes to share one of his favorite hobbies with his children. “It’s not that I would ever push weed on our kids,” clarfies Snoop, who has three children from ages 12 to 18, “but if they wanted to, I would love to show them how, the right way, so that way they won’t get nothing put in their s*** or overdose or trying some s*** that ain’t clean.”

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  • Joanne

    What do you expect from a pot head who probably has two brain cells left.

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  • Look-Out

    And don’t forget this from one of the ladies (to use the term loosely) on the Left:

    …something of a storm appears to have blown up over CNN’s live coverage of events in New York’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The programme was considerably enlivened by comedian Kathy Griffin referring to the fiscal cliff as “the fisting cliff”, then repeatedly dropping to her knees and pretending to simulate fellatio on her visibly unamused co-host Anderson Cooper: “I’m going down, you know you want to,” she told him. “I’m kissing your sardine.”

    Thank you both for sharing your values.

  • I work at non profit organization many of our visitors are recovering form substance abuse, have mental illnesses or physical disabilities. They all love King O I myself am legally blind, and I often say how shocking it is that within four years record numbers of people are on disablity or food stamps. One person actually said” Not all disabilities are visible. and that food stamps have been around for centuries and that King O did not start them.”

    When she saw my face she said “well not centuries.” This person also respects people like Snoop Dogg, and that “people can change”. Well, this looks like the Dogg is up to his old tricks!

    God it’s hard surrounded by O lovers! A family member said that her paycheck did NOT go down and only King O ‘s law will “only affect people making $40 thousand or more a year.”

    What can I do to convince friends or family without getting into a shouting match?

  • Mike Hunt


  • l.barney #4

    “A family member said that her paycheck did NOT go down and only King O ‘s law will “only affect people making $40 thousand or more a year.””

    … first it was the billionaires, then it was the millionaires, then the ones making 250,00 were called millionaires, then it was… blah, blah, blah. Now, it is “only affect people making 40k or more”… FUNNY (and of course, not in a haha way) that number which represents the ‘rich’ just keeps going down, huh?

  • bg


    don’t give a bats guano if he teaches
    them to doggie foo their ma moo. 🙄


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  • Flintstone F.

    I think he thinks he’s still Huggie Bear.

    Pot can be abused and become a problem for living unless of course you fall ass backward into success and equate money with intelligence. Snoop is a great man. I hope he doesn’t spend all his brains on street pot laced with angel dust, that’s whack yo.

  • donh

    Cheech & Chong Sargent Stadanko…..>

  • Taqiyy.

    Snoop, just show your kids all your videos, all your High Times interviews, and let them listen to all your music.

    They’ll know more than you ever wanted them to know (if you have one sane brain cell left in your brain pan).

    They’ll even know when the appropriate time is to slap a ho or rob a bank, and how much that 8-ball costs, and not to get high off your own supply!

    Father of the Year, indeed.

    Go to YouTube and search “Snoop Lion” (that’s what he goes by, now.)

    Kids are featured prominently in his videos. I wonder what he and his crew are teaching these kids? I shudder to think.

  • Taqiyy.

    Ask the remaining Corey (Feldman) about the REAL “Down WAY Low Club”.

    Mmm, mmm, mmmm….

    So much obviousness, so many cowards.

  • Granny

    Hmmm – if you or I said that social services would be breaking the doors down and hauling the kids away at gunpoint.

  • Simsalabim

    Mr. Dogg, could you show us your I.Q. using your fingers?

    I see Mr. Dogg, an I.Q. of 6.

    You fall among the average for President Zero’s supporters, fo shizzle!

  • bigkahuna

    I would like to teach them to kick him in the nuts

  • Taqiyy.

    Meanwhile, twenty years ago, 1992, The Pharcyde released this gem:

    Pack the Pipe

    I got a big ol’ blunt
    I’m lampin’ on my front porch
    About to put a torch to it
    Then Coco said don’t do it
    Please don’t hit that s*** in front of my little four year old son
    She sent him inside the house meanwhile my Sheri steadily rolled one
    [What are you doing (daddy)?]
    After the other
    Then another
    Cause I’m rollin’ in the dough
    So we rolled in the indoe
    As if the kid didn’t know
    He’s lookin’ through the window
    Yo why we tryin’ to hide it?
    To make a boy grow to be
    Ignorant and misguided about the bud!?
    Now I have to play the part of the advisor
    Because the bud is just the tasty tantalizer
    The bud not the beer cause the bud makes me wiser
    So I said come’re little man
    [Whatcha want old man]
    And with his little hand
    He grabbed the pipe
    A lesson in buddah blessin’
    Not too young
    Just right
    So he started blazin’
    It was amazin’
    My lungs are black and shriveled up like a raisin
    But who am I to deny the kid a try
    At nature’s little way of sayin’ hi?
    [Thank you old man]

    Yeah, this is just CULTURE! Culture is GOOD! It’s CULTURAL! That’s a magic word that makes every single act ALL GOOD!


  • Taqiyy.

    Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsom were just participants in something CULTURAL!

    Their parents should be proud that they participated!

    I mean who are we to judge a culture that says it’s okay to kidnap a non-black couple, and then, for three days, torture and rape (including with broken chair legs) and fill every orifice with bleach and then murder them by gunshot and suffocation?

    It’s CULTURAL! Which we’ve all been programmed to believe means “IT’S GOOD!”

  • Taq (#16)… excellent post.

  • donh

    Snoop dealing in ” The Wash “…>

  • MrGoodWench

    I’m sure Sasha and Malia already know how to smoke pot …..look who their dad is

  • Taqiyy.


    Yeah, thanks. Sadly, I used to listen to, and even memorize, that crap.

    What a waste of brain cells that was. I, to this day, have most of Eazy-E’s Eazy Duz It and quite a bit of N.W.A.’s Straight outa Compton occupying my brain.

    It comes in handy some times, but rarely. This is one of those times.

  • Taqiyy.

    I wonder now, if the members of “The Pharcyde”‘s kids are in prison or out murdering and flash-robbing right now, or worse.


  • Taqiyy.

    Last comment:

    Q: Why does Snoop Dogg wear a raincoat?

    A: Fo’ Drizzle.


  • dirtydog1776

    After reading this, blacks, who make up the greater number of his fans, should not be wondering why they do not succeed in America.

    The black community embraces thugs, criminals and filthy mouth rap singers as their role models. Bill Cosby, a few years ago, chastised blacks and encouraged them to take responsibility for their actions and their role models. He was shouted down and it appears that the black community has ignored his advice.

  • Patty

    No parenting skills. Sad but when you are a drug head you breed more drug heads. At least this is true in “DOG’S’ case.

  • Mad Hatter

    Regardless how much money someone is worth, you can’t buy class.

  • RealMc

    can be taken out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of ’em.

    sniggly diggly. YO.

  • ilikai

    Why are you wasting news space on a ghetto thug thats still in the gang(forget which one, either bloods or crypts) and is just taking up space in the human race.

  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Just a great dad, eh? Perhaps the local Department of Children’s Services should give this a good look see, don’t you think? Anybody close to a good judge?

  • JDR-Taq

    Oh, and just for the lazy f**s among us who do not get this quite apt allusion:

    Shudder when you think about the percentage of Black Americans who would cheer and hoot and hollar at a Hollywood film adaptation of this horrid, inhuman, anti-human atrocity.

    Call it Quentin Tarantino’s “The Knoxville Horror”, and the ‘Hood will stock up on Blu-Rays.

    It’ll be a “Rite of Passage”. As Tarantino said he hoped his “Django: Unchained” would be for future generations of Black Americans.

    Q: Could my cynicism be any more “laid out like ‘dat”?

  • JDR-Taq

    Q.T. could make it all “humorous” like when Marvin gets accidentally shot in the face in “Pulp Fiction” and it’s all Funny to the audience!

    That would be cool!

    The torture, rape, and murder of Christian and Newsom could be made Comedic, with the most memorable lines being about broken chair legs, bleach, and “doze Cracka-a$$-crackas’ anii and vaginii beein’ all bleedin’ a LOT and sh$t! OMG Damn, nukka!”

    Have I gone too far?


    I have not even begun to scratch the surface of this insanity.

  • NoResolution

    I’m pretty sure Calvin Broadus, Jr’s kids already know how to smoke pot.

  • Noovuss

    It must he a tuff thing to teach, in the learning deprived areas of the great government plantations? At first blush it would seem that all you have to do is inhale, but even Clinton couldn’t get it right. Maybe the young bucks are busy making baby mamas and talking on gubmint cell phones.

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  • Nelle

    Clearly he only smokes the cleanest s***.

  • Gary Ogletree

    His real name is Sniff Doggie Doodoo.

  • bobmark

    Snoop is right – it’s better to learn in a safe location than driving around drunk or doing drugs with a bunch of uninformed friends. The ‘forbidden fruit’ effact is quite strong in attacting people into doing things.

  • Catblaster

    something tells me they already know