Saudi Newspaper: Assad Residing on Warship – Protected By Russia

Iranian regime President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Syrian dictator Assad and Hezbollah terror leader Hassan Nasrallah met for dinner in 2011 in Damascus. Hassan Nasrallah (far right) has made few public appearances since 2006. This dinner was held shortly after US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns met with Assad in Damascus.

A Saudi Arabian newspaper today reported that Bashar Assad is now living on a warship in the Mediterranean Sea with security provided by Russia.
UPI reported:

Syrian President Bashar Assad and his family have been living on a warship, with security provided by Russia, intelligence sources told a Saudi newspaper.

An Al-Watan report Monday says the family and Assad aides are residing on the ship in the Mediterranean Sea and that he travels to Syria by helicopter to attend official meetings and receptions.

Otherwise, he stays on the warship, the sources told the Arabic language newspaper.

When he flies to his embattled country, the president lands at undisclosed locations and is transported to the presidential palace under heavy guard, the sources said.

The Russian-guarded warship provides a safe environment for Assad, who has lost confidence in his own security detail, the report said.

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  • American Woman

    Assad doesn’t support Turkey’s quest for the return of the Islamic caliphate, and he knows that Turkey and Iran are connected at the hip.

    Moreover, we know that the rebels are Islamic Fascists from neighboring countries, who are being furnished with weapons by both Turkey and Iran.

    Some say the Obama administration has been involved in the trafficing of guns to the rebels, which if true underscores yet again Obama’s ties to Middle Eastern Fascists.

    Lebanon and Syria were once safe for Christians, that is no longer the case.

  • Ricki Gilbertson

    No matter where you go in the world, Muslims are forever causing trouble, deadly trouble.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    So, now that Russia is using a warship to aid and abet a combatant in a civil war, does that mean Russia is now a combatant in this war?

    Secretary Clinton?

  • American Woman

    Russia has problems with the Islamic Fascists within its gates. Russians have had jihad attacks in open markets, in peaceful neighborhoods, and at airports. The worst Fascist attack was the Beslan school massacre. If you don’t remember that, follow these links:

    Russia sides with Assad, because Obama and his Progressive administration have slowly been turning the entire Middle East (except Israel) over to Islamic Fascists. Also, let’s not forget that President Clinton and his wife were instrumental in turning the keys to Serbia (an ally) over to the Islamic Fascists.

  • JenBee


  • American Woman

    Russia is a big country. Remember when Sarah Palin took a lot of heat, when she said that she could see Russia from her house? (Sarah doesn’t lie.)

    However, Russia also has a border that is close to Iran.

    Do yourself a favor, and look at maps of Russia and its surrounding territory. It will explain a lot. Follow this link for some great maps, which will give you an eyeful of why Russia is involved in the Middle East:

  • Adirondack Patriot

    “Remember when Sarah Palin took a lot of heat, when she said that she could see Russia from her house? (Sarah doesn’t lie.)”

    No. No, I don’t remember her saying that. I remember TINA FEY saying that on Saturday Night Live, but not Sarah Palin.

  • Chippy

    The islamists, with our arms and help from Iran and Russia made us scatter out of Libya in the dark of night.

    Now Russia and Iran are in control of the region and laughing at barry all the way to the oil fields..

  • bg



    January 14, 2013

    Source says federal officials pursuing program used in Texas

    [CSCOPE, the controversial online curriculum that taught “Allah is God”
    and currently is used in 80 percent of Texas school districts, has caught
    the attention of the Obama administration’s Department of Education.]

    scroll for a bit more of much more..


  • bg



    January 14, 2013

    Bookshelf: A Nasty Neologism

    The term Islamophobia treats political ideology as akin to race.

    By JONATHAN SCHANZER, The Wall Street Journal, 1/9/13

    [In reality, Islamophobia is simply a pejorative neologism designed to warn people away from criticizing any aspect of Islam. Those who deploy it see no difference between Islamism—political Islam and its extremist offshoots—and the religion encompassing some 1.6 billion believers world-wide. Thanks to this feat of conflation, Islamophobia transforms religious doctrines and political ideologies into something akin to race; to be an “Islamophobe” is in some circles today tantamount to being a racist.


    Islamist states and groups have been at the forefront of promoting the concept of Islamophobia. As far back as 1999, the United Association for Studies and Research, a group founded by Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook, published a book that purported to expose “The Truth Behind the Anti-Muslim Campaign in America.” After 9/11, Muslim states mounted a campaign to characterize the fear of Muslim violence as blind hatred. In 2004, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan assured the world that U.N. “special rapporteurs continue to monitor the exercise and infringements of this right [freedom of religion], and to recommend ways to combat Islamophobia.”

    According to anti-Islamophobia crusaders, though, even questioning the origins of the concept is itself a form of Islamophobia. Such dogmatism chills the crucial conversations that need to take place about Islamism here in the West. It also does a profound injustice to liberal Muslims around the world. After all, if Islam is dominated by its most violent and illiberal elements, and questioning these forces is deemed by intellectual elites to be a form of racism, then reform-minded Muslims really stand no chance.]

    more at link, here and here, ie:

    [Last month CAIR distributed a press release calling for hate crime investigations into an arson attack upon a Georgia mosque. That attack was soon thereafter linked to a Muslim congregant of that mosque. No apology was issued to Americans. CAIRs Nihad Awad said this week on Fox’s Bill O’Reilly that he was “sick and tired of the linkage of Islam to 9/11″.]


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  • dunce

    He knows that you can not trust a muslim with your life.

  • jb

    Hoft –

    I am beginning to think that Crazy Charlie at LGF gets it about you!

    Assad has been the only one to permit and protect the Church to operate in that hell-hole that American intelligence and fanatic Muslims have made of Syria!

    I have spoken with several Orthodox pastors over there, or those who have been there – those “revolutionaries” that America and NATO are sponsoring would as soon kill you or any Christian as spot you, or any Christian.

    Frankly, I do not even think you know what it is you are talking about. You spout the expected “company line” and retreat into convenient self-righteousness when challenged.

    Why don’t you do a piece on the plight of the Christians in Syria – they are not persecuted by Assad, but by the the very forces and Moslem idjits you defend.


  • American Woman

    In answer to #9 Adirondack Patriot, below is Palin’s exact quote according to the Christian Science Monitor. (Link below.)

    “In a September 2008 interview with ABC News’s Charles Gibson, who asked Palin what insights she had from her state being so close to Russia. She responded: “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

    This is true. As Slate has pointed out, on a clear day, those on the Alaskan island of Little Diomede can see the Russian island of Big Diomede, located across the International Date Line some two and a half miles away. Given that Big Diomede has no permanent population, the amount of foreign policy experience one can gain from staring at it is debatable. But you can see Russian soil while standing in Alaska.!-Sarah-Palin

  • American Woman

    Palestinians are also dying in Syria:

    Hamas: 885 Palestinians killed in Syria civil war
    01/12/2013 08:38

    Beirut-based ‘Daily Star’ also reports that at least 20,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria remain trapped in Lebanon.

    Eight hundred and eighty-five Palestinians have been killed in Syria since the uprising against President Bashar Assad erupted nearly two years ago, Lebanon’s Daily Star, citing a Hamas spokesman, reported Friday.

    According to the report, based on Hamas figures, a further 20,500 Palestinian refugees from Syria remain trapped in Lebanon, including at least 3,500 who fled last month following a fierce outbreak of violence in the Yarmouk refugee camp outside Damascus.

  • Kingslayor

    For you idiots that voted for OBUMMER remember this statement? ” I can be more flexible after I am re-elected” Hey you stupid b*stard !!! Russia is not our friend!

  • Rakesh R

    I dont agree with you christians were almost present in all parts of country so they are in middle east too. But it is not the case with muslims they made middle eastern part of the world as their permanent house and if christians are not feeling safe in syria or lebanon they should blame the christian administration over the world