Several States Reject Obama’s Controversial New Gun Control Laws (Video)

At least six states say they are seriously considering taking some sort of legislative action against the government on the new gun control laws. They include Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina, Montana, Texas and Wyoming. Many more sheriffs around the country are also calling for action.
Via America’s Newsroom:

Several states reacted to Barack Obama’s sweeping executive actions on gun control, via NRA News:
Arkansas: Two Pro-Gun Bills Introduced In the ‘Natural State

South Carolina: 2013 Session Convenes With Pro-Gun Activity

Wyoming Legislature Introduces Pro-Hunting Reform

Texas leaders take aim at federal gun control plan

Alaska bill would bar enforcement of new gun laws

Mississippi: Governor Phil Bryant says state should resist federal limits on guns

Oklahoma: Governor Mary Fallin defends Oklahoma’s existing gun laws

Texas: Governor Rick Perry rejects President Obama’s Executive Actions

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  • Fu#kObama
  • shadow

    Ummm … perhaps they should take a deep breath, seeing how there are no new gun control laws … yet.

  • bg


    January 17, 2013

    States pulling rug from under Obama gun plans

    [The federal government imposes regulations and licensing requirements
    under the Commerce Clause, which regulates commerce among the states.
    The states challenge that weapons that don’t cross state lines are exempt.

    In Wyoming, the “upgrade” should get the attention of federal agents.
    It states any official charged, “upon conviction, shall be subject to
    imprisonment for not less than one year and one day or more than five

    The bill additionally tacks a $5,000 fine
    upon the official for violating Wyoming law.

    Estimates now are that there are 17 states
    with some type of freedom act for firearms.

    Alaska House Speaker Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski introduced HB 69, which
    exempts “certain firearms and firearm accessories in this state from federal
    regulation; providing criminal penalties for federal officials who enforce or
    attempt to enforce a federal law, regulation, rule, or order regulating certain
    firearms and firearm accessories in this state.”

    Chenault told, “We began work on this bill before the
    president’s announcement … and now I’m extremely glad we did.
    Twenty-three executive orders have been signed … without a
    review from Americans’ elected representatives.”

    Kroeker agreed. He said that wanting to upgrade the current Firearm
    Freedom Act is “I think it is pretty clear that his agenda is to disarm
    Americans and take way as many guns as possible.”

    more at link..


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  • Where are the rest of the states? Come on you governors, senators, and representatives. Take a stand before it’s too late. You have set by already and let things happen that never should have. Obama and his minions are going to keep pushing all these socialist acts down our throats if we keep sitting silently by.

  • Lim Lynn

    Please, Minnesota join to protect gun control.

  • Valerie
  • mark1973 Get a load of this BULSHE! They are conducting disaster drill’s using Second Ammendment proponents as the terrorist’s,using biological and chemical weapons upon the public. Pay attention to this.Our government has Banned the use of the word “islam” in terrororist trainin scenario’s but has no problems at all trying to link Second Ammendment advocates and Tea Party Conservative to mass casualty terrorist events in This Country and trying to cement that possibility inside the American publics mind.

    Pay alot of attention to this. Some scenario like this one will be played out in a government sponsored “False Flag” event, with some Conservative group as the terrorist’s to have an excuse, for a suspension of liberties by declaring martial law and as a pre-text for trying to take away our God Given Second Ammendment Right’s. They are trying to Brainwash the public before it Happens that God Fearing, Constitutionally Conservative American’s are capable of this and are the enemy,before Obama and his thugs launch their next “False Flag” attack. When the next Slaughter happen’s immediately suspect Obama and company!

  • More Minty

    These laws will have zero effect. Federal law trumps state law. This is just more hysterical whining from cowards and idiots.

  • brian

    Well we’re getting a good idea of what states to move to. Very sad, 20 years ago CO would have been in this list as well. Now it’s turned into a pit of disgusting pot smoking godless liberals.

  • bg


    brian #11 January 18, 2013 at 10:14 am

    UPDATE, 01-26-10

    Colorado, South Dakota Firearms Freedom Act Introduced

    [The principle behind such legislation is nullification, which has a long
    history in the American tradition. When a state ‘nullifies’ a federal law,
    it is proclaiming that the law in question is void and inoperative, or ‘non
    -effective,’ within the boundaries of that state; or, in other words, not
    a law as far as the state is concerned.]


  • bg


    January 17, 2013

    Could States Stymie White House Gun Control Push?


    STATE OF THE STATES: No sooner had President Barack Obama laid out his gun control proposals Wednesday, than some states responded, saying they would move to block the laws’ enforcement. Some state legislators were even working feverishly to block the measures before the president proposed them, ABC’s Shushannah Walshe reports. After the president’s announcement, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant joined House Speaker Phil Gunn at a press conference at the State Capitol in Jackson to denounce the president’s gun control measures and call on the legislature to make it illegal to enforce any of the new federal gun control measures. “These are dangerous times, and people have a constitutional right to protect themselves and their property,” Gunn said. On Wednesday in Missouri, State Sen. Brian Munzlinger, who represents Williamstown, filed legislation he says will seek “to keep far-reaching regulations from violating the constitutional rights of all Missourians.” Lawmakers in Tennessee and Wyoming laid out similar legislation and sheriffs in Oregon also signaled they would push back on any new federal regulations.]


  • bigL

    Say, Nice bunch of Highway funds you have there from the feds, be a shame if they got stopped. Block federal gun whatevs? we don’t think so.
    What about Community Block Grants too, with projects half done. and didn’t the feds pay for more police a few years ago? Get rid of them too.
    What the states might have to do is order closed all federal offices and just pay for all programs themselves. Prob have to set up a blockaded border(s) too.

  • bg


    January 17, 2013

    Pistol in Mexico is tied to ATF agent in Minn. gun sting

    [A semi-automatic pistol found near the scene of a gun battle in Mexico where five people died, including a Mexican beauty queen, has been traced to a former federal gun agent in Minnesota who was part of the government’s controversial Fast and Furious border gun-tracking operation.

    The Justice Department’s inspector general has confirmed that it is investigating allegations that an FN Herstal Five-seven handgun tracked from the area of a Nov. 23 shootout in Sinaloa was linked to George Gillett Jr., who oversaw Operation Fast and Furious from October 2009 to April 2010.

    Gillett played a central role in a similar Twin Cities gun sting a decade ago that was shut down after several government-tracked guns were connected to violent gang crimes. He later worked in Arizona and has offered himself as a witness in the Republican-led congressional probe of Operation Fast and Furious, which led to a U.S. House contempt vote in June against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.]

    scroll for much more..


  • Highlander

    More Minty, do you think that using “bold” makes your comments “stronger” than everyone else’s? Federal law may trump state law, but the feds have to come into the state to enforce it. and if they don’t have the support of local law enforcement, that’s a tall order. You don’t see the feds coming in and busting pot smokers in California, Colorado, or anywhere else that passed looser state Marijuana laws do you? I know you’re HOPING Obama will impose his fascist, unconstitutional gun laws upon us, but we aren’t going for it, and guess what? We’re FAR BETTER prepared to fight this BS than all those bong smokers in California are…

  • burt

    Obama ignores any laws he doesn’t like. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • bg


    January 16, 2013

    Ban Guns or Liberals with Guns?

    “Why is it the progressive liberal that steals guns then go and kill
    movie goers and children in school has never been an NRA member?”

    Ft Hood – Registered Democrat- Muslim

    Columbine – Too young to vote – both families
    were registered democrats and progressive liberals

    VA Tech – Wrote hate mail to Pres Bush
    and to his staff. Registered Democrat

    Colorado Theater – Registered Democrat, staff worker
    on the Obama campaign, occupy wall street participant,
    progressive liberal

    Connecticut School Shooter – Registered Democrat, hated Christians

    Common thread is that all of these shooters
    were progressive liberal democrats.”

    Interesting…isn’t it?


  • bg


    Progressives/IslaMarxists : Social Engineering

    [A social engineering bill to restrict residence in the suburbs and rural
    areas and force Americans into city centers has passed the United
    States Senate Banking Committee and is on the fast track to passage
    in the Senate.

    The bill is called the Livable Communities Act (SB 1619) and it was
    introduced by corruptocrat outgoing Senator Christopher Dodd
    (D- Conn.)
    . It seeks to fulfill the United Nation’s plan Agenda 21,
    adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and signed
    onto by “New World Order” President George H.W. Bush.

    This bill is designed to destroy your community. According
    to the non-profit American Policy Center the bill:

    * Is a blueprint for the transformation
    of our society into total Federal control.
    * Will enforce Federal Sustainable Development
    zoning and control of local communities.
    * Will create a massive new “development” bureaucracy.
    * Will drive up the cost of energy to heat and cool your home.
    * Will drive up the cost of gasoline as a way to get you out of your car.
    * Will force you to spend thousands of dollars on your home in order to comply.]

    G/GPUSA : An Economic Bill of Rights

    [*Universal Social Security: Taxable Basic Income Grants for all,
    structured into the progressive income tax, that guarantee an
    adequate income sufficient to maintain a modest standard of
    living. Start at $500/week ($26,000/year) for a family of four,
    with $62.50/week ($3,250/year) adjustments for more or fewer
    household members in 2000 and index to the cost of living.
    * Jobs for All: A guaranteed right to job. Full employment through
    community-based public works and community service jobs programs,
    federally financed and community controlled.
    * Living Wages: A family-supporting minimum wage. Start
    at $12.50 per hour in 2000 and index to the cost of living.
    * 30-Hour Work Week: A 6-hour day with no
    cut in pay for the bottom 80% of the pay scale.
    * Social Dividends: A “second paycheck” for workers enabling them to receive 40 hours pay for 30 hours work. Paid by the government out of progressive taxes so that social productivity gains are shared equitably.
    * Universal Health Care: A single-payer National Health Program to provide free medical and dental care for all, with freedom of choice for consumers among both conventional and alternative health care providers, federally financed and controlled by democratically elected local boards.
    * Free Child Care: Available voluntarily and free for all who need it, modeled after Head Start, federally financed, and community controlled.
    * Lifelong Public Education: Free, quality public education from pre-school through graduate school at public institutions.
    * Affordable Housing: Expand rental and home ownership assistance, fair housing enforcement, public housing, and capital grants to non-profit developers of affordable housing until all people can obtain decent housing at no more than 25% of their income. Democratic community control of publicly funded housing programs.]

    Islam and Social Justice

    [Social Justice is has occupied a significant share of the Islamic conscience. Equality, and a sense of collective responsibility towards one another has been a hallmark of the early Muslim community, and has resulted in an influx of the poor, the underprivileged and slaves into Islam, escaping the brutal and rigidly hierarchical social structure that prevailed Arabia in the 6th century AD. The Prophet’s teachings tell us that “the Muslim community is like one body; if one part is ailing, the rest of the body responds with fever and ache”. Personal wealth is also considered a trial (64:15) and a gift entrusted to the wealthy by God (57:7, 2:254, 4:39, 13:22) to see if they will handle it as He wishes. The poor and the needy are therefore entitled to a share of the society’s wealth (51:19, 70:24-70:25).]

    G/GPUSA : Ten Key Values

    [Social Justice and Equal Opportunity

    All persons should have the rights and opportunity to benefit equally
    from the resources afforded us by society and the environment. We
    must consciously confront in ourselves, our organizations, and society
    at large, barriers such as racism and class oppression, sexism and
    heterosexism, ageism and disability, which act to deny fair treatment
    and equal justice under the law.]

    [Later — during his interview with United Church News — Obama
    continued his thoughts about religion and politics; specifically, the
    role of religious principles in reaching a balance between national
    security and social justice concerns.

    “I believe that democracy demands that the religiously motivated
    translate their concerns into universal values,” Obama said. “Social
    justice and national security are both universal values, values that
    may originate for some in their religious beliefs, but are shared by
    us all.”]

    Marx and Islam : Social Justice

    [The self-righteousness of the neo-Marxist fascists is such that they
    strongly believe they are justified (even in their “antiwar” personas)
    to violently attack and/or intimidate any who disagree with them.

    It just so happens, that these tenets (multiculturalism, political
    correctness, and radical environmentalism) represent three of the
    four pillars that are the foundation of an evolving epistemological,
    ethical and political strategy that the socialist remnants in the
    world have conceptualized and implemented to prevent their
    ideology from entering the dustbin of history.

    And, what is most interesting is that, even as they encourage
    and enable Islam with the first three pillars; the Islamofascists
    are aiding and abetting them by using the fourth pillar- Terrorism.

    We can think of the four pillars as the reason why we are witnessing a
    socialist revival (e.g., Hugo in the western hemisphere recently) and the
    rapid advancement of the Islamic Jihad all around the world.]


  • Lim Lynn

    I rather ban Liberals Anarchist Socialist Democrat Commie Fascist with Guns

  • A_Nonny_Mouse


    There’s nothing to “reject”.

    The fool in the President’s Office can say or write write whatever he wants– freedom of speech applies to him as well as to me. So he can yammer nonsense and that’s just fine, he’s a citizen. Our government was designed to protect the rights of fools as well as of decent, honorable, educated, responsible citizens.

    Like me, for instance.

    I am a citizen of the United States of America.

    I have GOD-GIVEN rights, which I am FREE to exercise as I see fit. My life, liberty, property, and most of my pursuit-of-happiness “shall not be infringed” except by “due process of law”. Those are RIGHTS; they’re FUNDAMENTAL; they’re ETERNAL. They are not “Gifts from Government until we decide to revoke them”.

    Any bozo could throw together a bunch of words and sign his name to it; whatever those words may be THEY DO NOT CHAIN ME. This *particular* bozo, this Usurper of the highest office in the land, this schemer, with his extra-legal proclamations, DOES NOT CHAIN ME.

    I am a free, sovereign citizen, in thrall to no one, and *I ANSWER TO GOD* and not to man (and in the case of the Usurper and his cronies, ESPECIALLY not to slime like them).

    So: the anti-American bozo in the Oval Office can buzz off; the besotted, traitorous media can buzz off; the slavering Lefty Progressives can buzz off; and the moral cowards in the Elephant Party can buzz off, too.

    “Consent of the Governed” still applies.

    I do not consent.

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  • Wayne

    There has been a similar bill introduced in the North Dakota legislature also.

  • shadow

    “Consent of the Governed” still applies.

    I do not consent.

    I’m afraid that it’s not applied on an individual basis. That’s called anarchy.

  • john graham

    #22 I could not agree more….this clown thinks he can write edicts from the white castle, and we are all supposed to drop our drawers and do as he says………SORRY…..OUR CONSTITUTION GUARANTEES MY RIGHTS……NOT HIS HIGHNESS!!!! I will NOT follow, or OBEY an unconstitutional edict……THE RULE OF LAW APPLIES IN MY HOME……THAT IS WHY WE HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, AND NOT A DEMOCRACY……SOME OF US HAVE FORGOT THAT….I HAVE NOT…….THE WOULD BE KING CAN KISS MY ASS…..

  • John

    Where is Kentucky on this movent?

  • Warrior

    Reply #2 said:
    “Ummm … perhaps they should take a deep breath, seeing how there are no new gun control laws … yet.”

    And answering in the same condescending tone I say:

    Ummm … perhaps they should keep doing what they’re doing to ensure no-one in the future tries to enforce gun control, and you should look into some critical thinking courses.

  • Warrior

    More Minty : WRONG!

  • Michael

    Add Pennsylvania to the list –

  • Richard Crooks

    This is so disgusting. The Wing Nuts on here are such a bunch of idiots. Wait until one of their kids get shot by a gun and see if the tune changes.

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