Six Year-Old Boy Suspended After Forming a Gun With His Finger and Saying “Pow!”

A six year-old boy in Maryland was suspended from school after he formed his fingers into the shape of a gun and saying, “Pow!”
The boy was given a day off for the pretend shooting.
The UPI reported, via Free Republic:

A Maryland 6-year-old was suspended from school for forming the shape of a gun with his hands and saying “pow,” a lawyer for his family said.

Robin Ficker said a boy, a student at Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, was given a one-day suspension from school with a conference planned for when students returned from winter break for the pretend shooting a week after 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., The (Springfield, Va.) Washington Examiner reported Wednesday.

“What they’re doing is looking at the worst possible interpretation of a young, naive 6-year-old,” Ficker said. “This is a little child who can’t form the intent to do anything like that.”

Assistant Principal Renee Garraway sent a letter to the boy’s parents saying the child had been warned.

“Your son … was involved in a serious incident,” Garraway wrote. “(He) threatened to shoot a student. He was spoken to earlier today about a similar incident.”

Ficker said the school has not told the parents what the “similar incident” entailed.

“It just shows the overreaction,” the lawyer said.

The boy was back in school today.

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  • Patty

    And why do Americans feel that the best days are behind us. Obama!! Liberal progressives are getting their way. This 6 year old is being held up as an example of the mentality of the progressives and those who preach to America and half of them believe them.

    It is time to fight back and to tell those who are radically changing America we are here are we will drown our your insanity. ONCE AND FOR ALL.

  • Patty


    The Los Zetas Drug Cartel Has Their Own Radio Network

    Why is this happening because we have no leadership. Drug cartels are all over the place in Mexico, but the Los Zetas have gained the title of the most technologically advanced and dangerous cartel in the country. They’re ex-paramilitary, tooled up like a miniature army, and have even set up their own radio communications network to organize all their horrible, murderous, people-trafficking business.

    Los Zetas’ radio network is the rock of the low-level operations carried out by the “street-soldiers.” It keeps daily activity running smoothly as well as providing a quick method of communication for the network of lookouts monitoring police movement and making sure the cartel is always one step ahead of the authorities. As you might have expected from a gang that seems to enjoy indiscriminately slaughtering people, they haven’t exactly gone about setting up their radio network in the most legitimate way. Their SOP has been to kidnap radio experts, and not one of the reported 36 missing technicians have been seen since.

    Los Zetas aren’t the only cartel with their own radio network, but they are said to have the biggest and most advanced of them all, meaning the Mexican military has had little luck bringing it down. Colonel Bob Killebrew writes and consults on national defense issues at the Center for a New American Security, most recently co-authoring the book Crime Wars; Gangs, Cartels and US National Security. I spoke to him about Los Zetas and their radio network.

  • jorgen

    This is not over-reaction! This is insane! Fire the principal.

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  • Observer

    Another feminist leftist proves beyond all doubt elementary school educratsand their mindless teacher tools are th most stup0id people in Anerica. If the parents of the boy had good sense the rent sucking educrats would have one less revenue cow to milk and they would home school.

  • RickZ

    # 25 Observer commented:

    If the parents of the boy had good sense the rent sucking educrats would have one less revenue cow to milk and they would home school.

    Parents who homeschool, or pay for private schools, still pay public school taxes.

    Education is now The Great (Con) Game.

  • Chas

    That’s how far they mean to go with gun control. No fingers allowed!

  • Stella Baskomb

    “Your son … was involved in a serious incident,” [Assistant Principal] Garraway wrote. “(He) threatened to shoot a student. ”

    Yeah. With his finger.

    Hey, Garraway, I point my butt at you and say “pow”

  • NoResolution

    What we he get suspended for next? Imaginary alcohol?

  • Jerry C

    Point: guns bad, even imaginary ones.
    Goal: 2nd Amendment bad, even imaginary one.

  • Elizabeth

    I was recently at a thrift store and upon existing the store there was a 5 year old boy with his parents out front. The boy had a plastic rifle, complete with orange tip on the end. He pointed his gun at me and instintively I made a finger gun with my hand and said bang bang. We all laughed. In today’s politically correct world, we all would have been arrested had we been in front of a school. And the parents would probably have their child taken away by DFS.
    I has happy to see the child was living a normal life, playing normal games with a play gun.
    Another time I was at a store where I overheard a conversation of a young boy and his mother.
    He wanted to buy a toy gun and the mother vehemently objected, telling him “NO, I will buy you some other toy, but NOT A GUN!” I knew the idiot mother must has been just another mindless anti Second Amendment Democrat and I felt sorry for the kid having a mother like that.

  • tek

    Couldn’t he just say he pretends to be sorry, and be done with it all?

  • Stella Baskomb

    “The boy was back in school today.”

    But the authorities failed to disarm the boy, so there may well be a repeat of this heinous event in the future.

  • Lim Lynn

    What a ridiculous to suspended a boy who was just using imagination to while his time away.

  • Lim Lynn

    When in primary school free time I created a new game Police Officers and thieves with my friends. The Police Officers would use imaginary gun using our hand to point at the thief to apprehend, handcuff and place them in jail. There is a few police officers acting as guards to make sure no one was release the prisoners. Once in there while there were a few thieves apprehend, killed guards and freeing their fellow criminal friends. It was pure fun and we would be fit to run around.

  • thescribbler

    They ALL need to put an imaginary gun to their own heads and pull the trigger. Just saying…..

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    In a follow-up story, school officials have contracted with a surgeon to amputate both of the kid’s hands to disarm the boy.

  • The_Basseteer

    Many, many years ago when he was co-staring in “I Spy”, comedian Bill Cosby, during his comedy act, held up his index finger and thumb and did small bit on the best toy gun in the world. He said all the other kids guns went, “Bang..bang”..he had a band-aid around the tip of his index finger..his gun went “Pfft..Pfft.”

    Maybe the 6 YO Maryland boy should have wrapped a band-aid around his finger so as not to make so much noise.

  • BarbaraS

    Don’t let the other kids find out he got a day off for pointing his finger. They will all do it too. Wouldn’t that be too funny? A whole school of kids acting like they had guns.