Defense Secretary Nominee Chuck Hagel: “If Confirmed, I Intend To Learn About The Defense Department” (Video)

No wonder Barack Obama loves him so much…
Chuck Hagel told the Senate Armed Services Committee today:
“If Confirmed, I intend to learn about the Defense Department.”
Well, that’s comforting.
Via RNC Research:

That’s like voting in a president with no private sector experience and then expecting his economic policies to succeed… Oh, wait.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    One would think that a nominee to oversee a federal division would have some sort of familiarity with its function…

  • MT Geoff

    Or selecting a one-term senator with zero other political experience to be Secretary of State.
    Being fair-minded, we’ve had Secretaries of Defense with very limited defense background for a lot of our history. For some reason, we never seem to select retired generals for the job — they’ve gone to State instead.

  • Redlite

    What a dunce!
    He would make a perfect lapdog for Barry.
    Would you please throw me a stick,Please.

  • Indiana

    Ohhhhh Goody! Another official in the Obama administration that thinks on-the-job training is satisfactory to the People of The United States; as we all get killed or sent into bankruptcy watching the inmates running the asylum.

  • MT Geoff

    Besides, we could play Obama’s pick-an-idiot-for-secretary for days on end.

  • Sean

    Most defense secretaries have experience in the private sector as ceo’s of companies. Hagel is not qualified.

  • wodiej

    Well that’s comforting. I guess obama feels if getting a job without qualifications is good enough for him, it’s good enough for anyone he wants to give a post to. This is insane.

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  • cavt

    Fits in perfectly with our man/child dictator. Doesn’t know anything about what he will be in control of. Birds of a feather…….

  • http://Americanthinker paul

    Makes sense. We passed Obamacare to find out what was in it.

  • Sam Stone

    He is the PERFECT candidate because he does NOT know the DoD. Why would it matter if the goal of your nominee is to “fundamentally transform” the DoD? What would it matter if tasked to support more of the Islamic world? To ARM more Islamists. To go into the interior of Africa to fight the warlords Obama’s Kenya family has issues with. He is pitting Muslim against Muslim in the African interior. While arming the Islamists in Egypt who then send arms to their friends in central Africa. Arming the Islamists in Libya so they can kill our Ambassador and 3 others then arming them to go to Algeria to kill more Americans at the BP plant.

  • Sam Stone

    Hagel if confirmed will be just another in a long line of Obama post turtles.

  • FMB42


    Just how far do you think one of us would get if we gave that reply while being interviewed for the position of a highly skilled job that required a certain level of previous experience and/or knowledge?

    Ya, we’d be quickly ushered out the door.

    It’s alarming that Chuck thinks this position can be competently filled by someone who feels they can get by with some “on the job” training.

    Wait a minute…who else has Obama nominated that was utterly unqualified for the job?

    Umm…what’s her name…oh ya, Janet Napolitano…right? Or how about that Treasury guy…Tim what’s his name…Geithner wasn’t it?

    Then again, Bush made some pretty lame nominations himself. I guess the President of the strongest nation on earth has a right to make a few minor mistakes now and then huh? /s

  • donh

    Hegelian Rationalist codespeak for licking Obama’s boots and doing everything the New Verld DisOrder commands of him.

  • Dave in NYC

    It is not surprising that if you watch the video, he does not actually give the quote attributed to him by Jim Hoft. The actual quote is “There are a lot of things I don’t know about. If confirmed, I intend to know a lot more than I do. I will have to.”

  • ★FALCON★

    Obama said to judge him by the people he surrounded himself – and he makes it easy with these appointments.

  • Adi

    Learning on ‘da go Chucky, that’s ‘da way.

    You have to be the DoD chief to know about the DoD. Genius.

  • anti-bho

    And you thought letting obama ‘earn while he learned all about presidentin’ was a maybe a democrats joke?

  • anti-bho

    Hell, why not? obama has been learnin’ presidentin’ and goff and skeets shootin’ goin on five years now.

  • FMB42

    Sorry Dave, but the “on the job training” comment I made still holds true in this case.

    Again, this is not a position that should be given to someone who admits that he “doesn’t know a lot of things about.”

    Sure, I’ll give Chuck a little credit for being honest.

    Just don’t be surprised if he later excuses any of his mistakes by saying “hey give me a break, I’m new to this job and I’m still trying to learn about it” (that is, if he even has the ethics to admit it, which is unlikely with our current crop of blameless politicians and leaders).

    No, this is a bad omen no matter how you look at it.