Senate Democrats Vow to Add More Tax Hikes to First Comprehensive Budget in Years

Leading Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer (D-NY) vowed on Sunday to include more tax hikes in the body’s first comprehensive budget in four years.

The AP reported:

Republicans for years have complained bitterly that Senate Democrats last produced a comprehensive budget in 2009 and say that, if Obama and fellow Democrats want to borrow more money, they’ll have to outline a spending plan.

Senate Democrats announced Sunday that they will oblige and produce a budget — but warned it will include higher taxes that Republicans oppose.

“We’re going to do a budget this year,” Schumer said hours before Obama officially began his second term. “And it’s going to have revenues in it. And our Republican colleagues better get used to that fact.”

The tough talk by Schumer, the number-three Democrat in the Senate, follows House Republicans’ announcement last week that they would approve a short-term increase in the nation’s borrowing limit without linking that to demands for spending cuts. Democrats called it a step in the right direction but also said the extension should be longer than the three months the GOP is offering.

White House senior adviser David Plouffe said the brief extension “is no way to run an economy or a railroad or anything else” and seemed cool on the proposal. Yet he said Obama would review Republicans’ ideas once they’re in the form of legislation.

So Democrats want to trash the economy with more and more tax hikes.
Who could have seen this coming?

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  • Taking other people’s money actually thrills Democrats. It’s better than sex for them. I hate them.

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  • Finncrisp

    Elections have consequences. We would have been enjoying the end of Obamacare, opening of new energy production, approval of the XL pipeline.

    Instead we have little Chuckie singing “here it comes again”.

  • Faye

    This is what the sheeple voted for. Nothing to see here, just keep moving along.

  • aposematic

    Taxes (so called Revenue by idiots) by Constitution of These U.S. must be initiated in the House. What dirty tric simmilar to Obuma(no)care and the recent “Fiscal Cliff” does the Senate have planned this time?

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Chuck “U” Schumer is the world’s largest living container of human feces.

  • havok

    I would scream Unconstitutional, but the Constitution means NOTHING anymore.

    Tax Revenue/Increases MUST Start in the House, unless Harry Reid is planning on Illegally “Deeming” it has already passed the house.

  • el polacko

    golly…what ever happened to the president’s promise that taxes would not be increased on the ‘middle class’ “by not one cent” ?? guess that was just a fib to get re-elected, huh ?

  • Patty

    They just love destroying America.

  • MT Geoff

    I’m especially annoyed at the rhetorical trick “revenues”. A government or business gets revenue by actually collecting. Tax rates generally have an inverse effect on revenue. By reducing economic activity, higher tax rates usually result in lower revenue. Lower tax rates reduce some of the drag on an economy and usually produce higher revenue. When Dems pushed a tax hike in 1990, they got a recession (and reduced revenues) nicely timed to elect Clinton. The recession ended, revenues rose, the GOP restrained spending, and the 90s saw some actual surpluses. Couple of bubbles burst, GW Bush inherits a recession, revenues go down and surpluses become deficits. GW Bush pushes reduced taxes, economy expands (with real jobs), revenues increase, deficits shrink.
    Dems expand government, a couple of bubbles burst, and the Great (?) Recession is on. Dems double down on stupid and the recovery looks exactly like an ongoing recession. Revenues remain bleak and deficits double.
    All of this is well-known. The saddest part is that so many voters continue to elect the perpetrators of this calamity.

  • Freddy

    I guess it has been so long since the Senate passed a budget that Schumer no longer understands what it is for. Passing a budget indicates a STARTING point in negotiations. It does not mean that any spending or revenue goals will be met, it is simply something to negotiate from.

    Since Harry Reid does not want people to even look at the details of what the government is spending, do not expect to actually see ANY budget from the Senate. Also notice how Schumer never actually says they will produce an actual budget, but rather some vague claim of an ‘outline’.

    Which is likely the reason Schumer was parading this on TV and NOT the Commitee chairwoman P Murrey whose responsibility actually includes producing an actual budget.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    So Democrats want to trash the economy with more and more tax hikes.
    Who could have seen this coming?

    My take? Let ’em have their tax hikes.

    Let it burn.

  • MT Geoff

    #13: Howdy Blacque Jacques Shellacque
    I may be too close to retirement for my own savings and investments to recover if Obama and the Enablers get their way. In their headlong rush to hurt the rich (at least that’s why they say they want to make things fair) they have seriously impeded middle-class folks.
    Which is peanuts compared to what they’ve done to the poor.

  • Wayne

    Well the elections are over and they were able to lie their way to be re-elected. So now they can put proof on paper that the ‘no tax increases for the middle class’ line was a lie to get elected and do their lawful duty and produce a budget.

  • Wayne

    Sorry that was poorly written. I guess I should proofread my comments before posting. But what I was trying to say was that the Democrats could not produce a budget before Obama got re-elected because it would have documented proof of their lies. Now that he has been re-elected they can do their lawful duty.

  • jk76

    You missed the punchline

    Senate Bill – Revenue – unconstitutional

    Similar to the end-run-around of PPACA, which in any common sense paradigm was unconstitutional. Not to mention the First Amendment violation of ” Congress shall not pass any Law…”

    simple to me, should be simple to others, except moronic Republican establishment.